1st Dec 2020

I went to the secondhand shop of the Red Cross and bought light cuffs for my ceiling lamp over the table in front of my couch. Actually I left this shop also with a teapot, a nice metal box for cakes, two small table clothes and 22 plastic hangers. They were very cheap, but the same kind of the blue ones I already have and I like. I was thinking about to buy more hangers anyway and to change the ones I have got, when I bought clothes. By the way, later one day I left the hangers I changed from to the secondhand shop – they may have use for them to hang the clothes they have for sale.

The letter with the money from my son Marcus arrived in an A5 envelop with three sheets of stationery.

I finished to decorate my home for the time of advent.


Part of my Christmas decoration


2nd Dec 2020

After I had washed, dryed and changed the plastic hangers, I have sewn a “Canadian towel” for the kitchen using an old Christmas towel for that and used the towel I have bought in Canada as a sewing pattern. That towel was much bigger than necessary, though I also have sewn a washing cloth of it – both have a Santa Claus on the front.


Original “Canadian Towel”


3rd Dec 2020

I sent birthday congratulations to my eldest brother by email and have sewn a muff. I used “Teddy fabrics” for it. It was the warmest fabrics I could buy. I had a filling as well and made it with a pocket, closed by velcro. I think, I made something wrong, because the finished muff was not the way I thought it would be. Anyway it is OK to use. The muff also looked too big, but when I tried it with gloves, it had just the right size.




4th Dec 2020

It was my girlfriend Erika’s birthday and I sent her congratulations by email as well. Afterwards I was going to the Climate Strike, but I was standing in front of the town hall for only one hour, because it was raining lightly.

This day I also watched the last DVD of the series “Little House on the Prairie”.


5th Dec 2020

My son Marcus and I had our weekly chat via Skype with the common subjects. I also had an online chat with my daughter Maria, but via Signal. It is very unusual för my daughter with this kind of conversation, though I was very happy about it.

I was to bed earlier than usual, that means this day I was going to bed between 10pm and 11pm.


6th Dec 2020

I woke up around 3am and could not fall asleep again.

During this day I was to an outlet shop, selling household and DIY items as well as some groceries. I bought valnuts and became a member. I only had to give them my phone number and the process started by sms. I also was at the supermarket Willys and became a member by my phone number as well, but the rest of the process was a little different – I had to download their app and fill in my personal information.

In the evening I had an online chat with my son Samuel via Signal. Finally I knitted an example (10 cm x 10 cm) for my upcoming knitting of a neck warmer and was going to bed before midnight.


7th Dec 2020

I was awake around 5am, but fell asleep again around 7pm. Next time I awoke it was 11am. Therefore and because of, that the weather forecast promised rain, I did not participate in boules, even Irene told me, that it should not rain that day. We have different sources for the weather forecast. She often had another result than I.

Later this day I was working with my advent calendar, which I started with last year. I hope it will be finished for Christmas, though I can use it next year. I was going to sleep around 11pm.


8th Dec 2020

I had to be at the hospital, department for skin diseases, at 10am and have had my alarm clock at 8am. I did not need it.

The letter of my girlfriend in Vienna arrived. She was sending me 100 SEK for the face masks she bought of me. In that letter also were two Christmas greetings cards, but only one was filled in, the other one was for security reasons. Anyway there is always a risk, that letters with money do not arrive at the receiver.

My advent calendar is still not finished, even I worked with it this day as well. I also ordered an old fashion coffee grinder, because I do not drink coffee often and ground coffee loses it’s flavor by time. I did not buy an electric one, because I was thinking about the environment and I already have a lot of electric kitchen stuff.


9th Dec 2020

I have got an email about my order for the coffee grinder. It stated, that the parcel is on it’s way and that it is possible to follow it online.

The advent calendar, Marcus sent me, finally arrived. It is filled with licorice, fortunately most with sweet licorice, because I do not like the salty kind of it.

