1st August

I took a day for my own, because I have no couch surfer for the moment. There was no emergency request either.

I tried to transfer money from my Maltese to my Swedish account, it seemed not to work.

2nd August

I congratulated my youngest son for his birthday, tidied up in my flat and had to go to work.

3rd August

I checked if my German account is cancelled, because I wrote a termination letter a time ago and sent it as a registered letter, but the account was still open. Though I ask them for the reason. Now I have to wait for their answer.

Finally the transfer from the Maltese to the Swedish account was accepted.

I was going to the closest branch of my new bank and ask for signing the letter from the DRV/Post (pension Germany), because they only will transfer my pension to my Maltese account, when my Maltese bank agree with it. There were not problems at all to get it signed. I love this bank!

On the way back from the bank I was at the stationary, I use to go to and sent that letter as a registered one as well as I ask for some print outs (a copy of my payslip – for the hospital and my flight and other tickets for my upcoming travels). I just did it for safety reasons – because if I cannot access to Internet, when I am at an airport or similar. The print outs were already done, but the clerk was working with the registering of my letter, when the electricity got down. I had planned to go to the super market, too, but it was closed, when I came there. I had to go home and wait.

An hour before I was going to work, the electricity was back, but it was not time enough for me to make my shopping. The worst this day was, that I could neither use my AC nor my fan.

4th August

Finally this morning my t-shirts from the ClearPrint company arrived. I am a little disappointed, because the colours are not bright enough, the pictures are like plastic sheets on the t-shirts and they are not in the size I ordered them, but one size smaller. Fortunately, they just fit. I hope they also will do after the washing. Anyway I have got them for free because the mess, though I am thankful.

Around 11am I was to the super market and made my fortnight’s shopping. They promised to bring it before 3pm. I took the things for the fridge already home, because I am happy, when the shop assistant carry all the heavy things up to my flat. Especially in this weather I think I have to make it a little easier for him, though there is no need to go twice for all the stairs.

I asked my team leader if my vacation leave was accepted and she told me, that it was. I really look forward to leaving my job.

5th August

I was at the Mater Dei hospital again, this time I met a ENT-doctor and an audiologist. It seems like I still have the same problem as before, that means, it had not become worse. Though I am happy about it. Unfortunately the doctor couldn’t compare my hearing in percent and the audiologist did not make a check with my hearing aids in. Anyway I cannot use my left hearing aid for the moment, I have to call an audiologist for a repair of it. I have got the same name, where I have to go, like from the other audiologist I met month ago. It seems, there is only one who works with the branch of my hearing aids.

At home I checked my German account again. There were still no changes, though I wrote an email to the bank. The answer was, that they are working with it.

I was happy, that I will be off work the following day, because the early appointment at the hospital and the heat I am quite tired. I drank a lot of coffee this night.

6th August

I slept for a long time this morning, I was awake not earlier than 11:30am. It toke time to awake fully, even I took my medicine, when I awoke the first time. Today it is not really so hot like the days before.

I sewed one of my skirts, which I had stepped on in the stairs and a bit of a seam opened. Now I can use it again. Nobody can see the mess anymore. I removed the buttons from my white skirt, because one fell down and I never liked the buttons on it. Afterwards I wrote my blog and hanged my laundry on the roof, which I was washing meanwhile I did the other things.

7th August

I fixed some things for my children for the time they will visit me like making an appointment for my daughter for a sunset riding tour at Golden Bay and asking for renting a scooter or quad for my son. The last-named was not possible, because he does not have a driver’s licence.

I also was in contact with my German Bank because the cancellation of the account, googled for the “Bankinspektion” and for rides between the places I will go on my trip back to Sweden as well as the prices for the “Falstaff” at the opera Scala. They were much more expensive, than they had written month ago, but I was expecting it. Fortunately I get some extra amounts of my pension scheme in October, though I can afford it.

8th August

I met with a German girl, who contacted me by the couchsurfing-site. We were going to the Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples. We met at the airport at 10 o’clock and went by bus 201 at 10:05. Lots of people left the bus at the Blue Grotto, we continued to the next stop.

It was really interesting to see the 3-D-movie and even more the temples. After the movie we started with the Ħaġar Qim Temple, because you reach that first.

Unfortunately we had the first thunderstorm this summer, but anyway we were happy, because we were at the Mnajdra temple and had a roof. Though we did not get wet even it was raining cats and dogs.

When we finished our sightseeing at the temples we tried to go by bus to Mdina, but the bus had gone around ten minutes ago, though we had to wait for around fifty minutes. We are both good in walking and decided to walk in the direction of Dingli. When we had walked a while a bus stopped and the driver asked us if we want to go with it and we were happy about it. I did not hear, that the driver told us that the bus is for “Għar Lapsi“, but by this way I also have seen this place.

