Starting on my Way Home

At COP27


COP27 officially is over, but I don’t know the result yet. It seems, there were no progress. In the contrary, there were a lot of CO2 and Methan emissions. Why don’t they meet digital? It would save the environment and reduce the costs enormously. Actually I am very disappointed, because my action – to cycle all the way from Sweden to Egypt, and the attention it has got by the press and TV-channels, including adressing the leaders of the Global North, didn’t make any difference.


Anyway, I need some vaccation now. Even I didn’t go by bicycle more than 30km a day during the climate conference, I was very occupied by interviews. I hadn’t a lot of time to listen to talks. What I heared was about, what different companies can do, but it seems implementation is far away.


Egypt isn’t a country for cyclist! Though I bought a bus ticket for Cairo – with Miss Piggy in the lagguage compartment, because I was told, the cities are too far away from each other and the traffic becomes more and more dangerous the closer I come to Cairo. This way I avoid to be told by the police, that I have to take a taxi.


Nevertheless, I don’t know, if I can get a boat from Alexandria, Haifa or have to take the same route I came. I actually would like to avoid Turkiye this time. Crossing the Mediterranean will not be cheap, I think. Depending on, how often I can find locals, who hosts me, even the ride home can be expensive. I already stretched my account, therefore I started a funding page and will be very happy about even the lowest amount donated. (Friends, who already earlier donated, please ignore this.) Thank you in advance!


The address for the funding page is:

Attention: It is NOT GoFundMe, because that site is not working since they changed their system. The after the system change funded amounts will be paid back at the end of this year or in January 2023.

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