1st April 2021

Nobody did make me a fool and the contrary as well. Maybe, that I not even tried depended on, that I awoke in the middle of the night and could not fall asleep again, because I was thinking about the cleaning av my former apartment and how bad it was cleaned, when I moved in. If I had known, that the employee of my landlord will be so carefully, when I am moving out, I had asked for a cleaning of the apartment, before I moved in. I also would have asked for pulling out of the plugs and the nail in the wall. Later I was thinking about the stove in my now storeroom and decided to put a cotton sheet over it, that it will not become dusty.

My dishwasher arrived! Four days earlier than promised and just before the Easter holidays. Not only this made me happy, but also, that the dishwasher had exactly the functions I had wished.



Later that day I carried some more empty moving boxes to the storeroom and also took a cotton sheet with me and put it over the stove. There was more to do. I did get a walk to the recycling containers with plastic and paper/cardboard trash. I was going to the one on the yard of the grocery, because I had planned to shop a little and also pick up two parcels from IKEA.

Well at home (I only have the new one now), I unpacked the necessary and was then going back to the grocery or better, the garden tent. In that garden tent, flowers for balconies and gardens as well as flower pots and flower boxes were sold. I had measured my balcony and bought three flower boxes as well as pansies – 2 x 6 blå ones and 1 x six yellow ones. I thought, it will be just right with six in each box. I also bought 10 l of planting soil. It was not easy to take all of this home. I had to go twice. When I tried to put the boxes on the railing of the balcony, I discovered, that it was not possible, because of the pole in the middle. I hoped, it will be possible to swap the three boxes against two, but longer ones.

I was tired in the evening, very frozen and did not really do anything. I was to bed at 9pm!


2nd April 2021

I was sleeping until late, but had been awake a couple of times during the night.

After breakfast I went back to the grocery’s garden tent and tried to swap the flower boxes and it was possible without any difficulties. There were money left and I took a bunch of tulips for it, even I could have got the money back.

At home again I gave away 15 empty moving boxes. The girl had to unfold them herself. She could have got five more, but she won’t take more. I gave them away, because I decided, if I will move one more time, I will order the whole package of a moving company and will not have any need for the moving boxes I have now. I also will try to have “a pretty storeroom”, that means: I won’t have a lot of empty moving boxes in there.

My next project was my kitchen. I changed the places for some items in the cupboards. At the end I was satisfied, especielly, because I found places for everything, even some of them on my bookshelf.

Afterwards I planted one balcony box with pansies. The planting soil was just enough for that one including some soil I had left from planting pot plants in flower pots. Furthermore I tried to get my Internet (wifi) to work, but did not.



3rd April 2021

Before noon I was back at that garden tent and bought a 15 l plasticbag with planting soil. Back home I planted the other flower box. I also sent Easter greatings with the help of my smartphone and 4G.


4th April 2021

I called my Internet Provider “Bahnhof” and asked for help with my wifi. The guy on the other end of the line told me, that he has to configurate my router. After 30 minutes I finally could use my wifi.

This day I eventually unpacked my kitchen system and put it into the cupboard I had saved for it. It was good! Next thing to do, was to unpack my printer, which I did soon. When I tried, if it is working properly, the system showed, that I am low on color, though I switched some cartridges. Actually all, but the black one.



The weather was not good at all this day, it was very windy and snowing as well. I was afraid of my Mexican sun and moon I had placed on the wall of the balcony, though I did take them down and inside. A little twig blow on my balcony, which surprised me, because the trees are not that close!


5th April 2021

I had a lazy day, but I ordered food from the grocery shop. I took the opportunity to fill my storage for the crisis. While I had all these food and water in my walk-in wardrobe before, now I have such things on the bottom of three of my wardrobes. I do not have as much anymore as I have had in the former apartment, because, when I tried to eat all this storage food before moving, I found out, it was too much. I could not make it in four weeks and it only has to be for 7 – 10 days. I just have to include my usual groceries I have, though I will make it for almost three weeks anyway.


