Sometimes it Happens

I was inspired by my neighbor to put the text of my first book online, when she send me a link to her blog, called “Rolling Adventures”. When I read the first two articles, I did get new energy and finally uploaded the text of my first Swedish book “Familj med särskilda behov” as well as the German translation with the title “Schweden (k)ein Schlaraffenland”. I also started the translation into English, which is finished now.

You can find all of them on my site: Scania

It may not be a text you are expecting and actually, these years I wrote about, were the worst years of my life and especially the lives of my children. Anyway it also is a witness for, that there always is a light, even it may be far away. Just in this time of trial, we experience now with SARS-CoV2 och COVID-19 we should look forward to the light in the dark, the light at the other side of the tunnel.

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