1st October – Attending the Maltese language course.

This day the course started. Our teacher is a 79-year-old man, still going strong. He has been a real teacher and a principal of school, too. He is retired, of course and still love to teach. He told us, he has experience in teaching adults. He seems to be a little unorganized. He started asking some of us for the telephone numbers, but did not ask after the names and also he did not ask all pupils, but will continue next time he told us. Furthermore he gave us some Maltese words while he explained the pronunciation of the Maltese letters for us. At least one of the pupils drew attention to, that we have to sign the attendance papers. The teacher would not have remembered by his own.

When I was back at work I had 57 unread emails because my vacation. There were a lot of new things to learn. I also asked my team leader for less working hours, because I earned too much in September related to my German pension.


2nd October – Shortage on Colleagues.

Our team had got two more colleagues to manage the shortness of employees, but it did not help, because two others were leaving. I wrote an email to my HR agent this day for reducing my working hours.


3rd October – Maltese Thunderstorm

It was my first time I was experiencing a Maltese thunderstorm. It was coming during the night and was washing my laundry one more time ;-). I was happy, because the clothes were still clean. Some of my colleagues have had their laundry on their roofs, too, but they had to wash it one more time – there were a lot of dirt coming down from their roofs and fastening on their clothes. The thunder was very loud. Usually I will not awake by a thunderstorm, but this time I did. This day I also took my rubbish out in the morning being very tired, of course, because my late shift – usually I put it out the night before the rubbish will be collected.

I used the early hours for visiting the Archaeological Museum in Valletta, bought ground coffee, yogurt, bread and my medicine. After that I went to work. We were lucky because it is a public holiday in Germany and do not have a delay this day. Around 10pm a new thunderstorm broke out and it was still raining my way home. I was very happy again, that I only have a 5-minutes-walk home.

David is no longer sending me emails as often as before and I am only responding to his emails.


4th October – Relaxing Before Going to Work

I planned to tidy up my flat, but did only do the dishes and was buying some food. It looked like it would start raining, so I did take my raincoat with me, but did not need it. By the way: We still have had 26° C at the middle of the day and around 20° C at the middle of the night.

I could not fall asleep that night because my stomach acid, therefore I was sitting in my bed watching movies on my tablet until the early morning hours.


5th October – A Day off

Because I fell asleep late I also awoke late. I did not have my cup of coffee before noon. At that time a new thunderstorm broke out with a heavy rain.

I made me comfortable at home, downloaded my pictures of my last vacation trip from Google drive and finished my blog for the month of September. Before midnight we have had a new thunderstorm.


6th October – Another Day off

I was punctual to my course that day, too, even I was so tired that I was wondering if I really should go. It seems that the teacher has no system yet for his lessons and he also is reacting really wired sometimes. He did not understand our questions about the pronunciation and also was using English pronunciation, when he told about the Maltese letters.

David met me at noon and we were going together by his car to buy kitchen chairs. I was looking for some a while, but did not find some because I will have them matching to the table, the landlord put in the flat. At the first shop they did not have any kitchen chairs, but in the second one I made a great cap. At the first appearance I saw the chairs I was looking for. They were not only white like the kitchen table, but also perfectly matching! The price was also pretty good – only 31 € each.



Kitchen Chairs


After I bought the chairs with Davids help – the system was really different to those I am used to, and we put them into the car, we went for a coffee and to JB’s, a store for household items, curtains etc. When David had looked for what he want, we went home to my home and carried the chairs the four flights of stairs up. The chairs are not heavy, so each of us took two at the same time. Unfortunately David did not ask me for helping me with putting together the chairs, so I had to do it by my own – but it was not heavy and easy to do. Anyway he asked me if I have tools and explained that I would need some one, when I was telling him, that I always ask my landlord for the screwdriver. I think it is OK to do so, because it is my landlords miss, that I need one and he can be happy that I by my own furnitures for the flat.

This day I also baked “kärleksmums (mockarutor, chokladrutor)” a Swedish chocolate/coffee cake with coconut ripples on the top. I did it for it was announced a gathering at work, bringing different kinds of food and desserts.

