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I am in Villahermosa now. For the dinner I chose a restaurant called “Maria Garrido” announcing “Pasta, Fondue, Tapas, Vinos”, because I was thinking about Tapas for several days. I know, Tapas can be very different. In this case, they were small “Bruschettas”. I could choose between two or four different Tapas – they always served three of the same at this place, though as the price was announced: 6 Tapas for 140 MXN, it meant: Two different kinds of Tapas. I was happy, the waiter explained that for me, but that explanation was the only thing I was happy about and it should already had been explained in the menu. The main meal should have had a lot of ingredients, which I could not find. It was named something like “Pajaro” (bird). In the description was named, that it is chicken. It came with three (3) cocktail tomatoes and two (2) asparagus (green, it was in halves, though it looked like four) – the vegetables were overcooked! The potato slices lacked salt and there was no salt on the table. Even the chicken did not taste much. The “agua natural” I had ordered came in a glass with ice, but the water was warm. I had expected bottled water, because it was in the menu.

I cannot really decide, what was worse. The food or how I have been treated. I am a solo traveller, which often makes it more difficult to eat at a good restaurant. This one had lots of empty tables, though it was not really a problem, but I was shown, that I should sit far away from the other guests. I was dressed in my grey multi purpose pants and a simple yellow t-shirt. I had neither jewellery nor a bag, because I learned to hold a low profile in Mexico for security reasons. In this case it seemed, that the waiter thought, that I do not have the money at all. First he told me, that they do not take cards. That is usual in Mexico, though should I run around showing my cash, that he can be sure, I have some? When I ordered the Tapas, he seemed to be disappointed. He told me, what I ordered are Tapas like if I do not know, what I am doing. The Tapas were served on a wooden “plate”. I just would switch them over to my plate, when he took the plate and the cutlery away. Almost the cutlery I would have needed! There was a fabric napkin on the table, soon the waiter came with paper napkins, when he saw how difficult to eat the Tapas were. Was he afraid the fabric napkin would never become clean again?

The waiter had all the time an eye on me. As soon my plate was empty, he picked it. For me it seemed like he was afraid, that I want to steal it. I have been in other restaurants of this price class before. In none of them I have had such a waiter! When I paid with a 500 MXN-note, I have got back 35 MXN in coins (4 x 5 and 15 x 1), the rest of 150 MXN was in notes. I never have got so many coins back. I was thinking of taking all the coins and do not give any tip, but it would have been too heavy in my pockets, though I was generous instead and left them all. By the way I did not get charged for the water. I really hope it was purified and no tap water. Last but not least, the TV was showing horror movies. That is not the company I like, when I am eating.

If you ever will visit Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, please do not chose the restaurant “Maria Garrido”, I am sure there are better restaurants in this price class.


The Chicken Dish “Pajaro”

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