Another day working with my advent calendar.


10th Dec 2020

Maria was online chatting with me. We spoke with each other for six (6)! hours. Actually she did not talk a lot, but I felt, she needed me, talking to her and asking her questions.

My online order was delivered, a message informed me. I was looking for it in my postbox, but thinking, that the item has to be too big for it, as well as I was looking around in front of my door. I also was thinking, that I might have got an avi, but I have got nothing and decided to wait for the upcoming day. Maybe it will arrive then.


11th Dec 2020

I was to the hospital again. The nurse was surprised, that the patches with the allergens were not taken off my back, even I had told her, that I am not sure my girlfriend (Irma) will help me with that, because of the pandemic.

Irene and I were “climate striking” in front of the town hall. We decided, that it was the last time for this year, because we expected, that during the upcoming holidays, the few people, which are still working there, won’t be there.

I continued with my advent calendar and needled all the pockets on the bottom of it.

My parcel had not arrived this day either, though I contacted the seller by email and I also put a note on the front door, asking if some one else has got it.


12th Dec 2020

It was time for a non-ordinary shoe strike in the city center. Usually the shoe strikes are the last Saturday of a month, but because of the holidays, it was earlier. I first put my own shoes there and afterwards I helped a member of the association for nature conversation to put shoes there. There were two big bags with shoes and I emptied one of them.

I used the time, while the shoe strike was ongoing for shopping some fabrics for a dress – the one I bought the lace for. I will combine the fabrics and the lace to make the dress a little longer as well to put two or three pockets on it. In addition to that I bought some yarn for a very little bag for my handkerchiefs, I always need to have with me. I will only use it, when I do not have pockets on my clothes. I wished to buy silver colored yarn, but there was none and the shop assistant explained, that it is not fashion just now. Therefore I bought black yarn instead.

I also was to the Red Cross secondhand shop for another small table cloth, which I will have in my book shelf. I found one nice and also bought a petticoat for a white skirt of mine and three books of the author Vilhelm Moberg. The titles are: “Soldat med brutet gevär I, …II, …III” (Soldier with broken rifle I, …II, …III). It is about a psychically broken soldier after a war. I have had the four books about immigration from Sweden into the USA in the middle of the 19th century of the same author, called Emigrants, Immigrants, Settlers and Last Letter to Sweden. I also have read other books of him, called “Rid i natt” (Ride This Night) and Raskens as well as I read about the author himself. I am amazed about him and his writing. Unfortunately I lost most all my books of him and this is a new start, even I have bought some other books before, but was not really willing to buy Swedish books again.

Before picking up the shoes again, I chatted with Marcus via Skype. We hold the usual conversation. I was late to pick up my shoes and got a phone call from Irene, that a member of the association for nature conservation had nearly picked up all shoes from the shoe strike and put them in big black garbage bags – to store them at his home. She gave the phone to him, when I told her, that I need my shoes, because that are shoes I use. I have not bought secondhand shoes just using for the shoe strike. I agreed with Göran, that he will wait for me, that I can take my shoes. I had to meet him at the car park and he emptied the bags into the trunk of his car to find my pairs of shoes. I did quite easily, but he had to empty both bags. I told him, that I always pick up my shoes by myself and that he could have called and asked me, if I will, that he is taking them with him. He answered the contrary – that I should have told him, when I put the shoes on the street. I was unhappy about his answer. The members of this association seem to think, that they can decide, how things should be made, even for #GrandmasForFuture.

In the evening I ordered food from the supermarket for delivery, because there are more fatalities of COVID-19 again.