A new couch surfer arrived late this evening, too. He helped me to put together the last two chairs. I was very happy about that! He came late, so we had to take a taxi home to me. I think it is bad bus service, that they do not match the late flights. The taxi was only for 15 €, but the driver were not friendly. He did not know the streets around where I live, but he had a GPS. He did not understand the name of the street, even I told him in Maltese and when we were close to my place he did not follow my directions. Because Ta’ Xbiex is very close to Msida, he was driving into that area and became angry because it was not Msida. I became angry, too. I told him, If he had been driving the right way, he would not have been in Ta’ Xbiex. After that he did not answer at all.


7th October – Enjoying to Have a Couch Surfer

My couch surfer was really a very nice one. He was not so very talk active, but I have read that on his profile already. The good thing, he was an engineer in communication. He fixed the laptop my CS Barbara left for her friend. I tried before to install a Linux system on that, but have had to buy a CD first, so I could not finish. I was happy, he did all the work, because it seemed more complicated than on my computer. He came as an emergency surfer and did really understand, that I could not spend a lot of time with him, because I was working. He was going by bus to Bugibba for informing himself about his

upcoming course and hotel stay. He told me later, he walked a lot of hours on his way back.

I took the cake I baked the day before to my work and my colleagues were very happy about it. They asked me for the recipe. Unfortunately I have to translate it for them.


8th October – Reducing my Working Hours to 80 %

In the morning my CS left for Bugibba and I was attending the Maltese class again. At noon I have had an appointment with my HR agent about reducing my working hours. She told me, that it is not possible to have part-time of 32 hours a week, only 24, but that would be to little for me, because I still have not paid all my debts. Therefore the HR agent offered me a side contract by reducing my working hours by taking unpaid leave – every week one day. I will not lose a lot of money because there will be lower taxes and I keep my pension (even it is cut already). The side contract is only for six month so far.


9th October – Updating my German ID-card

The first I did in the morning, was to think about that my cousin and God mother has her birthday this day. Unfortunately I am in a hurry and the mail with the greetings has to wait.

I am off to the German Embassy in Sliema, but the Embassy is closed – I did not remember that. Even I was going there by bus, I am walking back and window seeing. I enter some shops, too, but do not buy anything. I was looking for a white cardigan, but did find any. Maybe it is the wrong time of the year, to buy a white one. I was looking for it because it has to match my red dresses. It is anyway hard to find nice clothes for elderly people like me. The most clothes are done for younger people. I also was in a book shop looking for a better Maltese – English dictionary than I bought before, but they are very heavy and expensive. I leave one of the book shops with a book for walking trails on Malta and a book with Maltese recipes. The last one I could not find in English, so I bought it in German. I also bought some underwear and a hair fashion thing in other shops.

On the way home I was thinking about, that I have to eat before starting at work and decided to stay at the Turkish corner restaurant at in Sliema. There I ate a falafel with salad. When I was coming home, I did eat of the chocolate, one of my CS had left.

I was disappointed because David did not send me an email that day.


10th October – First Time at a Private Doctor

In the morning, the other laptop is picked up and I washed two machines of clothes/bed-clothes. I was very good weather for drying. Also I have been at the German Embassy again. This time I did get the address on my ID-card change. There one can read now “Keinen Wohnsitz in Deutschland”, that means “No address in Germany” Furthermore I wrote postcards to my former landlord “Bernie” in Celbridge, Republic of Ireland and a former class mate in Germany telling them, that I live on Malta now.

Actually I decided to write my report about my trip to Switzerland and North Italy, but I was looking for a printing company on the Internet for a new bag like the one I have from Hamburg, but with a picture of Malta. I could not find any this time.

In the early evening hours I have been at St. James Hospital in Sliema for a doctor to check up a woman thing. That was the first time for me at a private doctor here. The doctor was a little late, but I had not to wait for longer than half an hour for my turn. He was quite good, especially the way he was talking with me was really good. Anyway I have to go back to him at the 18th for a further investigation.


