I was one of the lucky people, who could welcome the New Year with parts of my family and their friends. My son Samuel and his family and me were invited to a brother of my daughter in law and his girlfriend as well as her siblings and friends. There were lots of children involved and the volume was high – not only by the fireworks. We, who managed to stay awake into the start of 2017, stayed awake until 3am and had then a very good sleep.

I was surprised and happy about, that the younger generation was interested in my travels. When I tried to show someone of them, how he can find my different blogs, I found, that they are hard to find for the moment, because the new blog posts. Though you find here the addresses of my blogs one more time.

If you are interested in my latest travel (2015/2016), you’ll find the blogs here: dorotheeinnorthamerica.wordpress.com as well as on dorotheeingreateroceania.wordpress.com (New Zealand and Australia)

If you are interested in my former travels in Europe, you’ll find the blog here: dorotheeineurope.wordpress.com as well as of the Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey on: dorotheeinasia.wordpress.com

Enjoy! If you have any questions about my travel experience, send an email to: dorotheeinternational@gmail.com, please name the blog you just read in the subject.

By the way I’ll give a talk 8th February 2017 at Victoria Theater, Götgatan 67, S-116 21 Stockholm, Sweden. Start 1pm, end 3pm. Very Welcome!


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