Home in Sweden – Living on an Island

Some days ago I moved into a little studio apartment – I already twittered about it. Actually I live now on an island. It is one of the “Mälaröarna”, an island of the Lake Malar. It feels great. Now I can sleep undisturbed and I have most of my belongings and memories around me. There are lots of things left on my son Daniel’s attic. I will go there and pick them up later some time. It has been a hard drive to pick the  things up, I now have with me. It was almost a seven hours drive from Stockholm to Malmö, packed the car after my son was inviting me for homemade dinner and driving back to Stockholm for almost seven hours again. This I did all by myself – there was no other driver, none with me. Though I hade even stuff on the right front seat. Actually I took a nap of around 20 minutes somewhere on a car park in the middle of the night. I felt relieved, when I drove my son Samuel’s car into his garage space.

First the upcoming day I was going to my new home with the car and my belongings. I used the ferry from Slagsta to Ekerö, the Ekeröleden. It makes the distance shorter between Sätra, where my son is living with his family, and Ekerö, where I live now. It also safe my nerves and fuel as well. The cost for one ride is 60 SEK and affordable, but I think it should be for free, because of using it saves the environment and make the roads in Stockholm less crowded.

When I write this, all my belongings are on place for days and I have had my first couch surfer as well. The only thing, which is not done yet, is to put together a shelf, so I can expose my souvenirs and hide some things, which I so far put into the wardrobe, but should not be there. I have to wait for the help of my son – he has been on holidays for a week and came back yesterday.

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