After a couple of hours enjoying the place and the sunny weather we continued by bus to the Rabat Interchange bus stop and visited Mdina. That place I have been a few times before, but I thought it will be interesting for my company and it was.

Leaving Mdina we went to Rabat by the back streets. Locking for the St. Paul’s Catacombs, we followed the sign even I felt, that it will be the wrong way – and we did not find the catacombs either, but surprisingly a Dominican Monastery.

At least I was invited for an evening meal to Birzebugga, close to the “Pretty Bay”. I have never been there before, but unfortunately I was already dark, when we arrived and I could not see more as some cranes from the cargo harbour, which is close to that place. Anyway it has been a great day, especially for the same interests of both of us.

9th August

I met new CS this day, even I was late to meet them, because I overslept. They were arriving in the morning. Fortunately their plane was late, though they did not have to wait for a long time for me. It is a Polish couple again and a very nice one. He has travelled a lot already, starting by travelling alone in the age of 15. She has not so much experiences, but also a lot. Unfortunately I have to work, though I cannot follow them on their excursions, even I would like it. Anyway I can give them some tips and they are happy about it. They are also asking me about where and what.

10th August

After a calm morning, my CS went out for exploring Malta and I was updating my blog. I was happy that I had time for filling in last Saturday, especially because I could provide you with photographs. It is still hot outside, but the heat is not so horrible as the days before.

I have got the name, phone number and email of one of my colleagues, who is interested in my flat, even I told him that me landlord will have 500 EUR in rent from 1st November 2015.

11th August

My CS are really nice and we enjoy breakfast together. They asked me if I will follow them almost for a stroll, but I have not time enough, I have to go to work. I am not happy at all in my work anymore, neither are lots of my colleagues.

I wrote an email to my landlord, telling him about my colleague. I was watching movies in the evening again after coming home from work, so did my CS – but we did not know that from each other.

12th August

I have got an answer from my landlord by email and he wrote, that I have to make the appointment with my colleague around 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. I will see if it suits him. I anyway feel that it should not be my job to make it.

My CS were leaving a little earlier this day because they will go to see the dolphins and more. They also told me, they found an airbnb on Malta and that they decided not to have one on Gozo because they love Valletta and like to be there in the evenings. The room they will rent – they did not find any host – is in St. Julian’s, but not at the sea-side and I think that was a good choice anyway.

I also checked the flights for Malta – Milan and Christchurch – Hobart again and I found, the one to Milan was getting around 18 EUR cheaper than before. I found a nice flight from Christchurch – Hobart (even it was not the cheapest one) and sent an email to my first host on Tasmania asking if that date would be good for them and even asking if I maybe only can be at their home for 10 days instead for 2 weeks. I have to wait for my Swedish pension to book the flights. It will be on my account at the 19th.

It was my last day of four working days and I am looking forward to my surgery on Friday. Unfortunately my web-browser crashed and the text I had written was not saved, therefore I had to try it one more time.

13th August

My CS were moving, but we met later that day and was visiting the three cities together – anyway we only have been in Birgu. It was a little adventurous, because we did try to go around the whole peninsula as close to the sea-side as possible. We have seen two cruise-ships in the harbour of Valletta and had nice views. I forget my camera as usual 😉 and had to take all the pictures by my tablet.

We were going back by bus to Valletta and took good-bye from each other. I continued to St. Julian’s for meeting the secretary of the Italian Servas. We had a nice chat. The first part of my way home I did walk – it was so nice to use the promenade and enjoy the sea-side. I also took som more pictures. Maybe I took of these buildings before, but I think they are looking very well, though it does not matter if you see them twice. Also a wall to the sea-side in Sliema catched my eye, because it’s painting.

I felt for eating out and was going to a Maltese Restaurant named Ta’ Kris in Sliema. I ordered pasta with a rabbit sauce as a main meal. I could not eat half of it, but it was so delicious. I was lucky to find a table, because lot of people – often in small groups – were coming. Those who had not booked a table had to no chance to get a seat.

From the restaurant I went to the closest bus stop and I saw, that my tallinja-card is working properly. There were no amount charged for this trip.

14th August

I went to the Mater Dei hospital in good time and also took my trash out, because I did not know if I will be at home that night. Even I had an appointment at 9:15 it was not my turn before 11:35 :-(! The ask me for a letter I should have got from the other department, but I have not and it became complicated even the doctor found all the necessary on the computer.

