In 130 countries

people have to wear face masks according to the laws. In some of them, one only have to wear the masks in shops and similar, in other countries, the face masks have to be worn as soon as people leave their home. Even the WHO had changed it’s mind and now recommend face masks, but the tiny country Sweden think it is wiser than others. On top of it, I could read in our local newspaper today, that some people here in Sweden, do as they want and wear face masks and the newspaper was eager to publish a “how to” for using face masks. Actually the text was less careful as mine, which I sent to my children and also linked to, here on my blog. I think, it had been better to make an interview with me before. I also could read online, that Sweden finally is thinking about, if they should change the recommendations regarding to face masks, which seems not have been read of the journalist of that named article.

When will the Swedish government and people understand, that wearing a face mask means to care about others?

Update 28/07/2020: Today the spokesperson for the public health authority, Anders Tegnell, told the journalists and the Swedish people, that there is no evidence, that face masks are useful. 😦

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