11th October – Late Morning

I was awaking late – that happens sometimes to me. Usually I am up around 8am, taking my medicine and checking my emails before I can take my coffee and breakfast. Sometimes I fall asleep again instead for checking my emails. Those days I am awake around 10am again. It is time enough to go to work anyway, but I like to do more things in the morning. This day I managed to iron my clothes, too.

After my late shift at work I was watching movies, as I am used to do, when I have problems with my stomach.


12th October – 64 Years Old!

I could not believe it. I became already 64 years old this day and it felt much older, than my 63 I was until the day before.

I was up late again. I have got mails from the father of my eldest son, my son Samuel and David. The first ones remembered my birthday and were writing by that reason, but David did not remember it. During the day also other people remembered my birthday, but David did not. I relaxed before work and was than going to work as usual.


13th October – Pizza by my Employer

I have not been to the Maltese language course that day either. I was too tired again and decided to ask for the later class, which starts at 10:30am. I emailed to the Lifelong Learning Office. I hoped to get an answer before Wednesday, when the next class will be.

I did my shopping – just for food. Because I bought an avocado I made guacamole. I did not eat lunch because we should get a pizza at 3pm because our team had made a very good result in our company, so I went to work early, but the time for the pizza was changed. Fortunately I always have a collection of nuts with me and I ate them meanwhile I was waiting that my shift should begin. At 7pm I have got the Capricciosa I chose.


14th October – Still 25° C at midnight

I awake really late this day because I did not have my alarm clock on. I read the emails from two Maltese friends and answered them meanwhile I was eating breakfast – at noon! I was waiting for a phone call from St. James hospital because I need to meet a specialist for my thyroid. They did call the day before, but I missed that call. I am happy I did not miss one in the morning, when I was sleeping.

I had rice pudding that day, because I still have pudding rice and bought milk.


15th October – Overtime

I made it to the Maltese language course! I also asked for changing to the course from 10:30 to 12:00. First the office assistant told me, that it was not possible. She had not listened to me, just heard that I want to change to a later one. She was not thinking about the other one in the morning. I had to be very resolute to get her to listen to me. At least she got it ;-).

At work we made an agreement that I can help my employer even I reduced my working hours. I will work five days a week anyway, but not officially. I will write the extra hours in a book and the team leaders are signing these hours. Later on, when we are more employees again, I can take free time for those days.


16th October – Maltese – German Interchange

Joe, one of my Maltese friends, came to visit me to get help with his German homework and he helped me with Maltese. It is hard to talk with Joe, because he is talking all the time and do not give me the possibility to say something. When he left with the words that we will keep in touch, I did not care if that will become true.

After Joe had left I walked to Hamrun for the “Merlins library” (a book shop), because I had to buy the book “Merhba Bik” for my Maltese Course. They did not have that book and asked me to got to Sliema to another branch of them. I did not find the shop, therefore I asked at the Agenda book shop at the Plaza shopping center. They did not have that book either, but called their branch at Tigne Point and asked for laying it aside. Finally I bought the book there. After a short while of window seeing I took the bus to the bus stop “Kullegg”- I left there because I decided to asked at “Johnsons” for a blanket. I found a nice one with tigers on it and bought it. The price was 16 €. I bought this one because I only have a very big one. That would be enough for me, but I need some for my CS and relatives, when they are visiting me. The nights are chilly now and it is not warm enough with a duvet cover anymore.

They called from St. James Hospital that I have to come there the following day for preparing the surgery on Saturday. I also wrote a short message to Benny for the Maltese Summer Folklore Night, to be sure all will work properly with the pick up at Msida parish church, because all the other guests will be picked up at their hotels. The event is for tourists, of course, but I have never been there and I am interested in it. When my shifts changed, so I could attend that night, I bought a ticket. Benny answered that all will be OK.

I started reading in my new book and became tired. Because I already was in my bed, I was directly falling asleep until 11pm. Naturally I could not sleep for a while and so I was watching movies on my tablet. I was disappointed when the Internet connection failed in the middle of the movie.


17th October – Preparing for a surgery

I have to meet Mareike at St. James Hospital for preparing the surgery the day after. She is German, but we decided to speak English with each other, because she is not used to German any more. Anyway I know that I can explain in German if I do not find the English word. She explained the surgery and asked a lot of questions about my health, like if I have high blood pressure.

