Travelling the World – Part 1

Now it is done! The blog for part 1 of my RTW-trip is finished. Actually I have to improve the photos as well as the text asap, but this is just a private blog and I think it is more important, that you can read about my trip and see my photos than you have to wait for that it is perfect – but have to wait for longer.

I still have a lot to add from other travels I did – mostly in Europe, though it will take a while before this is done and also I have other things to do, of course, but writing my blog. Furthermore I am preparing for part 2 of my RTW-trip.

You will find my story for New Zealand and Australia by the tab Greater Oceania.

You will find my story for North America (Canada, USA and Mexico) by the tab North America.

For reading about other parts of my life

  1. Go to the tab About me
  2. Go to the tab Preparing, if you are interested in how to prepare your travel
  3. Go to the tab Europe
  4. Go to the tab Asia
  5. Go to the tab Central America


I still have a lot of work to do on my blog, please apologize.

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