Planning for COP27

Actually I started planning my bike trip to COP27 a while ago.

First of all: Why will I go there – and by bicycle? I was so disappointed of the result of COP26 – like thousands and millions of people, that I was thinking about to be an activist at COP27 as well.

For the second: I thought, it might be possible to go there all the way by land. It is – or nearly is. It’s just the question, if the bridge crossing the Dardanelles is reality yet or only a plan so far. The other option would be to go to Istanbul and take the metro under the Bosporus, but what I have read so far, long distance cyclists avoid Istanbul as ever they can.

For the third: Going by bicycle to COP27 in Egypt means to bike between 8,000 and 10,000 km one way. That’s a lot! That’s up to four times the distance I rode my bike to Glasgow, but I learned a lot during that trip. Anyway, it is a challenge.

In addition to that: I have much more time this year for planning and also for getting in good shape before starting the trip. I also already made up the route in my mind, but that may change, depending on political status in different countries. I won’t write down my route yet, because of the uncertainty and because of, I don’t want anyone to talk me out of it.

So, what do I plan for more, than the route:

  1. Clothes – as lightweight and comfortable as possible — as warm as necessary (layer on layer system)
  2. Equipment – I have some wishes: a good action-camera (for the helmet), an extra battery for my e-bike and an extra charger for that battery.
  3. Overnight stays – as much warmshowers hosts, couchsurfing hosts and similar as possible. Unfortunately the two weeks in Sharm el-Sheikh I have to look for a cheap hostel or hotel.
  4. Sponsoring – yes I am looking for sponsors and it seems I am more lucky this time as last year.

When it comes to clothes, I will try again to use what I have with some simple alterations. Furthermore I bought a VAUDE rain cape already in the hope it will help me better than the rain jacket and rain trousers I had last time. I hope I can afford a pair of padded VAUDE inner pants – maybe I will be sponsored with them. I will only take with me as much as fits in my two panniers.

About the equipment, the extra battery and extra charger are really necessary, because I have to go 100km/day on average, but I also will have the 1 day off/week. There are some really hilly parts on the route and even on the flats I won’t make 100 km with one battery. Anyway, I hope to have a little less weight this time and maybe also be able to use a lower assistance for the most.

I have a dream to have an action-camera and because the make go-pro is outstanding, I try to find such one, but a cheap one. Maybe I am lucky and will find a used one, which I can afford. If you have one, you will sell, let me know. It is no need for the newest model at all. For those, who wonder, why I dream about an action-camera: Always when I traveled by a vehicle (bicycles included) there were amazing places I was coming through, of which I couldn’t take photos, because there was no place to stop there. An action-camera will get the great photos and videos for you.

Talking about overnight stays. There are parts, where there are no hosts every 100 km and even I’ll be flexible I cannot be dependent on to find one. Therefore I am saving money now already. Last year I didn’t have that possibility, because I decided too late to go by bicycle to COP26.

Last but not least I am looking for sponsors, because both the battery and charger together as well as the travel insurance are so expensive, that 2/3 of the amount I can save the upcoming six month would be used for those … and…

I am lucky so far. I don’t know yet, how much I will get, but both VAUDE and World Explorers Collective promised me some help. I am very happy and grateful about it.

More to come, when I know more. Meanwhile you can read my site BikingForFuture (if you haven’t done it yet). From 1st July I will add the site BikingForFuture2 and hopefully also post videos on YouTube.


P.S. Do you live in Sweden, maybe along the EuroVelo 10 ore in the countries, where the EuroVelo 11 goes through, you are welcome to join me for a distance. You live elsewhere in Europe and will join me, you are welcome, too – as long as you don’t take your bike on a flight for meeting me. You are also welcome to join me during the entire trip, if you have time enough to spend, but you need to have your own economy and, if necessary, look for your own sponsors.



When I was going by bicycle from my hometown to Glasgow for COP26 last year, I met a lot of people, who told me: “We are with you, even we unfortunately can’t go there”, “You are going for me as well” etc. Though arriving in Glasgow I actually had a lot of more voices, but my own. Sadly, I could not prove that. Therefore, if you want, that I represent you as well at COP27, fill in the form below, please.


Coming soon:

If you even will help me a little with the expenses for the trip, you are welcome. Donations I don’t need for the trip I will donate further (to one or two of the projects in the MAPA regions).

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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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