I did not ask how much it will cost, because I thought around 500 € will be enough and so much I can afford. She did neither tell me about the costs nor ask me if I need to know.

On my way home I was buying some food and bottled water, because after the surgery I have not to carry any heavy things for a while. Afterwards I was going to my employer, meeting my team leader and telling her, that I cannot work the upcoming day and that I hope I will be able to come to work on Sunday again.

That evening I has been at the Maltese Summer Folklore Night. I was waiting for the transport for more than half an hour, because the coach was announced between 7:30 and 7:50, but was later because the traffic. Benny told me before the color of the car and the name of the garage, but the coach, which was coming have not had the described color and the name was not written on it. Fortunately the driver came out and asked me if I was waiting for the transport to the Folklore Night.

The place for the event was at the heritage in Marsaxlokk. It is a nice place, but the waterfall is artificial. Also it was a little chilly and it was very humid there. There were water drops on the cups and the table clothes were humid. Fortunately I had taken a long sleeve blouse with me against the cold and it was enough. At the entrance we had to show our tickets and got them changed to other ones with the number of the table where we will be seated.

When I was coming downstairs and was looking for my table, a waiter – I thought, were coming to me and I thought he will help me to find my table. I was surprised, when he was talking with me and told me that I was nice dressed – in the Maltese colors. I was still wondering about it, when I sat down and when I looked back he gave me a big smile. At the end of that Night he was thanked for the arrangements of the evening as the manager of the catering company. Now I understood, that it was Mark. I have had contact with him by “connecting singles”, but I gave him a bucket, because the first time we met he was late and only told me, that he has to go to work. Furthermore he did neither come to the next appointment nor answer my message, if we will see that night, because I have had a feeling, he won’t come.

The tables have had clothes in the Maltese colors, but they were well used. Benny and Tonia were playing and singing. Tonia also was the entertainer. By the way there were other Swedish people there, but on another table. I had a good place to see the music, but when the dancers were on the scene I had to turn around with my chair. The dancers were a group of six – three pairs. The dances were nice to see, but nothing really special, also they were very fast – just something for the winter time ;-). The whole Night was starting after 9pm and the dancers had their part around 10:30pm. These Folklore Nights they offer during the whole summer season and it will be hard with the dances during summertime, I thought. The dancing part were finished by a man and his son coming with a donkey and a goat kid on the scene. People were very happy, when they were allowed to touch the animals and take pictures with them and the owners. I did not really like it. It was to touristic for me.


 Sorry for the low quality of the pictures – but it was dark and the dancers were moving

Between the Maltese music and the dancers, there was a buffet dinner with two courses: The first one was cold with Maltese sausage, Gozo cheese etc. and the second one were warm meals, like beef rolls, but they were not original Maltese – they had no egg in it! Also chicken and filled champions, but no rabbit were offered. There were pasta, potatoes and vegetables, too. The dessert was a roll with whipped cream and a piece of a dark chocolate tart. That one was delicious. Unfortunately the coffee were served much later than the dessert, so I did not take any coffee. I would have loved to have it to the dessert.

The Night ended with a session of international dance music, but only one pair were dancing. The evening was ending earlier than I expected. After that we had to find our coach home, that was not easy at all because there were some similar and they did not have any signs nor did the drivers call for the direction. I had to ask more than one before I found one, willing taking me to Msida. When we started, our coach was not fully occupied, but the driver were starting. Some km later he got a call and had to go back to the heritage to pick up another tourist. He has been on the toilet!


18th October – At St. James Hospital

Because I had to be at 6am at the hospital I was afraid not to awake in time and was not sleeping at all that night. I watched movies to be awake. I left my bed at 4:30am and left home around 5 o’clock, because there are no many buses at that time. Anyway I had to wait for my bus around half an hour (you never know when they are coming even there are timetables), so I was at the hospital at 5:45. It was still dark in the hospital and when the clerk welcomed us he did not switch on the lights but the emergency ones and was speaking very quiet and not explaining well, so I had to ask again where I should go after I tried to find it, because he told I should take the three. I thought I have to take the elevator no. three, but there were only two. He meant, that I have to go to the third floor. By the way the deposit for the surgery was about 485 €.

