It is decided

I did not find anyone to walk with to COP26, though I plan to go by bike from my hometown Katrineholm, Sweden (South of Stockholm) to Glasgow, Scotland. I will start 1st Sept and hopefully arrive in Glasgow 31st Oct. My route will go via Denmark, Northern Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and a tiny part of France, where I will use the train throughout the Eurotunnel to Folkstone in England and likely go close to the East cost up to Scotland.

I would appreciate a handy travel buddy. It is OK to ride with me (on your own bike ;-)) part of my route. Will you accompany me during the whole trip, I will be excited.

I also already have written some lines for a hand out to world leaders and other politicians, but that text will be a secret until I arrive in Glasgow.

Keep your fingers crossed, that COVID-19 and the restrictions have ended at the time for my trip.

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