Walking or Biking for Future

That is my question.

Actually I found on the Internet a #WalkForFuture, which will start in Vadstena, Östergötlands län, Sweden. To be exact, it is called Pilgrim’s Walk for Future and started by the Protestant church of Sweden, but all people are welcome. The goal of the walk is COP26 in Glasgow. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, this walk is thought to use sailing boats to cross the sea.

My first thought was, instead for sailing boats I want to use trains. It also is a sustainable way to travel. Then I was thinking about the luggage I need. I cannot longer carry high weights – not even on my back. Because the period of time, the walk will be done – mid of July to end of October as well as a couple of weeks of staying in Glasgow, both summer and winter clothes are necessary. A car will run with the first group of eight people for transportation of their extras like maybe tents, stoves etc, but there is no help for the crowd (even this in groups of eight or less for the pandemic). There is an option to only pack summer clothes and buy warmer clothes, when needed, but that is not environment friendly, because I have enough with clothes at home. Therefore I need a better solution.

I started thinking about biking. That is sustainable as well. It takes not really so long time as walking and, my last thought I added, I can easily transport more clothes and start a little later as well as I can make up my own route, visiting family and friends on my way and the most important: I can do it myself – I am no longer comfortable in hiking in – for me – unknown areas all alone.

There is one more thing to care about: The weather! Anyway it will be the same, no matter if I am walking or going by bike. I have a rain jacket and rain trousers. Though it will be ok either way.

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