6th April 2021

This day started as lazy as the one before, but when I did get a call from my polyclinic I really was awake. The nurse asked me, if I will have the possibility to come for vaccination on Thursday, instead for Saturday as I had booked, because there were no earlier opportunity. She also told me, that the earlier vaccination will be given at the polyclinic and not the special place for vaccinations throughout the pandemic. I happily agreed and asked then, if they also will vaccinate with the Astra Zeneca vaccin, because that was the only option at the other place. I was told, that they use the Pfizer/Biotech and the Moderna vaccin. That made me any happier, because I was worried about the Astra Zeneca vaccin, because of my blood vessels, which brake very easily and maybe that benefits blood clots as well. I do not know, but if that is the fact, it will be dangerous for me to take the Astra Zeneca vaccin even I am more than 65 years old.

In the evening I attended the Zoom meeting of the Association’s for Conservation of Nature climate group. We discussed our upcoming events. like the shoe strike in the city center.


7th April 2021

This day I put up curtains in all my rooms. I was surprised to see, that they were too long. I think, it depends on, that the curtain rails are fastened lower over the windows. In the living room, I only hang half of them, this means: Only on one side of each window, because for the others, I will change the hanging system. Anyway, I have to shorten the pair of curtains I hanged and I will use the fabric I will get over as a string to hold the first named curtains. This way, I think, it will not look too strange. Once I have come so far, I will post a photo of them, that you can better understand, what I am writing about.

I have got mail, delivered by citymail (the forwarding is working :-)). One of the letters was from our healthcare region, stating, that I now can book an appointment for vaccination against COVID-19. The other letter was from the social welfore authority about my retirement benefits. They wrote, that they have got to know from the tax authority, that I have moved and I have to answer that letter with my new statements until end of next week, otherwise I will not get the housing benefit anymore. I was surprised and angry, because I had informed them in good time about my new address and also my new rent. I think, I even sent them a copy of my new lease as a pdf. Though I wrote an email to the authority – and did get an acknowledgment of receipt. Afterwards I tried to discuss that with my sons Samuel and Daniel, but they did not understand, why I was so upset. They told me, to send the documents, the authority had asked for, to the authority. I couldn’t nearly believe, that my sons did not understand.

After noon I made my way to the lamp store. I was looking for ceiling lamps for the hall. I had not really found some used, but an offer, which I thought, was a little to expensive. I only left the shop with a solar lamp for the balcony and continued then to the address with the used lamps. They were anyway half the price than in the shop. They were as new, as the sellers also told me and I did get both of them together for 60 EUR. I have to add, that they are of good quality – no cheap IKEA collection.



Later at home, when I was reading my emails, I began to feel cold again, though I was going to bed early.


8th April 2021

I finally sent back the router of the former Internet provider. In my former apartment I could not get real broadband, but I have now. I could have had this former provider here as well, but they are by far too expensive. I save around 20 EUR/month with my new provider.

The long awaited day had come. I was to the polyclinic and have got my first vaccination shot against COVID-19.



Home again I was so peckish in a cup of coffee and biscuits, but I did not have any biscuits or cakes at home, though I made some oatmeal balls and enjoyed them a little while later together with a cup of coffee.

The dry-cleaning called and told me, that my rugs are ready to pick up the upcoming day.

Before I was going to bed I took my Mexican sun down from the wall of the balcony and saved it in my apartment, because of, that we had bad weather again.


9th April 2021

Already in the morning, again I took in the Mexican moon and my solar lamp as well, because of the strong wind.

Anyway, I appeared in the park in front of the town hall with my sign about the climate crisis. Even my friend Irene came. We started at 11am as usual, but left around 12.30pm, when it started raining.

The wind had increased now and I put my chairs on the balcony on each other and put them in the very corner of the balcony. Again, there were small twigs on my balcony. By the weather I did not go to the dry-cleaning to pick up my rugs.

In the evening I had a video chat by Signal with my son Samuel. We talked about how it was going with the decoration of my apartment.

I already had my dinner (evening meal) at 5pm and was going to bed directly afterwards because of the gruesome weather. I did not sleep, of course, but later.