13th Dec 2020

I watched the Lucia-celebration online. Only Sweden has this kind of celebration. The event always happens the 13th December. A girl, dressed in a white foot long dress with a wreath with lights on her head, is named Lucia just for this day. She has followers named stjärngossar (~star boys) and “ginger bread kids” as well as Santa Clauses (we have whole families of this Christmas figures here in Sweden). Lucia and also the followers are singing Christmas carols. Usually every school and every preschool has such a celebration as well there are celebrations in some churches. The whole event starts early in the morning. At church often at 6am and in schools at 7am, some starts at 8am. In the afternoon, some of these Lucias and her followers are singing for the elderly in the retire homes and similar. To be a Lucia is a very honor.


Lucia-tåg (photo lånad hos https://auctionet.com/sv/)


Afterwards I fell asleep again and had a very strange dream. I dreamed, that I had guests, dressed in my night gown as well as the kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes etc. It looked horrible and I never have had it so dirty in my life, even I have not had guests.

A pizza delivery guy came with a pizza to me, but I had not ordered one. Though I told him, that he has to look for his customer somewhere else.

Finally I finished my advent calendar and also a “Canadian towel”.


Advent Calendar


I was early to bed and slept well.


14th Dec 2020

The seller of the coffee grider answered my email, informing me, that the parcel is at the next “post office in a shop”, waiting for me. I was happy och could talk with the postman and asked her for the avi, because it is not possible to get a letter or parcel from the post office without an avi. She has had a day off the yesterday, but remembered the big letter with the licorice advent calendar. Meanwhile we were talking I have got the digital avi for the coffee grinder.

At high noon my groceries from the supermarket were delivered. I was waiting since 9am for it, because the slot was from 9am to 12am. The delivery man put the bags into my apartment. Usually they leave them outside – for the pandemic. I would have liked that better.

In the afternoon I picked up the coffee grinder. It is smaller, than I thought, but it is working, even it does grind into a little too large pieces for my opinion. Maybe I will find a way to change that.



Back at home I ordered more groceries, incl. papaya, at another supermarket. The have a row of boxes (similar to postboxes, but bigger) outside the shop, where it is possible to pick up the deliveries by using the own phone number. I think, this is a smart system. By the way, part of these boxes are fridges and another part are freezers. If someone order frozen food and usual food, the one have to take it out of two different boxes, but only has to put in its phone number once.


15th Dec 2020

The seller of the coffee grinder sent me a new email, asking me for my phone number, though the customer service could contact me and help me. I answered that all is OK now.

One of my landlord’s janitors were here and fixed my blinds. It had loosened in the bracket. He told me, that he do not like this kind of brackets (neither do I).

In the beginning of my appointment at my doctor for skin diseases, she asked me, if I am the one, who is organizing the climate strikes in Katrineholm, because it was her daughter, who joined us in September. This doctor is from Syria and she always pronounce my Christian name in English, which I like very much, because it is the way I was thinking about to pronounce it, when I changed to this name. She told me, that it is sure now, that I am allergic against gold. This is, what I found out by my own around 20 or almost 15 years ago. I asked her, for how long I have to take the medicine and she told me, that I should not have interrupted the medication and that I have to take the medicine for almost one year. Furthermore I talked with her about the itching in my abdomen (labia etc). When I googled for Lichen, I also read, that it is not unusual to have Lichen there and I have had problems with it for a long time, but always been told, that I am dry there. After I have asked her, if I have to go to a gynecologist, she took a look and told me, it is Lichen as well. She ordinated me a cream and told me, that I have no use of estrogen as well as Neotigason helps against Lichen on the whole body. The cream contains a steroid and should not be taken for a long time. It is the strongest kind of cream against rashes of any kind.

I also wrote an email to my brother Gerhard with congratulations for his birthday.

Around 6pm I picked up my groceries from the REKO-ring and got a little Christmas present, an additional vegetable.

Later I followed Irma, who was coming by her car, to the supermarket at Lövåsen. She was shopping at one of them and I was picking up my groceries at the Willys’ boxes.

By the way, I have problems with my stomach and only eat small portions during the meals – and neither extra food nor sweets or cakes, biscuits etc. I do not feel hungry. I think I have constipation, but I have no fever or something else, which could be a sign for COVID-19.


