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Face Mask
Face Mask


In a lot of countries face masks are recommended or even law. In Sweden they tell us, we should not wear face masks at all, but I think it is, because there are no face masks to buy. Our authority tells us, we would put our fingers on the masks and then spread the virus everywhere as well as we would put our fingers or hands much more then usual on our face. Actually I do not. However without the face mask I do it quite often. The face mask makes me aware the situation we are facing now. With a good information, how to use a face mask, it would be safe and safer to wear one, but not. Even Swedes can sew.

Though here are some links in different languages for “How to sew a face mask”. They are my favorites, I wear a kind of those. There is also a link to an information page in Swedish, how to use a face mask. The sites, I linked to in English and German, contains this information.

There are more descriptions out there, just search for DIY face mask on YouTube or the Internet.

Nasen-Mund-Schutz Erwachsene: Da ich Brillenträgerin bin, nähe ich noch einen Draht an der Oberkante ein (ich lasse zwei cm an jeder Seite offen, damit ich den Draht auch austauschen kann).
Nasen-Mund-Schutz Kinder: Diese Seite zeigt wie man solche Masken in unterschiedlichen Größen näht – auch für Kinder.
Wenn du eine andere Art Maske bevorzugts, einfach im Internet/bei YouTube danach suchen.

Munskydd vuxen
Munskydd barn
VIKTIGT läsning: Så använder man munskydd
Om du föredrar andra modeller, kan du själv söka syinstruktioner på Internet och på YouTube

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