10th April 2021

I cared about my vegetables in my fridge, though they won’t become destroyed. I was on time online to chat with Marcus by Skype, but he was not answering. I was waiting half on hour for him, but without success.

Later I ordered bulbs for my new ceiling lamps. In the lamps was a sign with the make, though it was easy to find out, which kind of bulbs I needed for them. I also ordered another wall board at the same place and to pick up the things two days later.

I shortened the other pair of curtains for the living room by sewing the hangers on the back of the curtains, why they became similar to the other pair of curtains, I already had put up. I had already used both of the pairs together in the living room of my former apartment, but there I could not do so, they would have been too short. I hanged them as well.


As you can see, on the upper end, they look similar. On the lower end, I still have to change the length.


In addition to that I ironed kitchen towels and face masks. This day I had two cooked meals, both were of left overs from the days before.


11th April 2021

I hang som pictures and paintings, most of them in my hall. I also took down some things to the storeroom. like some shelfs from my wardrobes, which I do not need- I love to have space in between them. At the same time I did pick some smaller shoe boxes, to use for assorting my underwear in my shelf in the bedroom. It hade, of course, been easier with chests with drawers, but there was not enough space for one because of my desk.

I continued with measuring the floor of my hallway, because I want to buy a runner (kind of carpet) for it – mostly because of the floor is so ugly. I can have a 90cm x 600cm one (actually a little more than 600cm, but I decided, it is better to take a little less in case of I have not measured correct.

Finally I chatted with Marcus on Skype. He had been asleep on Saturday afternoon, when we usual meet. I am very surprised, that he can sleep up to 48 hours in a row. I think, he is not doing well and that would not surprise me, because of his overweight.

I was a lot on the Internet this day. It was snowing, but not windy, though I let all my things on the balcony remain on their places.


12th April 2021

I was out for shopping to the area with the supermarket. I started at a furniture company, looking for hooks like them, I had bought there before, but they only had them in black and I wanted them in white. I continued to another shop, where one can buy kitchen things, tools, bicyles, things for the bathroom, accessoires for cars etc. On the Internet I had seen, that they have a pack with 16 hooks, but there, I saw how small they are and I chose others. I picked up the bulbs and wall board at another furniture shop. Luckily, I did not won’t their big papers bag and swaped it into my shopping cart. Therefore I saw, that there was a thing missing, which I then got without any problems. I continued to a supermarket, where I bought papayas, frozen vegan balls and seaweed spawn as well as to a DIV-shop for expander plugs and an other lock for my storeroom, because the one I have has a too thick bracket. It is hard to use the one I have now.

I had to pee and was using the toilet at the supermarket as well as at the second shop I had been. That is the good thing with the larger shops, that there are toilets. My feet twinged and I had blisters underneath both of them, when I was back at home. One of the blisters did open and it did hurt a lot. I had good boots and warm socks, though I should not have had that problem. I have not had so much problems with me feet before I started with one of my medicines. I really have to talk to the doctor about it. I do not like to take that medicin anymore. I cannot really see, that it helps, because sometimes my tounge is great and other times I have a white stripe in the middle of the tounge. I think, it depends on, what I am eating.


13th April 2021

I tried to come up early in the mornig, but it was 8am, when I did. I put a plaster under and a bandage around my left foot as well as I dressed it in nylon socks and casual socks and my Ecco old school shoes. I was lucky, because it did not hurt much, when I was walking.

I was on my way to the hospital for a mammography and a blood test. There was no special date for the blood test, though I was happy, that I could combine these arrends. Ready to go, I took a snack at the hospital’s café and continued then to the dry-cleaner to pick up my rugs. On the way between those, it did hail.

Unfortunately I discovered, that I had forgotten my tag for the dry-cleaner, but luckily, I did get my rugs anyway. I just had to sign, that I had picked them up. The cleaning of the two rugs – both not very big, was for 50 EUR. I do not know, if that is expensive or not. It was the first time I did leave rugs for cleaning. The dry-cleaner is not far from the bus station and by the ungainly size for transporting the rugs in my shopping cart, I did take the bus home. It went well (I did not have any waiting time) and there was only one more passenger in the bus.


