Collect moments – not things

A while ago I bought a t-shirt with this text, because I really prefer moments, which are not happening often. Today was such a day, I collected some of those.

I was on the island of Cozumel off the coast from Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo). I was walking, trying to see one more Maya ruin. Usually people are snorkeling, scuba diving or make other water related activities. There is a big reef and one should be able to see a variety of fishes and corals, but I am going to Xcaret tomorrow, where I will try to snorkel and Mayan ruins are so fascinating.

When I after three hours of walking came to a sign, that there are 13 km left until the place, I understood, that it was too far for this day. First I stopped a taxi, but it was too expensive. I did try to hitchhike instead. You must also know, that there are no buses or nearly no buses. The one I saw did not stop for me. There is no other collective traffic either. Taxis do not drive as “collectivos” on the island. I have tried to rent a bike, but there was no bike in “my size”. I was asking for renting a scooter, but they only had scooters with big engines, which made them too heavy for me. To rent a car was for 500 MXN and the gas, of course. Therefore I thought, when I walk one way and take a taxi back, it will be cheaper. Though, when I stood there and tried to hitchhike, I first was unlucky like usual on the Yucatan peninsula – partly for, that families had filled their cars with its members. Suddenly that moment happened, what I love to collect: A car came from the other direction and turned around. Actually the driver had been on his way in my direction, but did not directly stop. Furthermore he was not on his way to the place I was asking for, but he drove me all the way to that Maya ruin I was on my way to and he apologised, that he had no time to wait for me and bring me back, because he had an event to care about!

Afterwards I collected more moments. It became an unforgettable day. As soon I have wi-fi again and will catch up with my blog, you can also read about the other moments.

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