Living on Malta

On 1st May 2014 I arrived on Malta, found my apartment – which I’ve got the contract for some days earlier – and was happy about it. I still am, because the rent is not high, although it is 4 flight of stairs up, not very nice furnitured and the sight from both of my windows is onto small backyards. This means on the other hand, that it doesn’t matter with the view, because on my floor I see and have the sun. It is shining in my window when eating breakfast and the light is still there when I am eating dinner. The sun goes down by my bedroom, that means the worst heat in the middle of the day – yes it can be too much – I don’t get. Therefore my apartment is quite chilly, but in a positive way. My neighbors are nice. Across the aisle a French-Asian woman in my age is living. We both like to walk at the “inside of Malta” and we already did it once. We will do it more when she is back from her trip to Spain and France in September. Moreover she is living here for around two years now and give me tips about living on Malta. Also the wife of my landlord is very kind, the landlord I will know later because he is still on a business trip to Asia.

My apartment is very good situated. It is only two minutes from the Msida Marina and five minutes from my job. All the necessary shops for the dailies are close and there is also a computer shop at one of the corners around, where I can buy phone cards, too. With other words, I am very happy about the apartment, though I never have seen it in real before moving in – just on pictures, but I already have had contact with the owner before coming to Malta the first time. It was a hard work 😉 to get the apartment, anyway I am very happy I did make the contact so early and was able to move in when I came to Malta and before starting at my new job because my new colleagues – those who started at the same day as me – did neither get such a well situated apartment nor to such a good price.

The start at my new job worked very well and I still feel comfortable there. There are some positive things I’d never expected like the free fruit once a week, the “sweets” each Friday and free use of a copy machine. All colleagues are very nice so far, I think it is because the weather. When I was in Ireland the weather was always the thing people didn’t like. For the question: “How do you like Ireland”, the most were answering “I like it, but the weather”. On this island, the answer for “How do you like Malta” will be “I like it, especially the weather”. That is a big difference and I think that is the reason why people are happier and also very kind to each other. Unfortunately I did not meet Maltese people yet, but in the shops. I hope I also will get in contact with some of them learning more about Malta. I have to find them outside. So is life in Malta.

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