14th April 2021

Also this day I was to the recycling container and afterwards shopping at the very nearby grocery. I was looking for pot flowers. They did not have a lot to choose, but I bought two Kalanchoe, also called Widow’s-thrill and one Gerbera, also known as African daisy for my bedroom.

At home again I read my emails for the day and actually, I get some advertising emails from different shops. Usually I scroll over very fast or only open them, when I am anyway looking for something special. Anyway, this time there was an offer for an combined ear/forhead thermometer. I had been looking for such before, but found, that they are too expensive. This day the company offered one for half the price, though I ordered one – just to pick up outside the shop.


15th April 2021

I did hang the rest of my paintings and pictures. It was very hard in the living room. I am not sure, that they won’t fall down soon. I could not really put the special hooks for concrete walls in the walls, the metal pins of the hooks gave way. I only could get them halvway into the walls. Next time, the walls will get new wall papers (in 2025) I will have wall boards on all walls and put my pictures and paintings on them. I also scrapped my scrap map of the world for the places I have been so far. When I finished that, I put that one on the wall in my bedroom – upon two parts of my shelfs. I fastened it with the help of adhesive and that functioned very well. By the way, on that map I see it very clearly, how little I have seen of the world and that I won’t make all of the rest. I would need one more life and almost a miljon SEK – or maybe a miljon EUR and no pandemics to see all of it.


There are so many more places to see!


For dinner I made my own pizza, but used a pizza kit, which was for sale at the grocery shop, when I was there the last time. It was tasty. I liked the kind of bottom.


16th April 2021

The day started with Irene’s and my activity for #FridaysForFuture. On my way home I picked up the ear/forhead thermometer. At the secondhand shop of the Red Cross I bought two flower pots for the living room. I would have liked two of tin, but did not find one, therefore I did take two white ones, which were exactly similar. It is not so easy to find more than one of a kind there. My last stop was at a Lidl shop, the only one in town, which, however, now is close to me. I was looking for a special vegan ice cream, which might be sold at Lidl – and they had it. In addition to that, they had papaya, which made me very happy.

In the late afternoon my son Samuel should arrive, though I have got a hurry to swap the wall board, which was in the wrong size. I did take the bus – had to change at the bus station in the city center, but it was the same car, which was going to my destination. Only the number of the route had been changed. Though this time it was very easy to go by bus to the area with the supermarket. Unfortunately the shop had no wall boards with other measures, especially not in the color I want. I also was to the DIY-shop for larger expander plugs and finally bought a wall board in another shop nearby, even the color was not exactly the same as I already have and bought second hand for the living room.

I tried to go home in time by bus, but my smartphone was not working good enough. The lower part of it was only black and I could not see anything, just guess, which was not good enough for buying a bus ticket. I called my son, telling him, he has to stop by at the bus stop to pick me up, because I was expecting, that he will come into town the same way as usual, when I lived on the other address. He did not. Google maps told him another, maybe faster route. He called me and told me, where he was coming in and luckily all the round abouts in our town have different decorations and the one, he was close to now, was one of the very well known for me. I tried to tell him, how to drive for finding me and eventually, with the help of Google maps and me walking the little distance to the supermarket, we found each other. Would I have had more time or Samuel would not have been on his way to me att all, I would have walked all the way home.

The first, he helped me with, was to put up the ceiling lamps in the hall. It was soon done. I had been careful with, that it was not necessary to drill in the ceiling to put them up as well as I had been looking for lamps, where I easily could swap the bulbs myself. Now there is a lamp on each end of the hall. I should need one in the middle as well, but there is another system to hang it and no space for ceiling lamps. I have to find a lamp, like the ones one can hang in the windows.

