I’ve Finally got my new Passport

I was waiting for my passport, not expecting it as early as I was told on the homepage of the Swedish police, but as early as the police assistant told me, when I applied for my new passport. I didn’t hear anything about my passport but today, when I was messaged, that it is ready. I was very happy about it, of course.

The reason for my happiness was, that I had planned to apply soon for my visa for Egypt. I don’t like to send my passport by the post to the embassy, but will go there in person. At the end of this month I’ll be in Stockholm anyway and hope I’ll get an appointment for one of those days.

The reason for the delay was the lack of the special paper used for the Swedish passports I read some days ago. That made me worrying about, if I will get my passport in time. I don’t know if the reason for the paper shortage is the pandemic or the russian war. I was thinking, we have so much tree plantages and lots of the trees become paper. Therefore a shortage shouldn’t appear. Anyway member magazines are printed on paper, the usually aren’t. Even for those sheets we have a shortage, which shows us, how fragile our system is and that we have to cut our wishes short, change our kind of living and have to care much more about our environment. Don’t forget: The climate crisis is real.

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