Working on Ireland

Bench and Blue Bells

I am working on my sites about my time on Ireland. I was working and living there from Nov 2007 until Juli 2009. One of my acquaintances asked me about Ireland some days ago. My first reaction was, to send her a link to my blog and the site regarding to Ireland, but when I tried it out myself, I have seen, that there was no text. Though I fixed it. Anyway there were a lot of pages to write and I am happy, that I did not only depend to my memories, but also letters I had written to relatives and friends, which I had saved on my laptop.

Now there are almost 12 sites about Ireland and one already has photos. The other sites I will add photos to in the following days and also try to proffread. Anyway, it is not so easy to see the own mistakes, though I hope you will understand, if there are some mistakes left. I already apologize for it.

Because I was occupied by writing about my time on Ireland, I have not written my diary for the month of January this year. I promised to add that as soon as possible, when I have finished my work on Ireland.

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