16th Dec 2020

From the municipal housing company I have got an email about an apartment in a building for people 60+ and older. The assistant was writing, that I am one of the people, who maybe can rent this apartment. In addition to that, she told me, that I have to accept or decline on “Mina sidor” (my pages) and that I have to send some documents about my income etc and a housing reference from my now landlord. I was asking for photos of the apartment, because of the pandemic, otherwise I had asked for a visit of it. I also started to get my documents ready. There were no really problems, but one. I could not get in touch with the assistant of my landlord, who can write such a housing reference. There is only a central phone number and when I talked with an assistant at that line, she told me, that she will connect me with the assistant in charge, but it was not working. I was not willing to sit around half on hour in the phone queue again, though I did write an email, but got an answer, that it can take time to get an answer, because of the pandemic. Anyway, I hoped for a soon answer.

That done, I read the answering email from the housing company and actually the assistant had got the agreement of the now tenant of the apartment, that I could come and see it, because there are no photos of the apartment. She gave me the number of the now tenant, that I could call her. So I did and we agreed about the afternoon of the following day while I promised her to wear a face mask and keep distance as much as possible.

I had ordered a pig of marzipan for my son Marcus as a Christmas gift, because I could not find one at the supermarkets and did not know, how to pack if I make one by myself. The company had sent me the number, with which I could follow the parcel. Now I have got a message from the delivery company Post Nord, that the parcel could not be delivered. There was no other information. I was afraid, that the parcel will be send back to the seller. Therefore I tried to find out, what happened with the parcel and after a while I have got to know, that it was left to a “post office in a shop” – the grocery, where my son often make his shopping, but it was a long way of emails and phone calls before I did know that.



Even it was a quite sunny day, I felt tired, but I fixed all the papers, the housing company was asking for, still waiting for the reference. It may seem not to be complicated with an income declaration, but getting around 1/3 of my income from three other European countries, there are a lot of papers needed. My Swedish pension is not high enough to rent an apartment.

I also had a cold the entire day, but I did not have a fever, though I thought it can not be COVID-19. I have had the same symptoms earlier and made a COVID-19 test, which was negative. Because of the cold, I was already going to sleep around 9pm.


17th Dec 2020

I was leaving my bed around 10am, even I awoke between 8am and 9am. I still was not feeling good, like mostly these days and months. I did check my body temperature, but it was normal.

At 1pm I was chatting online with my son Marcus as usual, but I also congratulated him for his birthday.

At 3pm I was at that apartment in question. The now tenants put on face masks, when they saw, that I wear one. The apartment has 65 wonderful square meters and is on the fourth (third) floor – depending on the way you count. Entering the apartment, the first room is the bedroom. It is big enough for two beds and chests of drawers respectively one could put a desk on one side of the beds and a book shelf on the side of the foot end of the beds. There is also the balcony. It is not very big, but two persons can sit there and also have a little table in between. From the balcony one is looking at a forest. The next door is the one for the kitchen, which is an oblong room. Close to the door, the built-in-kitchen starts and at the end is room enough for a table for four and even a sideboard. By the way, there is a door between the kitchen and the bedroom as well. The kitchen has a full-high fridge and a full-high freezer. The stove still have hotplates, but I can choose an induction hob instead. There is no dishwasher yet, but I can choose that, too. There is a good place to have it. The kitchen cupboards have seen a lot during the years, but they are well cared about and I love these real wood ones. Now one can enter the living room. It actually is at the end of the hallway so is the bathroom. The living room seems to be as big as the room I have now, where I have my bed as well as my couch. Instead of the bed, I can put my round table, which I can change to an oval one. There will be enough free space around, that all can feel comfortable. The bathroom is also bigger than the one I have and it has a shower curtain instead for the “glass” walls I have now. I like that better. The shower area is the usual 90cm x 90 cm, that makes it possible to take a shower even if I should become not so sprightly anymore. It is old fashion, though no tiles, but that also means, that the floor is warmer and it is cheaper without floor heating. There is a washing machine in the bathroom as well. The hallway has lots of warderobes. There is no walk-in-warderobe, but space enough for all my things, I now have in my walk-in-warderobe and my other warderobes. The apartment is really a dream. I hope, I will be the lucky one, who will be allowed to rent it. By the way, there is a big storeroom on the first floor (ground floor) and on that floor is also a room for bicycles and another one for walkers. Even the laundry is on that floor. It is not so very up-to-date, but has all things needed: 2 washing machines, 2 dryers, a drying cabinet – good for bed-linen, and a mangle. Here the mangle is easily to use and not locked in a room, without a possibility to come into it. The building has an elevator.


