I love Mexicans and Mexico

Actually I had a night at a motel with a very comfortable bed. The room was in Mexican style, the shower great, but that is not why I love the Mexicans and Mexico. I was hitchhiking again. I thought, at such a little place, where I have been, it should be easy to get a hitch and it was. I only had to wait for around 10 minutes the first driver stopped. He was driving a truck, unfortunately or maybe fortunately he was not going to Guerrero Negro. After 20 minutes waiting time I have got a hitch with two young women (around 25 years old, both of them). It was my best hitch so far in Mexico. You can read more by following the link for Baja California and scrolling down to 3rd February 2018 and do not forget to read about Baja California Sur as well.

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