Copper Canyon

Copper canyon (Spanish: Barranca del Cobre) is one of my favourite destinations. Finally I will start to see it the upcoming morning. My first part will be: Los Mochis to Bahuichivo by train. From the train station Bahuichivo I will take the bus to Urique, very down in the canyon and stay there for three nights. I hope I can attend a jungle tour. Friday, 9th I will go by bus from Urique to Bahuichivo and continue by train to Cuauhtémoc, where I will stay for two nights. Afterwards I will go by train to Chihuahua. In the town of Chihuahua I have a couch surfing host, with which I will stay for five days and hopefully also explore the surroundings.

I hope I can update my blog even during travelling the Copper canyon, but as I wrote before: It is not sure, that wi-fi will work there – especially in Urique. Stay tuned!

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