I am really scared of the Chinese politics. As I see it, the Chinese politicans are breaking international law. Though my dream to visit China one day, has been destroyed. What will happen more in the upcoming years? Will I be able to travel again, when the now pandemi is the past.

By the way, I am not a supporter of Boris Johnson, the now British prime minister, but I am happy, that he offered all Chinese people in Hongkong with a British passport to live in Great Britain. On the other hand, the British should never left over the Hongkong area to the Chinese. They should have known, that the now development of Chinese politics will come.

I am feeling with the Chinese people, but the politicans and I think and hope, that tourism in this country will fade as well as the countries of the world no longer will be depending on Chinese industry. It is just, what the SARS-CoV2 pandemi has shown all of us. Maybe it will help, that the Chinese politics will cancel this new law. Anyway it also would save the environment. When electronic devices, clothes and a lot of plastic made things will be more expensive, one will not buy new ones so often as it is the case now. Furthermore I hope that it would give workers better incomes.

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