I am in Playa del Carmen now. My host is 65 and retired. Actually he was so kind to open his home for me the day before earlier agreed. He also picked me up by car from the bus station, but he is a very new couchsurfing experience for me.

He is not caring like all the other Mexican hosts have been – less or more. He did not even offer me a cup of coffee or tea. Ok, he asked me, what I would like to do here and in the surroundings and told me, that it is very expensive to visit the national parks. He also started to make a sketch of the city center, but I told him, that it is not necessary.

He knows, that I am already travelling for four month and will continue for almost one more year. He asked me, if I do not have a family and added, that he maximum would travel for six month/year. As long as I know him, he is not different to other people in our age regarding his travels.

He does not speak a lot with me and watches TV a lot. His home is a mix between a clean home and the home of a messy. I was expecting, that we would make things together, because he is retired as well, but he did not offer me his company.

He is really a new couchsurfing experience for me and I look forward to get to know him more. Maybe the first impression is not the right one anyway.


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