Better Safe Than Sorry

The new Coronavirus changed the world, though we have to change our behaviors as well. Depending on the country we are living in, we are allowed or forbidden to meet in (small) crowds. Anyway to spread the virus, there is no need of crowds at all. It is enough if you infect one more.

Here in Sweden, where I live, it is said from the authorities, that people in the age of 70+ are on a high risk to die, when they catch the virus. In Germany it is said, one already has a higher risk to die of the virus in the age of 65. Today I heard an expert about it and the 65+ is more right, than the 70+. Anyway, I maybe will fill 70+ this year, depending on, how it will continue with this new virus, that means, if I will get the COVID19 and in that case, if I will survive.

There are som other high risk scenarios as well. The authorities tell us, that people with heart diseases and diabetes has a much higher risk, than others. But there are more people on a high risk, e.g. people with autoimmunity diseases. Though I am one of the people with high risk. Fortunately I never smoked and I am a woman. Both seems to lower the risk. What I have not got an answer for, is, how a low body temperature affects. To be clear, I mean a body temperatur between 36,5 and 35 degrees C. That is, what I am living with for month now. I hope, this fact will made it hard for that new virus to grow in my body.

I am worrying about my 82 year-old Mexican girlfriend and my cousin, who is in my age, but has a disease. I am also worrying about all the elderly I know and even the one I do not know. I am worrying about my family, my other friends and all my relatives as well.

However, I have to be careful – like all of us. I am ordering food home from the supermarket, medicines from the online pharmacy etc. I hope I will get my ass out of the couch and take walks in areas, where few people are walking. I try to continue with the “FridaysForFuture” demonstrations, because we are only two for it at our place and it is easy to stand two meters from each other. Unfortunately, I cannot ask questions at our political council, because we only can get answers, if we attend the meetings. I am afraid, that the council will take the opportunity and rule undemocraticly. There is, e.g., an old pin bog with almost three kinds of redlisted insects to fight for. I just hope, that all our politicans now have to fight other problems and do not decide anything in those cases before all is going back to normal again. I also hope, that our politicans will learn from the actual situation and make use of it regarding to the climat emergency.

This told, I hope all of you will stay safe. I promise to use my time to update my blog. You find the site February 2020 by this link.

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