He had some questions and made the appointment for the surgery for the 12th October. It was the first one I could get. Though I cannot visit Northern Italy and cannot enjoy the Scala Opera as my special birthday present for me. Even all was a mess with this appointment and that I did not become the surgery this day, it was something good with it, because the doctor explained properly what problems there are, but only after I started to cry. I just could not hold it, because my nerves have been tensed for weeks. He told me, that I have a cyst in each side of my thyroid gland and that one is bigger than the other one, but only one is a carcinoma. He told me, that I do not have to be afraid, because it is in the thyroid and it is very small. He also told me, that I maybe can become 90 years old without a surgery. Only because it is known, that I have this carcinoma, they will make the surgery – though there will not be any problem, but I have to take a higher dose of thyroid medicine after the surgery is done.

He also told me, that the surgery is a little complicated because the vocal cords are so close to the thyroid gland, but there could only be a little problem if I usually would be a singer. Furthermore he explained, that it could be that the calcium regeneration would get crazy, which is called hypocalcemia. That would only happens if the parathyroids will be damaged. Therefore I have to stay at the hospital for two or three days after the surgery. I really hope all will be well and that i am able to leave Malta around the 16th October. It will be difficult to find a flight for Vienna just one or two days before leaving. I think, I have to choose a flight before my surgery. I will “save” a lot of money by not visiting the Scala and by not listening to an opera at this amazing music hall. Anyway I would have prefered to do so.

After coming home from the hospital I wrote some emails, e.g. cancelling the visits of my Italian hosts, informing my children and in addition to that I wrote my blog. Around 6pm I went to the convenience shop nearby and the pharmacy. For the last-named because I could not get one of my thyroid medicines, when I have been there last time.

The evening was just for me – even I could not really enjoy it, because my plans were changed, but I am very happy, that I do not have to change my plans for my trip around the world!

15th August

I was a little depressive this day, because I checked what that “web” in my throat can be and it was no positive answer “Google” gave me. Anyway the doctor do not know yet, what it is, though I should think positive anyway. Maybe it is not so unhealthy as I think.

I stayed the whole day in the flat and did neither buy some yogurt nor other cheap things I need. I still have water and some things I have to eat – though they will not become ruined. It was a lazy and calm day. Some days there is need for it.

16th August

It was raining in the morning and I slept for a quite long time this day. I was on the Internet again of course and also on YouTube. I was very passive this day, too, until I was going to work. Actually it holds me alive, even I do not like it anymore. I bought some yogurt and a pizza slice during one of my rests.

17th August

Even the shops were open, I did not go shopping either. I made some unnecessary things on the Internet. Thought about to order Magnet Business Cards, but did not find a good picture of me. Maybe my kids can make one, when they are coming. By the way I wrote to them and asked, at what time they will arrive on Thursday. I am still waiting for the answer, when I am off to work.

One of my friends from the Pirate Party in Hamburg sent me a message asking for being hosted and I gave them the days it will be possible.

18th August

I was in touch with my children Daniel and Maria by email, asking them for the time of arrival on Thursday. I have to plan my days after that, even I am off on Thursday. Anyway I have to shop, though I have enough with food at home, when they are arriving.

I did not do much more this day, but was working as usual.

19th August

My Swedish pension for August was on my Swedish account, though I booked my flight ticket from Christchurch to Hobart and the ferry ticket from Devonport (Tasmania, Australia) to Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). I like to be on the sea and to look around. I think there will be some amazing views by leaving the Tasmanian island and also close to Melbourne. Therefore I booked a day trip. It takes 9 hours. I think, it also was the cheapest way to cross the Bass Strait. I never have been on a ferry for such a long time in a row. I will see if it will become boring.

My late shift was as usual. I count the days until I will leave 45 years of working life and actually I did more, because I was working during my summer holidays as well when at high school.

20th August

I was up in time to meet one of my sons and my daughter at the airport in Malta. Some time I was afraid they would not come out of the magic door, that they had missed the plane, something was going wrong at the transfer or they might have forgotten their passports, but none of these happened, they only were one of the last passengers, who have got their luggage at the belt. I was happy to see them and they actually were happy to see me ;-). Anyway, without my daughter, my son should not be here. She helped him all the night to get ready for the flight – though both were really tired by arrival. My daughter went later with me to the super market. She could not fell asleep, but late. My son fall already asleep around 2pm.

I hope the next day will give them more. I already was happy by being together with them. I also took an early sleep. Because nobody of us like to sweat close to another one, I made my bed on the floor – practicing for my travel ;-). I used my resting pad and the big cover, which I put in three layers on each other as well as my sleeping bag. I think that is a good opportunity to find out, if I can sleep that way. Obviously I want to have such a thick cover with my when travelling, but I think I will not have such a hard floor either, because the floors in the Maltese houses are all made of marble or similar.