On floor three I have got a single room, better and nicer than in some hotels. Really a new experience for me. I was sitting in that room, trying not to fall asleep. A nurse came taking my blood pressure and pulse. She did that only once but I had to wait for a long time. She did not take blood for to know which group I have, that they are used to do in other countries for emergency reasons. I was surprised about that and waiting and waiting and waiting. Also the nurse come in one more time – even she was German – asking me the same questions again I had been asked the day before.

Finally I had to walk down to the surgery room, got there my anesthesia and felt asleep very soon. I slept very well and for a long time. I do not remember anything else before I was at my room again. I slept more. In between the doctor came in telling me that I do not have cancer. Afterwards it was like in a dream I remember that. After a while I have got one glass of water with a straw and later on a sandwich. I had to ask for everything – if I am allowed to go to the toilet, if I may dress and leave. Furthermore I had to ask for the final bill. I thought I will get something back, but the bill was for 890 €! I did not have so much money and did explain the situation and promised to pay the rest the next time I have got my salary.

Usually one should have someone meeting them or one have to take a taxi home, but I was neither asked if I need a taxi nor if someone is waiting for me. So I went outside looking for the bus stop home, because also in this area are a lot of one way roads and the bus does not go the same way back as it is coming. I did not find one close to the hospital, so I walked for a while before I found a bus stop.

When I came home I went to bed again. The most of the day I was sleeping. Also it seemed David did not care about me, but unfortunately the Google server was down and I did not get the mail he wrote in the afternoon before 11pm.


19th October – Already New CS’ Again

I was writing emails in the morning, one to Anikó in Hungary and another one to my landlord. The last one was about the microwave oven in my flat, because my neighbor Carol is back and she asked for it. I will not be responsible for it when I am moving out. Pierre told me that it is OK, if I give the microwave oven to Carol. I hope she will enjoy it, I never used it. It is easy and fast enough to warm a meal by gas if it is necessary. Usually I do not have to warm meals.

Around 20:30 I went home from work for a meal and to let my new CS’ in. This time my CS’ are two nice girls from Ljubljana. Meanwhile my rest we talked a little about their home town and my visit there. They were already to bed when I was coming home from work.


20th October – Good Bye Microwave

I am already up at 8am. After breakfast for all of us I was going to my Maltese language course. My CS have to make the day by their own, I gave them tips and directions before the were leaving. It feels good to start after 10 o’clock. I am not so very tired during the lesson and also at work. This day only grammar is on the white board: Irregular verbs (mar, ta, qal). I have to learn to write the q the Maltese way – like the teacher does.

At home again Carol knocked my door for the microwave. She is very skinny, so I have to help her, get the microwave down from the fridge. I emptied my kitchen side table on wheels and we put the microwave directly on it and rolled it over to her. During this procedure Carol is talking a lot again.

There was time to take down the laundry from yesterday from the roof before I was eating my lunch, I also made my dishes and my bed. Finally I wrote an email to David before going to work.

My CS’ are no night birds at all. They already were in my flat when I was coming home for the late meal. I showed them my photographs from “my” Ljubljana and learned about the lover on the square on the other side of the corner house. Afterwards the CS’ were looking on some of my photographs from Sweden, because they are very interested in Sweden. When I was back from work at midnight my CS’ were sleeping and I tried to be really quiet. I did not switch on the light either, just used my torch.


21st October – My CS’ Were to Dingli Cliffs

My CS’ were already awake when I was coming into the kitchen around 8am for taking my medicine. I had to make the coffee and serve the breakfast, but I still were very tired – that was my fault, of course, because I never fall asleep directly coming home from work. I am awake until 2am for the most. They told me to visit the Dingli cliffs and I explained for them, where the nicest view is. Before they left, they also had bought two six packs of water and brought up them into my flat. I was very happy about it, because I still have not to carry heavy things and I never make it with a six-pack. I cannot carry a six-pack at all. When my CS’ have left I took a shower.

