A very special, very own advent calender

My new advent calendar is done. It is one of its kind and will work forever or almost as long as I live. There is something special with it. I started it last year before 1st december, but had not time enough to sew a new pocket every day. Though I did leave it unfinished. Only the first five pockets were fastened on it and there were three or four more pockets ready to applicate. At that time I had to sew all things by hand.

By the “Corona”pandemic, I bought a sewing machine, thinking about all needelwork I still have to do. When I took up the work with my advents calender I had to change some things, which were not working out well. Though for a while, there were only two pockets left on it. The problem was, that I had fastened the very nice christmas figures, I had got of my Mexican girlfriend, when I visited her in 2018, but they were to heavy. Therefore this year they will hang on the place, they are thinked to be: The Christmas tree.

I did get a better idea. I cut some figures and padded them before I sewed it on the pockets. The best is, that the whole calender with its pockets and the figures on the pockets are done of fabrics, I already had. There are left overs from face masks, trousers and dresses I shortened, a part of a pyjamas… and an old curtain (I have one more of that kind, but only need one) as the bottom, I used different executions as well. Though I think, Pippi Longstockning (or maybe better Astrid Lindgren, the author) would have been as happy about it as I am.

Take a look at it:

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