21st August

I awoke with some pain in my back, but that was over soon, when I had left my bed on the floor. Vi started late because my son take always long time for getting ready. I tried to hurry him, but it did not work. I told my daughter, that I want to leave home quite early, but she did not understand the reason. Anyway around 2pm we arrived at Popeye Village. Almost my son found it interesting and my daughter was more looking for the possibility to take a bath. Finally they did at this place even I told them it might be better to take the bath at the Golden Bay, because we may not be able to be in time for her horse riding if they will be in the water for too long.

After we left we took a walk to the Golden Bay Horse Riding. Halfway I told them, they should not care about me, because I will find the way by my own. I send them away with my tablet, google maps and the gps activated. There were some junctions I came together with them again, because they needed a while to understand the gps, but later on I did not see them anymore before I finally also reached the ranch. Anyway I was in good time to see my daughter getting ready for the ride. I waited until she left the ranch with the others for taking a picture of her. She was on a sunset ride.

My son and me continued to Golden Bay and enjoyed the sea-side somewhat of two reasons. For me it was unknown to swim with such waves as I found them here, therefore I was very careful in the water. Me and my son together about the grills, lit by lots of lighter fluids. I neither have been at the Golden Bay this time of the year nor in this late evening hours, though I did not know the behaviour of the people, using this beach. However I have seen a nice sunset.

Meeting my daughter again was not so easy, because the names of the bus stops and they way she was taking from the ranch, but we managed it and was going home by bus together. This time it did not take long time by bus, because it was not much traffic anymore. We came with route 44, therefore we left at the bus stop “Msida” and walked close to the Msida Marina. On this way we bought two take away pizzas to share. The one was a closed, but open and the other one a Gotizian (with potatoes on the top). This evening we also talked about to go to Gozo the following day.

22nd August

My son did not fell asleep before early morning, though we did not leave home before afternoon and did not go to Gozo, of course.  Around noon all of us three were talking by Skype with my youngest son and his family in Sweden. The boys were not talking with us, of course, but we have seen them by the Internet. It was fun.

I do not really remember what we did in the evening and afternoon, maybe I can recall that later.

That was the last night on the floor, because my daughter was so kind to share the bed with me the following days. We really had enough with space. I slept very well again from this night onwards.

23rd August

I have to go to work today, though me children and me had a morning at home together. They went to Valletta while I went to work.

24th August

It is Monday and I have to go to the super market, because we need more food. I was not expecting, that we needed so much, because I am not longer used to, to buy food for more than me. In the evening I was at work as usual. My children were still awake, when I was coming home and they had to. I have not had the possibility to make a new key for the front door, because the ironmonger’s was not open.

25th August

Finally we did it – made this sightseeing of the two harbours around Valletta by a Luzzu (Maltese fishing boat as well as the name of the cruise company).

Afterwards my children continued by bus to Comino and I was going home by bus, because I had to be in time at work. By the way: I did find an ironmonger this day, where I could make a new key for the front door and me children had not to be awake this evening, when I was coming home from work. Anyway they were.

26th August

I have had an appointment at the Mater Dei Hospital – the Cardiologist department. This time I did not need to wait longer than half on hour for my turn. I was awaiting the usual electrodes on my body and be left alone for a while, while the machine is printing a paper, but it was not that way. I only got some electrodes on my back and furthermore they used ultrasound and made a very careful test. There were two doctors – one of them maybe were not fully studied for this kind of ultrasound. When the examination was done I have got a paper I have to leave to my doctor (the endocrinologist).

I went home to my children, made some laundry – though they have only clean clothes to take home and went to work, when it was time.

In the evening I had to pack one more suitcase, because my children will take home a lot of my clothes from Malta – though it will not be so expensive for me, when I am going home to Sweden. I already had one big suitcase ready for them. This other big one my son was coming with and had his few clothes in, he want to wear on Malta. I have had lot of spaces in that suitcase for my own clothes and put in a lot of them. Now I only have the clothes on Malta I really need and I hope, I will have space for them in my backpack. Otherwise I also have a cabin bag left here.

My son was not very happy this evening because he realized, that he has not seen much of Malta by being so slow in the mornings and by lack of decisions, they made. I hope he will have the possibility to come back here one day.

27th August

This day my children went back in the morning. I had to rush them a little, even we all were a little tired. At the end it worked out and they were in time at the airport. Furthermore there were no problem for them to have one cabin bag together and a small backpack each for the plane.

