My Memories

Just now I am updating my memories. I hope that my story will give you an understanding for the time, when I was growing up and also for my wired life. I am not proud of it. I think, I made a lot of mistakes, unfortunately I cannot make them undone.

Nowadays I agree with, whom I am. Anyway I did never find the answer, why I am the way I am. Maybe it is for the reason, that I did not get enough with love at home. Maybe it is for the time at the hospital, when I was a very little girl. Maybe I have a kind of disability. Anyway I am able to write open about it, even I was wondering, if I really should do it.

Though I am waiting for answers. There is still the possibility to delete the worst experiences on these pages, but I cannot delete them out of my life.

You can find the sites by the menu or start by following the link to Memories

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