or the “Day of the Death” celebrates in Mexico 1st November and 2nd December each year. Weeks before the decoration for the day starts to be applied. It becomes more and more every day. The Mexicans like their traditions and keep them alive. This day is a day of happiness, having it’s roots in the old Mayas and other indigenous people’s faith. As usual the faith and traditions in Mexico are a mix of the old indigenous gods and the Christian (Catholic) faith, the Spaniards introduced.

Nowadays some people also follow the US-American tradition for Halloween, but in the Mexican way. Children have face painting and always very dark eyes and the boys are dressed in suit and the girls in beautiful dresses. For the children’s well I did not take any photos of them.

I am going to Pátzcuaro on 1st Nov to see the most beautiful celebration of the “Day of the Death” and will stay there until 2nd Nov. Therefore my report will be a little late, but I think it is worth it.

Stay tuned as usual!

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