We had dinner together and a chat, before we were going to sleep. He on the sofa in the living room and I in my bed in my bedroom. That feels good! While chatting he told me about the problems with their garden. They have a natural site and they, together with the neighbor, have already changed things, but he is not satisfied yet and told me, that it is very expensive to get such a site in the shape, they want. When they decided to buy that property, they were not thinking about the garden. On one hand side I understand him, they gave 700.000 EUR for the property, but had to paint it and so on. I think, they could have done less, but they are investing in a dream. Though they also changed the windows and more. I am happy, they have the income, they can do it, but on the other hand, I think their demands are way to high. By the way, the first fly of the year came into my living room – by the ventilation window.


17th April 2021

I was awake off and on during the night. When I get up at 8am, it seemed, Samuel still was sleeping, but he was not. We had breakfast at 9am, even he only had a cup of coffee and half a smoothie – we shared mine. He told me the evening before, that he can eat egg for breakfast, but this morning, he won’t have any eggs.

The job for the day started with marking drill-holes for the wall boards. We did not need the expander plugs. It fitted better with usual plugs, but two holes were hard to do all the way in. The first part was easy, because the wall was only plaster or wood, but then there must be a construction rod or similar. It was hard to come through and when he came through with the drill, he came through the plaster or wooden wall on the other side as well. It was not so much, but: It was the wall of the bathroom and because there are no tiles used, but a special kind of wall paper, I had to buy bathroom silicon the next day. It was not at all his fault. It just happened. We had been so careful and checked, if there could be a pipe or an electric cable, but that was implausible. There came neither water nor did my son get an electric shock. Whatever, that wall board is well attached.

Before Samuel was going home, he helped me with my bicycle. First he pumped up my bike and then he tried to tighten the fixing of the saddle. With the later, the srew or pin got broken. Though I could not use my bicycle at all. He was so sorry, but I told him, that he only tried to help me and that it is the bicycle, which is wrong and not he.

I remembered to send the broken laptop fan, which I had gotten as a Christmas present of my son Marcus, with him, because Samuel had bought it instead of Marcus, who had paid for it. I also sent the lamps from IKEA with him – for leaving them back, because they did not fit in my apartment and Samuel lives close to an IKEA warehouse. In addition to that, I sent the registers I had promised his wife with him, but he was asking me three times, if his wife really want have them.

When I was by my own again, I did my laundry, my cleaning and had lunch. I had planned to go to a farm ca 5 km from my home for looking for a rug fitting my kitchen, but could not, because of the broken bicycle saddle. Instead I was on the Facebook Marketplace again, just looking for, what people will sell and if someone offers a rug I like, closer to me. Instead I found a picnic basket, which seemed to be the way my daughter in law would like. It was for only 10 EUR and the seller offered to bring it to me, which she did soon afterwards. The picnic basket looks like new. I hope my daughter in law will like it.

By the way, Samuel told me, that he likes my world scrape map, though I ordered one for him this evening. I did not find exactly the same and a lot were very expensive, but that one I chose was quite similar to mine and had an acceptable price. Now I only need a birthday present for my grandson Vincent, because he will be six during next month and I will celebrate with them. By my vaccination I even can hug my grandsons again. I am so happy about it, but I am not sure, my grandsons are, because they have not seen me since New Years holidays.

Finally, before going to bed, I put some small things (memories from my travels) on one of the wall board. On the other one I placed a picture frame with pictures of my children. By the way, I have to tell my son, that I would like to have pictures of my grandsons as well.


18th April 2021

It did not happen so much this day. When I chatted with Marcus, as usual by Skype, I used my smartphone for it and showed him my new apartment, even it is not totally the way I would like to have it. I still have not shortened my curtains and especially the curtains I use in my bedroom (the curtains I bought in Portugal) are far too long. In the evening I was sitting a while on my balcony, when the sun was shining and warming. I used that time to exercise Spanish. I planned to read the Spanish novel I have, but did not come so far.


19th April 2021

It’s Monday and the weather good enough for playing boule. I did walk to the course. Now it is only a 15 minutes walk from me and I think, I will do it in 10 minutes as well, if I am in a hurry.

