Sponsoring my #BikingForFuture?


I am ashamed about writing this and it was a hard decision for me to use this way, but I tried the most to make my #BikingForFuture coming true. If you have not read before, what I want to do, here comes my explanation: As a #GrandmaForFuture I wish to attend the COP26 in Glasgow in November this year. I know, that I won’t be welcomed in, but I will stand outside with flyers for the world leaders and I really hope, they will understand, that a 70-year-old grandma, coming by bike all the way from Sweden, is serious and worth to listen to. The trip is even my goal for awareness of the now and future climate situation. I also hope, I will get some help from the press to make my voice heard.

My heart burns for a more sustainable world, a good world for our children, grandchildren and future generations. I try to live that way everyday – even I also am just a human being and make mistakes sometimes. Since September 2019 I stand most of the Fridays in front of our town hall with my sign and ask the responsable community leaders for „No more empty promises“. I have a 75-year-old girlfriend, who often is my company – with her own sign: „Act now“. In the beginning of the now pandemic, I was demonstrating online. Unfortunately no younger people join us in our town, but on global actions of „FridaysForFuture“ at another place of town.

I write this, because my now bicycle had a break down. It might be possible to repair it, but it won’t be reliable. Before the break down I cycled 40 km on a very hilly road and I got tired, but I plan to do almost 60 km on mostly hilly roads every day during September to December this year. Therefore I was thinking about to buy an e-bike instead. Anyway it is much more sustainable than a car and in my age, I think, it is a good decision also showing the world, that people in my age still can make such long, sustainable trips.

Though I surfed the Internet and read about different kinds of e-bikes and fastened for the one, which was best in test. It is a Swedish one and for me locally produced or almost produced in my own country is importand as well as the possibility to ride that bike, even the battery is low or empty. This bike has the engine in the middle of the bike, which makes it easy to ride, even if it is out off battery. The bike was not able to get online, but the answer was, that my local bike shop may have one.

Yesterday, I was first walking to a shop of a chain looking for another, little cheaper e-bike, but that was not suitable for my needs and also, it would be nearly as expensive as the one I wished, because I had to buy better tires as well. Afterwards I was walking to my local bike shop and I was lucky. They had such a bike I wish, even it comes in pink – not exactly my favorite colour. Though I asked the shop assistant if he can hold it for me until I can fix the finances. He promised, but only until next monday, 19th July 2021.

I started to try my best to get a loan. Unfortunately, only two parts of my pension are Swedish and visible in the credit information. Even I do not have any payment remarks, no bank is willing to give me a loan on top of the one I already have (for moving to my now apartment). By the way, the third part of my pension is partly coming from Germany, Ireland and Malta. When I took the opportunity to work abroad in the age of 57 after a longer time of partly unemployment in Sweden, it was for, that I did not wish to be on social benefits. All my children were grown up at that time – my daughter had just become 18 years old the month before I left for Ireland. However, this is no merit after I was coming back home to Sweden for my retirenment in the age of 65. It does not matter what it is about, it is just to my disadvantage.

Finally: I ask the community to help me to finance that bike. It will only be a loan. I will pay back all the money I will get and I really will hold track of it, even of the smallast amount. You can contact me by email for my account number: dorotheeinternational@gmail.com

Here is the thought route for the event:


1Katrineholm – NorrköpingXX50
2Norrköping – LinköpingXX45
3Linköping – Sommen / Tranås60WS in Tranås
4Sommen / Tranås – Anebyx45
5Aneby – VaggerydXx70
6Vaggeryd – VärnamoXX80
7Värnamo – LjungbyXX80
8Ljungby – ÖrkelljungaX

9Örkelljunga – HelsingborgXX55
10Helsingborg – Helsingör, DK

ForSea Ferry (electric)

Helsingör – Köge (Guldkusten = Strandvejen, gamla Strandvejen…)xX80
11Köge – VordingborgxX60
12Vordingborg – Rödbyhavnx60
13Rödbyhavn – Puttgarden, DE


Puttgarden – Oldenburg in Holstein40WS in Kellenhusen
14Oldenburg in Holstein – Kielxx60Marli’s
15Day off

16Kiel – HamburgXX90Michael’s
17Day off

18Hamburg – Wedel – Stade or Bremervördexx45
19Stade or Bremervörde – Osterholz-ScharmbeckX70
20Osterholz-Scharmbeck – Bad ZwischenahnxX67
21Bad Zwischenahn – Winschoten, NLXX80
22Winschoten – GroningenXX40
23Day off

