Admission Fees in Mexico

Admission Fees for Chichen Itza


Here the promised blog post about the admission fees in Mexico:

In Chichen Itza they call the highest fee “General Admission”, usually they write “Extranjeros” (foreigners). Anyway you can see, that different amounts are questioned of Mexican people and Non-Mexican people. Even the discounts for elderly, students and more are only available for Mexican citizens.

I have never seen that system in Europe. In Australia it is a little different, because for almost the reduced bus tickets you have to be an Australian citizen. I do not remember the system for Canada, the USA and New Zealand, but if they have had the policy like in Mexico, I am sure, I would remember it.

What I think about the higher prices is, that it is a very bad policy. Entering Mexico I had to pay a tourist tax. In addition to that I pay a lot of taxes everyday, when I go with their buses, used the train “El Chepe”, stay at hostels and in hotels, buy food or are eating out, buy souvenirs, clothes etc. Even when I stay with hosts totally for free, the state of Mexico get more taxes, because my host pay for more food and often also for more gasoline. In the contrary I do not use Mexican schools, nor do my children. If I get sick and need a doctor or have to visit a hospital, I have to pay for full for it. Though I do not see any reason, why I have to pay more for the same service like Mexicans. In addition to that I may choose less sites to visit. Though the income of the state will not be more by the higher prices.


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