19th October 2015

I was coming from Malta by plane. My friend Marion picked me up at the airport in Vienna Schwechat. – We were so happy to meet again! It was raining in Vienna and only around 10 degrees C, but that did not matter. During daytime we stayed at Marion’s home, but in the evening we were going to the “Volksoper” and watching “Die lustige Witwe” (The Merry Widow). We really enjoyed it as well as we enjoyed to have our seats in the first row, even I had the head of the director of the orchestra in front of me. It was still raining on our way home, therefore we did not look for a restaurant.

Around noon this day I wrote an email to the owners of the “Freddy Quinn Archiv”. They asked me by answering email to call them for an appointment the upcoming day. I did call them and we decided to meet at 11am at their home. By the way I fell asleep an hour between 1pm and 2pm ;-).

20th October 2015

I have had a really nice day! Awoke in time and had breakfast and a good chat with Marion. Around 10am I left her home and was going by U6 to Alterlaa for meeting Eduard and Brigitta, the owner of the Freddy Quinn Archiv. I was very welcomed at their home and got coffee, lunch (with soup as well as pasta and chicken-stew), coffee again, but this time also with a newly baked roll. Eduard told me a lot and after the lunch we watched two movies, both music shows from the 1980th with Freddy Quinn. We also were waiting for the postman, because he should come with the movie “Freddy unter fremden Sternen”, which they ordered for me from Amazon. Unfortunately there were no mail in the post box, though I have got the one they owned. That was very kind of them.

Back at Marion’s we had dinner: chicken and potatoes. We talked and also were watching TV (e.g. about the Vienna Prater and its animal wild life – I actually had seen before, when I have been living in Hamburg). I also got a “Betthupferl” – Marion’s homemade “Gipfel” (cookies). I tried to watch my new DVD, but my operative system did not find my DVD-player :-(.


21st October 2015

I love my Austrian friends!

Also this morning was enjoyable, but not that I had to pack my things. For lunch I have got an Austrian sausage and potato mash. Marion followed me to the bus station for the Flixbus to Munich helping me with my luggage. I carried the laptop in the laptop-bag and I felt it to be very heavy.

There was no problem to take all my luggage onto the bus – even it is written in their terms of use, that I should not have so much items with me.

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