Hope leaves you last

I am continuing planing for my bike ride to COP27 in Egypt. I was looking again at different routes. I found a few without ferries, but one. I also found, that I don’t need to climb the alps. I can use EuroVelo 6 instead, which is following the river Donau.

In addition to that I had a video call with my couchsurfing friend in Egypt, sorting out about my stay in Sharm el-Sheikh. He recommend me to try with airbnb. I haven’t been lucky before with airbnb, but gave it a try. Though I actually found an affordable room with wi-fi, use of kitchen and washing machine and I can cancel it until the day before my arrival. Furthermore it is not far away from the congress center.

Another issue, I have not come far with. It is the travel insurance. I checked one, which should be cheaper than others, but it was not. Even there stated on the homepage, it would only cost 35 € or $ a month, the offer I have got was for more than 1200. That would be more than 100 a month. I gave to look further.

However I have new hope and fingers crossed, the Russian war in Ukraina will end soon and not spread to the rest of Europe.

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  1. moragnoffke says:

    The route along the Danube sound lovely. All the best.

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