This day I also bought silicon for the bathroom. There were no really small tubes. The smallest one was for around 14 EUR. Maybe I will get the opportunity to use it more than once ;-).

I also was looking for a very nice rug for the living room. It was much bigger as the one I have now. I was welcome to the seller, but well there, they did not find it and then told me, that it was already sold. Fortunately the seller lives quite close to me.

I checked out the ear thermometer. It showed 36°C. I tried the next day again and it showed the same temperatur. I am surprised, that it did not show 36,1 or 36,2 or maybe 35,9. Though I have to check another time, if I used it correctly.


20th April 2021

This was a lost day! I did not really do anything, just the most necessary like to eat and drink and in addition to that, I was on the Internet: Facebook, twitter and more. I always get bad conscience, when I have such a day. I nowadays have this feelings very often, because I do not do all the things I have planned. I really hope it will be better, when the weather will be better. I need the sun and warm weather for working it all out.


21st April 2021

It was blowing icy cold and I left my bicycle at a repair shop. After I had explained the whole thing, they told me, that I need a new saddle post and that they need to order one with the correct dimensions. Though I left my bike there and was going to an authority office for signing my Certificate of life for the social service authority on Malta – the assistant had to certificate, that I am still alive. On the way back home I picked up the gift for my son Samuel. I had another parcel to pick up, but on another place, which I did not do this day, because of the rough weather. I made it cosy for me in my apartment instead. Unfortunately I also got tired early.


22nd April 2021

My Samsung mobil is not working anymore, not even in-house. Though I managed my Mexican smartphone. It is a Timovi. I have had problems with it in Mexico, anyway, I saved it. It has a protection for the front and also one for the back. I realised, that the back one does not really fit and took it off. Maybe the phone is working properly now. I installed nearly all the apps I have had on my Samsung phone. That took a lot of time. I also talked with my daughter Maria by the app Signal. It is said, that it is a secure app. By the way, it was snowing today again.


23rd April 2021

I started this day with the “FridaysForFuture” demonstration. Back at home I was going to the recycling containers as well as I directly afterwards was shopping at the grocery. They had special prices for Halloumi and Feta Cheese, though I bought of them and had of the Halloumi cheese for my evening meal.

Furthermore I did print all my memos from the Samsung phone, because it was not possible to transfer them to the Timovi phone. The reason is, that they are not saved on the SD-card. I was happy, it was possible to print them, even some pages did not only show the text, but the keyboard as well. Finally I did reset the phone to the factory settings.

In addition to that I made two new “FridaysForFuture” signs. The one I put on my big sign. It has the text “No More Empty Promises”, but in Swedish. The other was a little sign – for the shoe strike. The text was “SEB: Tack your paws off the Arctic”, that one in Swedish as well. of course. SEB is a Bank, which finance a lot of fossil fuel companies. It was not so easy to make these signs the way I wished and it became late.


24th April 2021

I had put together 8 pairs of shoes and was going to the city center for the shoe strike. Some members of the association for nature conversation were already there. They convinced me, that we cannot put shoes and signs on the pedestrian’s area in the city center, because it was very windy. Luckily one of the members did drive me home by car.

Some hour later I did take some things, I will leave to the secondhand shop of the Red Cross and made me on my way there. I continued from the Red Cross to a company, who is a DHL (mail) agent. There I picked up my runner (a kind of rug for my long hall). I had my shopping cart to transport it with, but the runner was packed in a too long cardboard, though it was a little complicated to take it home that way, but I made it. When I rolled out the runner, I saw, that it could have been around 50 cm longer.



I was a little late for my Skype chat with Marcus, but he apologized. I did get hungry and directly after this chat I did eat left-overs from the day before. Sometimes it is very convenient to have left-overs.

In the evening I did read on the Internet, but I did get tired quite early.


