At Home Again

Since last Sunday evening, 21st of November 2021, I am at home again. I never have been so happy to come home as after this bike tour. It did not depend on the way I traveled – by using and for the most, but by bad infrastructure for cyclists in a lot of countries and even more the fact, that it is hard to get a touring bike with panniers on most of the trains.

I was really tired, when I came home. On the other hand, I am very happy, that I made this trip and for all the fantastic hosts I have had. Nevertheless the days I was demonstrating together with FridaysForFuture and on the following Saturday with Pedal on Parliament as well as, when I was standing outside the “Blue Zone” of the COP26 and got attention of the press and other people, including a minister, was worth it. Please, bear in mind that I did it for the future generations, for the indigenous peoples and the MAPA (most affected people and areas).

Now I try to finish my blog about these important days of my life. I apologize, it will take some time, but everyday chores did wait for me. There are meetings, social media (which surprised me with so much praise – thank you!), my usual Fridays demonstrations, to shop food, cleaning of my apartment, fixing my bike etc, etc. Though I am somewhat short on time, but I will work with the blog each day, I promise. Welcome to become a part of my experiences.

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