New place, new hostel, better wi-fi – soon the update will be a fact.

Last night I had a host. I actually was welcome to stay there for a week, the wi-fi was great as well, but I moved today. I booked a bed in a hostel. This time not the cheapest one, but this time even breakfast is included. It looks clean and is in the centre of the city. The taxi to my host’s place was for 70 MXN. Even I do not take a taxi everyday – actually only when I have my backpacks with me or when going to the host in the dark, the hostel is not much more expensive, because my host did not even offer breakfast. He just offered a bed and a cold shower. The real reason for the move was another: He was still living with his parents, who did not interact with me, though when I was there I had to be in my host’s room. I just was allowed to have some food in their fridge, but to come to the room of my host, I had to cross their part of the house. The real reason was, that the parents were messies – and my host not much better. I just cannot stand it, even my mother was a messy herself.

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