18th Dec 2020

I wrote a blog post about my advent calendar and added a photo of it. In addition to that I started writing the site about Oct 2020, but WordPress, the host of my blog, had changed things and I could not assign the page to the Sörmland page. I was trying out it more than once, though I lost a lot of time, copied the text into a document and only got done the text for 1st to 10th Oct 2020.

My meals for the moment are only fast food or easy to cook food. I still have problems with my stomach. I have no appetite, no even for sweets.


19th Dec 2020

I awoke around 3am and fell asleep again around 6am after I had taken in my “early bird” parcel from a pharmacy. I made a phone call with my son Samuel. We talked about the Christmas holidays and New Years Eve. I had decided not to visit them during Christmas, because they will have a lot of other guests and instead visit them for New Years Eve and the following weekend. I also told him about the new apartment and that I would be happy to get the allowance of the housing company to rent it. He told me, that I should take a moving company for the move. He will then help me with other things, like fastening curtain rails etc. He also told me, that he will pay the moving company.


20th Dec 2020

I am so tired of learning Spanish by Duolingo. I hope I can learn more by reading the book of Carlos Ruiz Zafon I bought a while ago. The title is “La sombra del viento” (The shadow of the wind). I have read the preamble already and I understood it quite well, even I did not understand every word. I deleted the Duolingo app as well as I deleted a kind of jigsaw app.


21st Dec 2020

My daughters ex-boyfriend did call me, asking me about her and telling me to talk to her – which I have done earlier, though I did not understand the reason for his call, but got concerned about my daughters health. Later this day I called her by Signal and we were video chatting. It was the usual, light depressive mood she was in.

I took all fresh fruit and vegetables I had at home and cared about them, that they won’t get to old and destroyed.

I started with my blog again, wrote an email to the WordPress support about the plug-in for fixing that issue I have problems with. – I never got an answer. My question was about, if the whole blog will loose it’s content or only the new pages, that means pages I have created since the last update. I am afraid, when I install the plug-in, all the content of my blog will be gone, because there is an information, that the content on the page(s) will be deleted by installing that plug-in. I have only saved the text from October 2020 onwards, because it would be a very time consuming work to back up all text of my blog as documents. I continue without the plugin and hope it will be OK for my readers.

My girlfriend Irma called me and we were talking around one hour. She is very talk active and sometimes I also got the possibility to say something.


22nd Dec 2020

I tried all I could to get my reference from my now landlord. I walked to the office and tried to get someone to open, but there was a sign, that no public errands are handled personally. I banked the door over and over again, none opened. Therefore I put a letter with my wish about the reference in their mail drop. Back at home I contacted the tenants’ association by Facebook, asking if they have a phone number for the Katrineholm’s office. Unfortunately they did not have any. Finally I tried one more time with the central service number. The guy, answering me, told me, that he has to give me the service and he cannot put me through to Katrineholm. He did neither believe me, when I told him, that a girl last time I called, tried to do it, but the line went dead nor that I could get a written reference. At the end, he told me, that he can contact the Katrineholm office, but only for very important things, though I told him, that this is very important. He did call someone of the named office and put me through. Jenny, of the Katrineholm office told me, that there is no employee in the office, they all are on Christmas holidays – already 😦 and that she is working in home office. Now I could ask her for the reference and she promised me. Some hour later this day I have got an email of her with an attachment. The attachment was the reference. It was a form, just to make some hooks or none. She had not signed that attachment. When I have got that reference I scanned my other documents and forwarded them with the email of Jenny and her attachment, that the assistant of the housing company could see, that the reference is not a fake. That done, I was very hungry. I had left overs of my breakfast and did eat it.

