Just before I will update my blogg, I have to tell you the amazing side of social networks. I have been – and still am, on twitter since I was engaged in the work of the Pirate Party in Hamburg, Germany. As you may know, I worked there for a couple of years before I retired. By my engagement I also signed up for twitter and I use it, because there is a way to continue having contact with some of the people I know. In addition to that, I am following others on twitter and in a way it feels like making new friends even I do not know them in person. Most of them are engaged in sustainability.

Never was I awaiting, what I will tell you know! One of the people I follow, did start the action #wish2hand. Her idea is about reuse and people could wish (for Christmas) things, they need or wish and cannot afford respectively will not buy first hand using that hashtag. Just during the days before I was looking for a negative scanner, because I have lots of old photos and their negatives in a drawer. I like to digitalise them, because it is so much easier, to share them and my children can get them as well. It would also be a fortune for my blogg. Some things are much easier to understand with the related photos. I would like to start with the scanning in the beginning of next year, that I will have it done before I am long-travelling again.

Though I had been looking for one and told one of my sons, that it would be a nice Christmas present. I only was telling him about the cheapast one – for “only” around 70 EUR. My son had another idea, therefore I won’t get one. I have had a lot of extra expenses this year and it seems, they will continue for a longer while. I even have an extra job now, but my first salary I will use to pick my eldest son up for Christmas at his place and drive him back as well. The rent of the car is for around 400 EUR and the gasoline is not counted. I have been at his place each year in December, when I was at home. It costs half of it, but I was very keen about, that he gets to know my place – for different reasons. He has a disability, which makes, that he is not using trains or buses and the only opportunity to get him here is by car. Years ago, he would not even followed me by car. I am happy, that this has changed.

To make the long story short: I used the hashtag above at twitter and I have got a negative scanner by mail from Germany. It is a better one, than the one I was asking my son for. I asked only for a loan of it, but the angel, who sent it, wrote afterwards, that I can “loan it forever”. They do not need it anymore. Another side of the medal is, that I could not get it to work and was writing to the company, who made the scanner. Already the upcoming day I have got the answer and it was a helpful one. The scanner is a little older one and only works with Win7, but I can download that from the homepage of this company.

This scanner was an unexpected Christmas gift in double meaning: The one side is the scanner and the other are all this fantastic people on twitter. The latter makes the gift very valuable and I will as long as I live not forget this people and their generosity.

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  1. moragnoffke says:

    How wonderful! I feel happy for you. It is so nice to read about positive happenings. You have given me an idea for my old photos. Thank you

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