Vegan Food

Today I have eaten vegan food for around six weeks and I like it very much. I even like it more than the mixed food I have eaten before. I have tried out some recipes I found on the Internet, some from the new cookbook I have got as a Christmas gift and some of a brochure of the association for Animal Rights. Lots of them are like a usual recipe with meat with the non vegan ingredients exchanged. Other I never have eaten before. In addition to that, I also eat food I have eaten before, which was natural vegan, of course. By this way I feel it very easy to eat vegan.

Furthermore, when I offer cakes och dylikt in different circumstances, nowadays they are all vegan. I am very happy with it and people accept it. Sometimes it is a little more expensive to eat vegan, but mostly because I never used so many ingredienses before, when I cooked my meals. Though I learn every day and actually I can have a little hot spices in my meals now, but I cannot take as much as it is stated in the recipes. I am exited about eating vegan!

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