Tzintzuntzan is a word of the Purépecha language and means the place of the hummingbird. Tzintzuntzan is also a name of a small town in Michoacán, Mexico. It is one of the 111 Pueblos Magicos and an archaeological site with the same name.

On 3rd November I have been there and can only recommend it, even there was still a lot of commerce in the city center, because of the Day of the Death, which had been. My report about this town is finished, but has not photos yet, because of the bad Internet quality here at the hotel (in Colima). For reading about Tzintzuntzan, please follow the link and scroll down to 3rd Nov. 2018,

In addition to that I have written about the day of my travel to Colima, another small state of Mexico. Please stay tuned to read about my time in Colima as well.

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