Travelling the USA


Actually I am travelling part of the USA, because to see most of the country I would need almost two years, but I have a regular Waiver Visa, what means en allowance to be in the USA for three month / year. However this visa has to be renewed after two years even if I would not enter the country during the two years.

I have been in the USA earlier this year – for one week, when I visited the Mt Rushmore National Memorial, the Crazy Horse Memorial and the Yellowstone National Park. About this trip you can read here.

Since 2nd October I am travelling in the USA with the destination Grand Canyon. So far I have been throughout the state of Washington (WA) and I am now in the state of Oregon  (OR). Unfortunately I have not had the possibility to finish writing about travelling in British Columbia, Canada – where I have been directly before entering the USA for the second time. Take a look on those pages, while you are waiting for my report about my new USA destinations. I try to update my blog daily, but it is depending on the Internet access.

Thank you for your patience!

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