Sustainable Living

While I already have cut down my impact on the environment and my CO2 emissions before, I did not like to use all this boxes, in which the almond drinks and similar come with. I did buy 6 – 8 such boxes every week. I feel sorry for every plastic bag I use and started also to think over the use of these boxes, though I decided to make a difference.

I looked up at the Internet, if it is possible to make my own almond drink etc. I thought I has to be possible, but did not really know, how much almonds etc I would need as well as that I was not sure, that I just can process it in my blender. I found lots of recipes. Though I bought glas bottles to save my home made drinks in.

It is actually easy to do and it is much cheaper than bought as convenience drinks. The cheapest is the oat drink, of course – even it is nearly the same price at the supermarket for oat drinks like for almond drinks. In addition to that, you can use the almonds, oats and cocos flakes one more time. Though you save a lot of money by making your own and most of it: You save the environment.


From the Left to the Right: Oat Drink, Coconut Drink and Almond Drink
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