25th April 2021

Even this day I was tired. I slept between 10pm and 8am and directly afterwards two more hours. Actually I did not leave my bed before 11:30am, therefore I nearly missed my son Samuels call. He was on his way to IKEA to leave back the lamps I had asked him for. He did get the money back, but he was told, that I anyway should have to pay the credit company, I had agreed payment with. I think, I already wrote before, that I mostly use a kind of credit company, which makes secure payments and even, if there is a problem, I can advise them, not to pay. In this case, because I never have had problems with IKEA and it is well-known, I had not used that company. I had paid directly with my debet card. I did check up the payment to be sure, that all was correct – and it was.

Samuel had to get it on his own bank account but he transfered the money directly to my account, even I had told him, that he can keep the money – for the help he had given me. He did not have the receipt for the fan from my son Marcus with him, which he should complain about, though he has to do that another time.

Quite late I was going to the Lidl shop. I hoped, they will have papaya this day as well, but neither did they have papaya nor did they have left of the special offers, I was interested in. I did understand. If one want to buy this special offers, one cannot go the last day for the offer.

I did watch a documentary about the contemporary Japan on the UR play TV-station.


26th April 2021

I did take apart the moving boxes I have lend. For that I was in the storeroom. Back in my apartment, Samuel called me and asked me, what happened, because he had got a lot of emergency calls from my phone. I told him, that I was fine and maybe, the phone did not have any signal in the storeroom and therefore sent the emergency calls. Anyway it is good to know, that it is working, but I put that off. I think, it is a good option, when traveling.

I did take a walk to the boule and when we had finished, Irene drove me home, where we were picking up the moving boxes and a few minutes later left them back, close to Irene’s home. Though it was not a lot of extra driving for Irene. She was happy to help me and I am sure, she would have done it as well, if we did not have combined it with, when she anyway was in the areas.

I was walking home from that place, where we had left the moving boxes. Directly afterwards I was going to our PostNord mail agent, where I picked up a new housecoat. A few days ago I had to wash my old housecoat and because I am always freezing, when leaving my bed in the morgning, I was sending for another one. I know, that was late, but for the next time, I will have one, when I am washing the other one. By the way, my old one is as old as my son Daniel. He was born 1984 and for this occasion at the hospital I did buy it. Unfortunately the stitching is not done correctly all the way at the new housecoat, but it is only one cm to repair as well as it is too big for me, even it should be my usual size. I do not like to send things back, because of the impact of the environment. Though I will fix that myself.

I was watching a documentary about the Orientexpress on TV this evening. It was interesting. Unfortunately this train line does not exist anymore. The distance it was going a long time ago was from Paris to Istanbul.


27th April 2021

I cared about my laundry, but was going to town as well. I started with the Red Cross secondhand shop, where I left tissue paper from my move and bought a nice lamp for the middle sektion of my hall as well as a home-woven tablecloth for my book shelf – the lower sections.

Lidl did not have any papaya this day either, but I picked up my vegetables from the gardeners I do buy them. They are parking on the Lidl car park for me, though I do not need to go to the city center and pick them up. That is a great service.


28th April 2021

I was at home, not doing anything special. In the evening I watch Mexican movies on YouTube in the original language (Spanish) and was happily surprised, that I did understand enough to follow the content.


29th April 2021

I did pick up my bicycle at the bicycle repair shop. They had to swap the whole saddle – with the post, because the holds were different. Though the price, including work, was around 95 EUR, but the shop assistant asked me, if I will keep my old saddle. I told him, that I have no use for it anymore and he did buy it of me. Therefore I only had to pay ca. 80 EUR instead. I thought, that was really fair and also environmentfriendly.

First I used our laundry in the evening and later I watched a movie about Greenland. It was about a celebrity, who has connections to Greenland and was traveling throughout the country. This movie was really interesting, even “usual” people would not have the possibility to make such a trip.


30th April 2021

It is already Friday again and Irene and I was demonstrating in front of the town hall as usual. On my way home I made a detour and bought a bed tray, that it is easier to use my notebook or my laptop, when I am sitting in my bed. I do that quite often, because I am freezing a lot. My bed is the only place, where I am not freezing. The bed tray is working very good!

I also bought some groceries at the grocery shop and later I watched more parts of the documentaries about Greenland.




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