X’caret is a kind of theme park around a Maya site with cenote and much more. In the evening a show is given for all, who pays for it. Payment is very important for getting a good experience. Once paid a lot of pesos, I tried to get out as much as possible. Unfortunately it was a quite rainy day. I would have seen more, if I from the beginning had been on the right place, where the rain does not matter, but I did not know, that it will be raining so much.

I have anyway had some memorable hours. I cannot say, what was best: The jungle, the orchids, the butterflies, the turtles or the show, of which the second part was much better than the first part. You can read about that day by following the link for Quintana Roo and scrolling down to the 21st May. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow the links for the photos and videos.

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