Ek Balam

Even Ek Balam is an archaeological Maya site. It is not so big and not so famous like Chichen Itza, but outstanding because of the preservation of the plaster on the tomb of Ukit Kan Lek Tok’, a king buried in the side of the largest pyramid. This high pyramid has original reliefs in stucco, you should not miss. By the way from the top you have an amazing view of the area.

This site is situated north of Valladolid. As today you can easily go there by “taxi collectivo”. They fill a taxi with four passengers. Each passenger has to pay 50 pesos. If you are less and won’t wait for other passengers you have to share 200 pesos. – These collective taxis are available at Calle 44, between Calle 35 and Calle 37.

Once Again I Overcame my Fear of Heights, but it was Hard for my Mind, my Heart and my Legs.



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