I went home and met some nice guys at the bus stop. They got the explorer card of my children with the day, which was left. I talked a lot with one of them when going by bus. They were from Bratislava i Slovakia and the one asked me a lot about Malta. There were also an older man sitting close to me. He told the Slovakian guy, that he was British. When we were at Mater Dei hospital, he told the guy, that this hospital is the best of Europe, maybe in the world. I really hope so belonging my surgery.

At home I had to tidy my flat as well as making the laundry (towels and bed-clothes). I left to clean the flat for the upcoming day. My children did need much more space an my couch surfers usually do – but they are family! The rest of the day I just relaxed and also were looking for hosts by SERVAS. I only asked three of them and thought I will continue the other day, but I have got an answer from one, that they declined to host me, because I was asking for three nights instead of the usual two days. It seems the Servas recommendations are a kind of law, rules you can’t break. I was writing to the organization, telling them all the mess I already happened to me by the Servas members and told them, they have to think outside the box and can no longer hold the kind of homepage and the rules, if they are interested in younger members.

28th August

This was a busy day. In the morning I cleaned my flat as well I made another laundry – bed-clothes this time, too. Around noon I met a Finish couple from Tampere and walked alongside the Marina in the direction of Sliema. We had a meal at the Tigne Point and took the ferry to Sliema afterwards. My guest enjoyed the boat trip very much. We walked Valletta including the Upper Bakkarra Garden, they invited me for a cake and a coffee at the famous “Caffe Cordina”. The last stop was the Hard Rock Café at the Valletta Waterfront leaving in the direction of Blata il-Bajda. At that bus stop we took good-bye, because I had to go to the airport, meeting a new couch surfer.

It was very crowded that evening at the airport and some girl was looking for lots of guests because she was from an organization. Sometimes the people coming to her made it impossible for others coming out of “the magic door” to see me. My CS had to walk around three times before she found me anyway I had her name on my tablet for finding her. We were happy, when we found each other and I have got good vibes from the first moment. We went home by the X2-bus, because I had to buy some yoghurt for next day’s breakfast and only the Convenience shop close to my work was still open.

My couch surfer was quite tired, though she was using the couch after a short chat and had a good sleep.

I also have got an answer from a kind of secretary of SERVAS. He will talk via Skype with me, but did neither tell me where he is living nor his time zone. I am waiting for his replay at the moment.

29th August

After a nice breakfast we went to the super market for shopping. We both worked with our laptops for a while before having a lunch. I was invited to a pizza from the freezer. My landlord knocked my door, because there were letters for me, where the company used my second Christian name Ursula instead of my first one: Dorothee. My landlord asked me, whom Ursula is and told me, that he is asking because it was the same surname like mine. The letters for the former tenants he only rips to shreds, he told me. I was happy, he was asking, because the letter was about a pension, which will pe paid in October this year. I had to fill in my account number. This pension would be 10 SEK (around 1 EUR)/month ;-), though I will get all of the 2020 SEK (around 200 EUR) as a lump sum.

My CS went to the beach, meanwhile I was filling my blog, writing my emails and writing a reference for the nice Finnish couple.

In the afternoon my CS were back from the beach and told me, that she already found a job at the Marina Yacht restaurant. Afterwards we went to Valletta. We made all the way for Valletta by walking. I showed her arround, asking her, what she would like to see.

We took the bus home to me and it was around 9pm when we arrived, maybe a little earlier. I was very hungry and thought, I will make a meal, but suddenly I got sooo tired, I just had to go to bed and fell asleep immediately.

30th August

I slept until 8am, but we had breakfast around 10am. My CS did not leave my place directly after breakfast this day either. She told me, she will go to the beach and even try to contact more restaurants to see if she can get a job, where she can earn more.

I continued with my blog and also scanned and sent the form to the KPA – that Swedish pension provider I named the day before. Furthermore I checked the opening hours of the General Consulate of Sweden on Malta, but could not find them, though I wrote an email to the consul, because I have to go there and get my Life Certificate certified.

At 3pm I left my home for work.

31st August

I made the advertising for my furniture I try to sell, unfortunately my printer has a deep blue colour instead of the original. I think it depends on the cartridges, which are not original, but I cannot get original ones here on Malta.


I did not take it to my work, I thought, I will wait for one or two more weeks, because first I will try to sell it by the Internet, e.g. on MaltaPark. I also will advertise it on eBay-Kleinanzeigen.de because I know some colleagues are watching that plattform.

My CS is still at my place. She is looking for another job and an apartment or a share of a flat, though she is at my place all the morning. Nothing special to tell from my working place, but I am counting down each day now for the day I can leave.

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