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The last week I haven’t done much, mostly I surfed the Internet about the war in Ukraine. I wasn’t even able to writing my blog. I should be very happy, because I have got two sponsors for my upcoming bicycle trip to Egypt for COP27, but I am just sad. I don’t understand why Putin is making war against Ukraine and also threaten with a nuclear war. There are some touch-points with Hitler. To make it short: When they were installed in power, they got crazy. I am so sorry for the people in the Ukraine and also for the Russian solders, who did not know, what they were getting into – anyway, all of them should stop fighting. I am also sorry for the Russian protesters, who were thrown into jail – even children. It doesn’t feel good for me to continue planning my trip, but I have to be prepared for the day I am going – as long as it is possible. If the whole world is on fire, it will not be. Anyway, In any circumstances I won’t choose the route via St. Petersburg, Russia anymore.

Last Saturday, when I was demonstrating against climate change, I also was #Stand(ing) With Ukraine – even I turned their flag upside down – I really apologize, I will make it correct next time. By the way, I still #Stand With Ukraine. I hope, there would be any magic to end the war immediately with the Ukrainian State still a free and democratic country.

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  1. moragnoffke says:

    🤗😓😓😔Yes life is very confusing at the moment. I hope you find some personal joy. 💐🌷

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