1st July

When I came home this night I was to bed straight away, but watching one movie. I had a really good sleep during this night, but I awake around 8am already again. Anyway it was too late to put out my rubbish, though I have to do it the next morning, that means on Thursday morning.

Marisa and me had a good chat during breakfast and we did take time for it. The first three days are gone, but I offered her to stay also the rest of her vacation leave, because she is such a nice person and she has no other host yet. I have got two requests for the upcoming days – the are coming very close to the time the CS are requesting and I do not know yet if I can welcome one of these. I have to wait for the call from the surgeon. I told them, that I will be in touch with them.

I was waiting for the call of the surgeon until I had to go to work. I also took my tablet with me and explained for my team leader, that I am awaiting a very important call and ask for the allowance to take my tablet into our working space and he did allow me, but asked me for to put the sound on vibrate only, what I did. Furthermore he told me, that I have to give the team leaders phone no. to the hospital in case such a situation would appear again. There were no call until my first rest and I took my tablet to the lunch room and tried to call the hospital. I hold the line for 15 minutes and then I have got the answer, that the secretary I asked for was not in charge anymore. I was told to call the following day again.

I have got such a nice and kind response of my colleagues, who I told my situation (a few of them), that I was overwhelmed. Anyway I had a bad sleep that night.

This day I also checked on the Internet again for a cheap flight to Athens or a city / area in an European country I have not been yet. I did not find any and I will try it another time. Even I could not decide, when I will go there. Maybe in September and only for three and a half day like for Istanbul.

2nd July

In the morning I tried to call the secretary at the hospital and I was told, that I dialed the wrong number. The number I have got was written in a bad handwriting, so I tried with the number it also could be and it was. I told the secretary why I was calling and she told me, that she do not have heard about it and she will call me back the next morning. During the day my landlord put in letters under my door and one of them was from the Mater Dei-hospital. It was an appointment for the surgery of my thyroid and it was on the 14th August. I was very surprised about that, but thought, I have to call the secretary again the upcoming morning.

I went to my supermarket and made my fortnight shopping with a home delivery. I asked when the will come and deliver, because I have an appointment at 1pm and I have to leave my home a quarter past 12pm. The guy from the supermarket was in time, but first he carried up groceries I had not bought and then he was not leaving my toilet paper. I thought it will still be in the big bag, but he had it under his arm and I did not recognize in that moment, that it was my toilet paper. Next time I will check better, but this time I had to call the super market. After I told the staff (I talked with 3 or four of them) what it was about, they told me, the guy is on the way to me. Now I had a lack of time and was already waiting down stairs for the delivery guy – I thought I may write my name on it and but it in that small room, where the electric meters are, but I only could wait for 10 minutes, what I did. He did not arrive and I was leaving for my appointment. I actually came around 10 minutes late, just the time I was waiting for the guy.

At the bank, where I had my appointment for eventually opening a new account, I had to wait for around half an hour, because the bank assistant still had another customer. When I have been waiting for such a long time, the branch manager was serving me instead. She told me, that I should open an account with a fee for 7 EUR each month, because I want to have the possibility to withdraw money from the ATM’s abroad, too. She told me, that there is a travel insurance combined with that account and it is working for every travel up to 60 days in a row. This insurance is valid as long one have that account and as long one has not filled 75 years of age. That is the ultimate age cover, because a lot only cover for people up to 65 years of age and others, more expensive, for 70 years of age. That sounded good of course – and I read about the cover and decided to open such an account, especially even it is called a saving account and some small interest will be paid, I do not have to save any money on that account. If I still will be traveling in the age of 70 to 75 maybe I have to go to Malta every 60 days, but it can be worth it. This bank does not withhold any money either for giving me a debit card. The only thing I did not have with me was the contract from my employer. I do not know, why they need it. I think it has to do with Maltese law. We agreed, that I will bring the contract the upcoming day and they will make a copy of it. Also it was too late to cash my check, that I have got this month from my employer, because I closed my BANIF account and did not have another one.

A woman from Washington, DC – USA was contacting me by http://www.couchsurfing.com for meeting me. She arrived the day before in Ghaghur and was looking for company during her time off. We met in the evening and walked at the sea-side from the Msida Marina to Sliema. I offered her a longer walk, but I was not feeling well. I fell asleep in the afternoon and had problems to really awake, even I was drinking a coffee. I just felt weak in my legs. though I thought it maybe I need some sugar and bought an ice cream. Afterwards I felt better again, but we decided to go home to my place, though I can show her the homepage of http://www.helpx.net. So we did. She took the last bus back to Ghaghur, which is already leaving at a quarter past ten from the bus stop “Kullegg”.

I was still awake when my CS came back from her trip from Gozo – I thought she was quite early, but on the other hand there are no buses either late in the evening. We were talking about what to do today and also she checked in online for her Ryanair flight home on Saturday evening. She needed help to print the boarding pass and I offered her the usual help, that means, saving the data on a USB-stick and then going the next day to our stationary and ask them for a print out. She was grateful for this help. We were also talking about the upcoming evening, when we will go to Valletta to a Jazz club, called the Bridge in Triq San Orsal (St. Ursula Street). The club is close to the Cathedral of San Pawl the shipwrecked.