Before buying some food I had to go to the branch of my bank in Msida and take out some money. Often I pay with my debit card, but sometimes I buy food and more in the little convenience shop around the next corner to me and they do not accept cards. I also tried to learn Maltese.

After having a meal, checking and answering emails I was to work as usual. At work I heard a lot of bad things about some of our leaders. My colleague Mani will have an interview for another job the following day. I miss him already. Home for the late meal as usual, wrote an email to David – but it was only a half one, because of lack of time. I hope he will understand. My CS’ are not at my place yet. Coming home after work I found my CS’ sleeping.


22nd October – Back to Normal

My CS’ left this day, but we have had time enough to talk about the trip the day before. They were walking in the wrong direction at Dingli, even I told them. It is not always easy to remember the directions. I also did my homework in a hurry, but did not have an answer on two of the questions. I did not care about it. I do not learn for the teacher or the school, I do it for me and I do it as much as I have time for it.

I was to the Maltese language course again. The teacher checked our homework, explained and taught us more grammar! An assistant from the school was in our classroom and announced a bus trip to Melliah with sightseeing of the WWII-shelters, the church and a meal and all for 15 €. I do not know if that is cheap or not, but I think about that it is a good possibility to see the shelters. The trip will be on the 4th November with start 7:45am at the school and we will be back around 2pm. I have to think about it, because I have to work that day and I do not know if I will not be too tired for working that day if I will be awake around 6am.

This day is very windy. Therefore I cannot put my laundry on the roof, I put it on the attic. There happened nothing special at work.


23rd October – A Happy Day

The days with David are always special. This was one of them. We met at 10am – actually he was late, I have been just in time. He had a reason to be late, of course ;-). We were going to Dingli Cliffs for a walk. While we were on the way there David tried to teach Maltese to me. Unfortunately I need the words to see written before I can learn them. At Dingli we were walking down to the sea, but did not make all the way down because the way is becoming more and more difficult after a while. Also we have the same problems – we slip easily, therefore we have to be very careful.



When we were back on the road both of us were hungry, so he drove to Rabat for a meal. This time the “Grotto Tavern” was open. After a good meal we went to the parish church of Balzan. David showed me his work he already has done with the crib. It looks really nice and I understand that it took hours and hours so far. There are a lot of work left. The crib will be shown 13th December, there is some hurry to finish all of it. I look forward to see it, maybe the 13th, maybe later.

We finished the day at my home with coffee and a good talk.


24th October – I Am Healthy, But Old

I was up early putting the rubbish out, had breakfast directly afterwards, made my dishes, were to the Pharmacy and bought food at the shop at the corner. Furthermore I did my laundry and hanged the clothes on the roof. I took it down again around 5pm. The rest of the day I was writing my report for my blog about my trip to the Ticino and Northern Italy.

In the evening I had an appointment at St. James Hospital again. I have got the result of the surgery. I have no cancer, no polyp. I am just old :-(.


25th October – Turning the Clock Back

I like David more and more and have some surprising feelings when I am thinking about him.

I had to go to the Pharmacy again, for another kind of medicine. Afterwards I was to the supermarket. They have much more to choose, of course, than my little shop at the corner.

I put some pictures in my blog, but did not have the time to put all in. So I have to finish another time. It will come a day this report will be finished!

I worked this day, too – but on the very special agreement with my manager and team leader. I write the hours in a book and let the attending team leader sign for it.

I did not remember to turn that hour back on the clock before going to bed, I was too tired. Anyway my computer will have the right time in the morning – all into normal again, adding an extra hour this night.


26th October – A Short Long Day

I could not find any sleep before 3 o’clock in the morning. The extra hour was very welcome, but I did not make much of my day. It took a long time for me to eat breakfast and getting dressed. I booked a holiday apartment on Gozo for two nights during the week my daughter will be here with her boyfriend.

Later I met my new CS’ at the airport. They were coming from Sofia (Bulgaria). There flight was early, so was I. I was really happy about it, I never have had this before. They flight was really 20 minutes early! Because they came around noon and early it was easy to meet them and to take them home. It was no problem for me to go to work afterwards.