24Groningen – ZwolleXX100Global FfF
25Zwolle – AmsterdamXX100
26Amsterdam – Den HaagxX60Maybe all the way to Rotterdam
27Den Haag – RotterdamxX25
28Rotterdam – MiddelburgxX100
29Middelburg – Brugge / Bruges, BExX50
30Day offxX


1Brugge – Dunkerque, FRxX70
2Dunkerque – Calais-Coquelles – FolkestonexX50Eurotunnel
3Folkestone – MaidstonexX65
4Maidstone – Battlesbridge65WS + CS i Rayleigh
5Battlesbridge – Sudbury?x65
6Sudbury – Cambridge?X60
7Cambridge – Peterboroughxx60
8Peterborough – BostonX60
9Boston – Lincolnxx60
10Lincoln – Gainsborough – Doncasterxx70
11Doncaster – Leeds?x55Tulio M. = CS
12Leeds – Boroughbridgex50WS in Knaresborough + Harrogate
13Boroughbridge – Middlesbroughxx80WS fav
14Middlesbrough – Newcastle-upon-Tynexx75WS fav
15Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Craster70WS fav + CS i Alnwick
16Craster – Eyemouth80WS fav in Kelso-Waukford, CS i Coldingham
17Eyemouth – EdinburghxX80WS fav

? Maybe directly to Glasgow
19Edinburgh – GlasgowXX80Goal – Hosts already OK!

COP26 1st – 14th November 2021

SEC Center, Exhibition Way, Glasgow G3 8YW, UK




15Glasgow – Kirmuirhill40WS i Rigside, CS i Lanark
16Kirmuirhill – Lockerbiexx80CS i Dumfries
17Lockerbie – Calthwaite65CS i Penrith
18Calthwaite – KendalxX70WS fav
19Day off

20Kendal – Lancasterxx40
20Lancaster – Blackburnxx55
21Blackburn – ManchesterXX55
22Day off

23Manchester – LiverpoolXX60
24Day off

25Liverpool – Stoke-on-Trentxx90
26Stoke-on-Trent – BirminghamXX80WS fav
27Birmingham – Stratford-on-Avonx55
28Stratford-on-Avon – OxfordXX77WS fav
29Day off

30Oxford – LondonXX100???


1London – Chelmsfordx
2Chelmsford – Colchesterx
3Colchester – Harwich


Harwich – Hook van HollandX

Ferry (night) – WS fav
4Hook van Holland – AmsterdamX
5Amsterdam – Kampenx
6Kampen – Zwolle – Nieuw-Schoonebeek
90WS i Coevorden
7Nieuw-Schoonebeek – Cloppenburg, DEx
8Cloppenburg – Bremenx
9Bremen – Lilienthal – Worpswede – Gnarrenburg (Spreckenseer Landschaft) – Bremervörde
60WS i Stade, CS i Buxtehude
10Bremervörde – HamburgXX75Stay with friends
11Day off

12Hamburg – Bad Segebergx
13Bad Segeberg – Heiligenhafen
79WS i Kellenhusen
14Heiligenhafen – Puttgarden


Fähre Puttgarden – Rödby, DK

15Rödby – VordingborgxX60
16Vordingborg – Ringsted?x67
17Ringsted – Kögexx56
18Köge – Örestad – Malmö, SWEXX38Train, Daniel
19Day off

20Malmö – Lund – Hörbyxx60
21Hörby – Hässleholmxx40
22Hässleholm – Osby – Älmhult?x60
23Day off

24Älmhult – Alvestax55
25Alvesta – Växjö – Lessebo60 / 73
26Lessebo – NybroX50
27Nybro – Kalmarx40
28Kalmar – Mönsteråsx50
29Mönsterås – Oskarshamnx50
30Oskarshamn – Västervikxx60
31Västervik – Valdemarsvikx70


01Valdemarsvik – NorrköpingxX65
02Norrköping – KatrineholmHOME70



WS = www.warmshowers.org – this is only a possibility, not much planned yet

CS = www.couchsurfing.com – this is only a possibility, not much planned yet

The unused days between arriving to Glasgow and start of COP26 are in case of a quarantine is needed. In that case, the part in England will be postponed some days.

There are more days off after COP26 because of the expected weather.

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    It sounds like a great idea. If I were there I would come cheer you on. 👏👏👏

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