I also had a short online chat with Samuel and we were talking about to rent a car or going by train (in the first class compartment) to his and his family’s home. For the well being my stomach I ate semolina porridge in the evening. The last thing of the day was some time on twitter, but not as much as usual.


23rd Dec 2020

A Jehova’s witness called me, starting with the words “Hi, my name is…, no problem, I am not a seller.” When he told me that he is a Jehova’s witness I told him, that I won’t have a talk with him and hanged up. I was asking myself, where he had got my phone number from, especially because I do not have a landline, only a mobile phone. I checked on the Internet and found my number on hitta.se, ratsit.se and more sites. There was not only my name, number and address registered, but also my age/DOB and that I am living alone. That is the Swedish law of free information – and so officials are wondering, why elderly people are exposed to so many scams. Therefore I deleted as much of this information as possible and wrote to the other sites for not showing this information for everyone.

This done, I dusted my book shelf etc and decorated my Christmas tree. In Sweden it is a tradition to take the Christmas tree into the house and decorate it on 23rd December each year. We call that day “Lilla julafton” (the little Christmas Eve). This year my Christmas tree was decorated international – with items from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Mexico. The lights are made in China (unfortunately).



Last but not least I sent Christmas greetings by email. Now, when all my aunts and uncles and my parents do not live anymore, I can send all my Christmas greetings by email.


24th Dec 2020

I changed the table cloth in the kitchen and continued to write Christmas greetings. You may know, that I am writing very personal greetings and people I do not have a lot of contacts with, but am befriended with, I am answering their emails as well as telling them the most important of what happened for me during the ongoing year – or since the last email.

It was time again for the Skype chat with Marcus. I was showing him the Christmas decorations and he showed me his. I also was online chatting by Signal with Daniel and had a short call by Signal with my daughter Maria. She was cleaning at her ex-boyfriend’s home. With Samuel I had a Signal video chat. His boys opened the Christmas gift I had got of Marcus, but was at their home, because first we thought, that I will visit them during the Christmas holidays. I was surprised and very happy about the gift. It is a laptop stand with fans.

Vi usually have a “julbord” (Christmas table) with lots of different dishes, starting on Christmas Eve and continuing on Christmas day for lunch and dinner. On 26th December traditionally Swedish people eat stock fish with fresh green peas, potato and a white sauce, but this tradition is not so common anymore. Mostly the elderly are stuck to it. I do not like that meal, I never learned to get along with it. This Christmas Eve I only had a very tiny Christmas’ table and did not eat much. I still had problems with my stomach and did not have appetite. I did not even enjoy the cheese.

Before going to bed I watched two Christmas’ movies.


25th Dec 2020

I awoke around 4am of heartburn. I should not have heartburn at all, because I am taking a medicine against it every day and I care very much about, that I do not eat the first 30 minutes after I have taken it, so it will work. I do not know, why I have got that heartburn. Maybe I ate too much cheese. After an hour or two I fell asleep again. By this I got up late. I was only watching videos this day – and eating something in between, of course. I felt very lonely and the videos made me not to think about it.


26th Dec 2020

Even this day I was watching videos most of the time.


27th Dec 2020

I was getting up very late, but managed to write the text for my blog for the rest of November. This day I also have nausea. I think, all has to do with, that I have constipation, but before that it was the other way around during three days. I am wondering by myself if these are side effects of my medication.


