Shit happens!

So far I have been happy, that I did not have any accident, even the bad pedestrians files, the bad streets and the unusual traffic light system, but last night, I was not so lucky. As usual here in Mexico, there are tiles on the floors in most of the rooms, but those tiles have different characters. The tiles here in the hotel, where I am, the Hospedaje Tepic, get very slippery, when wet. When I has been to the bathroom, before going to bed, I slipped on a water “pool”, which I had not seen because of the bad light. I was also very surprised, because I had not felt it, when I was going into the bathroom, even I had bare feet. I had nothing to drink this evening. I had not showered either, though I do not know, where the water were coming from, but I felt it in the same moment, I stepped into it. I fell backwards and it was hurting very much. It still hurts. I do not know, if it is the tailbone, which got hurt and send signals to the rest of the lower back or if it is something else. Actually I am happy, that it is not worse than it is. I still can walk, even under pain, which gets worse in stairs and similar movements. So far I have not taken to pain killers, but maybe I should. I am happy, that I did not hurt my head or neck and did not break any bone – I think I did not. There is the bed and a TV very close to the bathrooms door and I could have been hurt worse.

I told this the owner of the hotel today (when I was back from my short sightseeing of the town of Tepic) and they only asked, if I need medicine or if I will go to a doctor. Both I could make by myself, but I have pain killers and I think I do not need a doctor. Anyway I think it is good I told them, if the pain will not release and if there should be something broken anyway. I think they should have apologized with a nice guest of a cup of coffee and a cake or something like that, but that is my private opinion, not a Mexican.

Last but not least, I would have liked to update my blog, even I only can sit without pain in one way, but there are not the right electric contacts in the room and the hotel has no lounge or similar. When I write these lines, my notebook is running out of charge. I hope, I will be back tomorrow, when I am with a CS-host in Mazatlan.

Stay tuned, please!


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