Isla Mujeres

The 9th May it was time for an island. I have got the explanations how to go there by my hosts as well as Alejandro accompanied me to the bus stop, though I came with the right bus to the ferry terminal. It was like a day off from my travel – a day at a beach with water in a wonderful turquoise colour. I actually rented a chair and an umbrella, which felt very expensive and luxurious, but when I looked up the amount in EUR and compared with Malta (the only place I was using such things before), it was even cheaper as on Malta.

Anyway this island was much more expensive as I am used to from Mexico, but even Cancun is quiet expensive compared with other areas of Mexico. This island is not very big – in an hour I can cross it by walking. There are hotels nearly all over and many restaurants, souvenir shops etc. Though it is not really what I am looking for, but to put together the jigsaw of the very diverse state of Mexico it was one of the pieces I needed.


Isla Mujeres – Playa Norte


Isla Mujeres as well as Cancun belongs to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. To read more about my visit there, please stay tuned.

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