27th October – It is my Daughter’s Birthday!

My daughter was born 25 years ago. I send her an email. I first hoped she will be here on Malta when she became 25, but she did not book the flight in time, therefore I have to wait for her for around two weeks more. I did not have so much time to write emails to David, he had to wait for my answer until afternoon.

At the Maltese language class I learned the difference of “il-lejl” and “il-lejla”. We started with the book “Merhba Bik”, but the teacher did not take the possibility for the role play. He just read all the text by his own.

My CS’ were most of the day in Valletta, or better, she was, but he was writing on his master work. Later on we were talking about Bulgaria. I like it to learn about the actually situations in countries this way.


28th October – The Three Cities and a Surprise

In the morning we were going to the “Three cities”. We had nice weather and really enjoyed the hours together. Surprisingly we met Mani at the harbor. He was visiting the place with his guests. Fortunately we were at home before the thunderstorm was breaking out.



I had to be at work half an hour earlier as usual this day because a team meeting. The meeting was OK, but it was not my day at work. In addition to the lack of time because the team meeting, we also have had a technical problem for more than 45 minutes. It became midnight anyway.


29th October – Alone Again

It was time again for my Maltese language course. We learned to count – from 1 to 1000! Our teacher invited us for free for a symphony concert, in which he will be playing. Unfortunately it is on the 8th November and I have to work, but I signed up for the trip to Melliah at the 4th November. Next Monday there will not be a course, because school holidays and even it is a course for adults, we are following these holidays.

On my way home I am passing more than one pharmacy. One of them I entered and bought batteries for my hearing aids. It is the first time since I left Germany I have to buy some, because I took a lot of them with me. I am happy, that the batteries are easy to get and not expensive either – not more expensive than in Germany or Sweden. When I came home I tidied up after my CS’, ate and was going to work. When I came home this night I just fell into sleep.


30th October – A New Blog Was Born

I have already a day off again. Time is running fast. After I have been in the shop at the corner I was at home continuing with my blog. I uploaded lots of pictures from Switzerland and could not finish because the free space was to little. Therefore I opened a new blog: dorotheeineurope.wordpress.com. I hoped, I will have new space there and it worked! Based on that I had to migrate my report and also the photographs. That took a while and I could not finish it this day.



31st October – My First Time on Gozo, Malta

Even I booked an apartment for the trip to Gozo with my daughter and her boyfriend, I was looking for a host. I thought a couch surfing experience would be nicer for them. Anthony, living in Victoria, invited me to visit him and Gozo to see if he will host us for the days I asked for. He also told me that it is a shame, I am living on Malta for six month and have never been to Gozo before, especially because I have the ferry for free as a 60+ resident.

This day I met him. It took around four hours to Gozo, because the bus I chose were not coming or were more than five minutes early – you never know here on Malta. I was waiting and waiting for my bus to Cirkewwa, where I had to change to the ferry. When we arrived at the ferry terminal in Cirkewwa, they ferry just had gone. So we had to wait for half an hour. I was happy to find a space in the bus from the ferry terminal in Mgarr, Gozo, but it took time before the bus was leaving. I also were a little surprised because on the bus were the direction to Victoria Bay, but the capital is Victoria and I did not know anything about Victoria Bay – maybe it will be outside the town. Therefore I wrote a message to Anthony and asked him, but it was the right bus, he told me.



It became a very nice and interesting day. Anthony showed me his home, the city of Victoria – but we were not to the Citadella – and the Azur Window in Dwejra. To Dwejra we were going quite late, so we saw the sunset. It was impressing.

Afterwards we went home to him for a Maltese meal – bought somewhere close to him and then he was driving me to the ferry terminal and managed I came with the ferry, which was close to leave. I really had to run. Actually there were two ferries leaving, the one already had closed all doors, but the other one still had the car port open. When I was in they closed the car port, too. It was only working because his cousin were in the ticket box and by phone all were managed. The next ferry would have been 45 minutes later – a long time to wait at a ferry terminal.

I came home save and within three hours and had a good sleep this night.

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