Chichen Itza

One of the most spectacular Maya sites is the site in Chichen Itza. It is a very big area with buildings and ruins. Unfortunately it is very touristic. I think everyone has the right to go there and see it, of course, but there is so much business in it. First of all the government of Mexico and the state of Yucatan have a policy, which does not make the UNESCO site available for all people. The admission fees are high and especially for non-Mexican tourists (about that I will soon write an own post). In addition to that, there are hundreds of stalls, trying to sell their items, which ranges from handmade small embroideries over handmade wooden masks to fridge magnets and more. All is Mayan, if you will believe the sellers. The ruins fortunately are bigger and higher and even they cannot scream, they are much more interesting than the other staff.

My pictures from Chichen Itza and other sites as well as my experiences from Yucatan you can soon see and read about. Just tonight I finally finished the site about Campeche. Enjoy and stay tuned for my next adventures. I also hope, part of my information will help you to plan your trips.

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