28th Dec 2020

I awoke at 3am and could not fall asleep again because of nausea. I tried not to think about it and checked hitta.se for my name and dates. They were all gone and I am very happy about it! I looked for it both by my name and my address. At MrKoll.se my address and phone number were deleted. I sent emails to some more sites for deleting my name or almost my phone number and that I am living alone. I also send a message to my service provider/phone company and asked them to hold my phone number secret.

Mats, Maria’s ex called me again, asking me, if Maria and I have been talking about her childhood and I told him, that we have done that several times. I know, she blames me for things I have done respectively I have not done, but I did explain the situations and also apologized to her more than once.

I have had the energy to bake some biscuits for Samuel and his family. I did made three different kinds of biscuits: One, which my son likes the most – it includes macadamia nuts and white chocolate, another one, which my daughter in law likes the most – it is a double chocolate biscuit and a third one, which my grandsons like the most (coconut macaroons). Afterwards I called Irma, we were talking during three hours.


29th Dec 2020

I am very happy! I have got an email of the housing company and with it the new apartment. I already had prepared the cancellation of my now lease and was sending it recommended this day. It was very important to get that done because of two reasons. First: This cancellation has to reach my landlord at the latest at the end of this month. Second: There is none working at the office of my landlord, but by sending a recommended letter it is like the cancellation has arrived at my landlord’s the same day I sent it. There is a usual three month cancellation period in Sweden and I have this as well. I have to pay rent until March 2021 included and can rent another apartment from 1st April 2021 without a need of paying double rent.

My new landlord, the housing company, did agree with starting the new lease from 1st April 2021, even it is possible to rent from 1st February 2021. That is so different to my now landlord. When I rented this apartment I had to take it from the first of next month and could not even get it one month later. Therefore I had double rent during one month – I should have had two month with double rent, but my former landlady was very kind.

I asked my new landlord for the extras. Even I have to pay for it, the apartment still will be cheaper as the one I have now. Though I asked for a stove with induction hob and for a dishwasher. She told me, that the stove there is, only is 12 years old, but she will check, if I have to pay for it. She also told me, that there is no problem to get a dishwasher. For these extra choices I have to pay for, though my new rent will be around the same like the one I have now, but for a much bigger appartment.

I was so happy about the new apartment, that I told about it on twitter and maybe also similar sites, but got so tired around 7pm, that I only was listening to music the whole evening.


30th Dec 2020

Even I was going to bed around 11pm last night, I awoke around 4am with nausea. After a while I fell aslepp again and awoke next time between 8am and 9am.

Around 10am it started snowing, but there was no much snow coming and nearly nothing was left on the ground.


31st Dec 2020

I had chosen to go by train on New Years Eve to visit my son Samuel and his family, but I had booked a seat in a first class compartment, hoping there will not be so many people and the people using first class will be wise enough to keep distance. It was a good choice! As usual I was going to Södertälje Syd by train and Samuel picked me up there. He was a little late, but it was OK for me. I thought, there will be traffic jams or maybe an accident on the motorway, he has to use.

I had not only the biscuits with me, that I made for them, but also a part of a back of a wild boar as well as a cheesecake. They had heard about the back of the wild boar of Marcus, but the cheesecake was a surprise and they were happy about it, even Tharsiny (my daughter in law) later told me, that I may have used Philadelphia cheese instead for the Mascarpone cheese, as it is original in the recipe.

We had a nice time together. My grandsons are a little less wild now and for the midnight celebration the older one was with us, even the younger one was asleep. There were fireworks of neighbors and people further away, but we did not have any and were enjoying the fireworks of the other people. I do not really need firewords, thinking about the climate. Anyway there still are a lot of people are following old traditions and using it. I admit, that I like it and there is no reason not to look at it.


For following me during the year 2021 as well, this way → Sweden 2021

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