No Social Contacts

No social contacts is, what our government and our health authorities are telling us 70+ people, but they are imprecise, because they only mean physical contacts. Today my eldest grandchild had his 7th birthday, though I hade a video call with him, his parents and his younger brother as well.

The spread of the SARS CoV-2 is hard enough, to cut all social contacts can mean the early death of people by isolation and depression. My grandson was really happy about the video call and I think lots of elderly people are happy as well about video calls, whoever get in touch with them this way. There are other opportunities as well to get in touch with family and friends, like twitter, email etc, but I think the best one for relatives is the video call. Others may use it too, of course.


  1. Ambrin says:

    Wishes to your grandson🎀. Indeed technology comes to rescue in this times of despair. Glad you could connect to him. ❤️

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