Yesterday I visited a cacao plantation in Comalcalco. Unfortunately I did not know that there is, when I was to the Maya ruins some days ago. The trip from Villahermosa to Comalcalco tog 2 1/2 hours in one direction. The price for the bus tickets one way was 77 MXN, but what does it matter. I love to sponsor the Mexicans 😉.

The visit at the Hacienda was really worth its price. A regular ticket is for 100 MXN for an adult. For 65+ people only 60 MXN. I was not asked for that special card this time and even I did not ask for the reduced price ticket, I had not more to pay.

The best was, that I was the only one at this tour. The guide was around 20 years old and he tried at the beginning to speak English after I had asked him, if he speaks other languages than Spanish. He was so unused to English, though he did speak Spanish most of the time anyway, but he spoke such a clear Spanish, that I understood nearly all of it.

The plantation I visited is not very big, but I could see the tiny flowers, the small fruits and also big fruits ready to pick. I was explained the whole process and shown, which machines were used before and which machines they use now. Furthermore I was told, that other trees were planted in between the cacao trees to avoid mosquitos, because these are the enemies of the cacao flowers.

At the end I was also shown the outer parts of the Hacienda itself. People still live there, though I could not go into the rooms. It was built by a German guy called Wolter, who was very well-educated. He was a doctor in medicine, a biologist and much more. I did not choose this Hacienda because of the German ancestors, but for it was so easy to reach. All the other Cacao Haciendas (it is only around Comalcalco there are cacao plantations in Mexico, because of the climate) are more difficult to reach.


Cacao – Flowers and Small Fruits



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