Last night I signed up at, because I am looking for something funny to do while I am in Sweden. Already today I have got the first opportunity to act. It was for a TV-serie about creativity. Three more women and a man and me had to dance after our own intuition,  but with some borders like where to be. A choreographer told us the parameters and how to act. The five programs will be shown on TV in April this year.

It was very interesting and inspiring and the other participants were great. It was amazing to meet them. Even the crew was very positive. By the way we had to dress up like for a cocktail party and two of us women were dressed in black, but another woman and me were wearing red dresses. That was perfect. I will let you know, when I know the date for the TV-broadcasting.

I also will be a statist in “Jordskott, season 2” as well as I will be audience for two TV-shows. I look forward to it, but most of all I wish, I could get a statist role in the new “Beck movie”. Anyway I will try to participate in as much as possible opportunities as long as I am not continuing my RTW-trip. Unfortunately it is only Swedish TV, though all my other friends will not see me act.


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