I checked flights again and I found one for Sofia in Bulgaria for 100 EUR (return). I did not purchase it, because I am not sure I will be able to go. Furthermore I have to ask my Bulgarian friends from Sofia if it will be a good idea to come during that time and if they maybe can host me.

3rd July

Both Marisa and me awake early that day. Good for me, because I had to put out my trash – even I felt very tired. Good for Marisa because she will go to the “Golden Bay” or close to it for an exiting day at the beach. We ate breakfast without any hurry and were talking about our travel bugs and similar. Marisa left around 10am and I called the surgeon’s secretary and told her about the late appointment as well as the information of my Endocrine doctor, that the surgery was very important. It seemed that the secretary just noticed it, but later that day she called back to me and told me, that the surgeon will take a look on my files and then decide if the appointment is to far in the future and if necessary give me an other one.

Around 11am I left for a walk to the branch in Sliema of the HSBC, my new bank. It was very hot – around 30 degrees Celsius and I had left my flat without a hat. I thought, I will not be outside for hours, but when walking, I felt I needed protection for my head anyway. I bought another cotton hat – this time without pattern. At the bank they made the promised copy and kept it and afterwards I was going to the cashier for cashing my check. I had to wait for maybe five or some more minutes, but the queue after me was becoming much longer than mine has been. It was no problem getting the cash and soon I was on my way home again.

I felt to shop a little, even I won’t buy expensive things. I was looking for another dress, even I had not worn the long dress from last year very often. I found a nice dress for only 30 EUR, but I could not dress it. I did not know how to come in – it was a one size dress, but I was not able to get the whole dress over my head or actually not over my bra. Just there it should not be too small. Disappointed I left the shop. I always was looking for ECCO-sandals. The price of the shoes is quite high, so I asked when the season sale will be and she answered in August. I will wait for August, because I do not need new sandals now, I need them for travelling. I heard that New Zealand is quite expensive, therefore I will buy the sandals on Malta. I was looking in more shops for a dress, but finally I decided not to buy a new one. That is the good thing, when one does not have a figure like a model 😉 – one does not spend a lot of money for clothes.

I spent the rest of the day mostly with my laptop. I also have got a new request from an Italian couple for the end of July and the first days in August. Maybe they can help me to find hosts for Milan, Florence etc., because they are coming from Parma – and he has a Bachelor in “cooking”. I look forward to, that he will prepare a meal for me ;-). Furthermore I was asking my CS-friends in Sofia about hosting me this month – but I have to wait for the replay of my surgeon, though I can be sure I might travel this month.

In the evening Marisa and me were going to Valletta for a restaurant with Jazz music. We met another Italian girl, Silvana, in Valletta and enjoyed the evening together. Silvana is living close to Milan and I hope I can visit her in October. We swapped email addresses before we left Valletta that evening. By the way that restaurant is quite unique, exactly it is a pub only, but they serve three different kind of dishes from a “car”: A Maltese platter, Tandoori chicken and a vegetarian platter with Humus and more. Furthermore there are only a few tables, the most of the people are sitting on cushions on the stairs. It is a natural, but urban amphitheatre. The prices are OK – the vegetarian platter is for only EUR, the other for 8 EUR and you really get full. I recommended the Italians to try the “Kinnie”, the Maltese soft drink. For Silvana the Kinnie was too sweet anyway. Silvana was going back to St. Julian’s around 10pm, Marisa and me stayed until around midnight – enjoying the music and conversing a lot.

We took the night bus home. It was the second time that I was going by a night bus on Malta. They raised the price from 2.50 EUR to 3.00 EUR. With my tallinja-card I only had to pay 2.50 EUR anyway. I was happy, I could use my tallinja-card for it, because I had no change – Marisa had invited me that evening.

4th July

It was Marisa’s last day on Malta for this time. She was going to Valletta and to the three cities. I made my laundry and finally put all the pictures on the sites for Portugal. Maria was coming back to pick up her luggage in the early evening hours. We took farewell hoping to meet each other again. – I also got new couch requests this day.

5th July

I sent emails to my new Italian friends Marisa and Silvana as well as a former host: Lucia from Bellinzoga. I did check my travel preparations for New Zealand and checked the route for Canada. I know it is quite early, but when I am travelling I will not waste time for this even. By Google maps I tried to find the travelling hours between different destinations and I found, I have to make more stops, than I expected – if I will hitch hike I cannot be sure, that I can travel all the day. Therefore I decided to have day trips around 3 or 4 hours by car. I hope it will work well. I also found out, that I cannot stay at many hosts and volunteer, because time will be to short – though I have to pick some destinations, trying to find someone I can help for free accommodation and meals. Between these I have to try to find hosts just for searching, but one and another backpackers or hihostel I will visit.

At the afternoon I was working again and we still have difficulties with the new software / servers.

6th July

Some neighbours in my or the nearby houses – they are build together – were angry on each other. Actually it was a mother and her daughter. They were screaming with high voices and for a long while. By the open windows one can understand every word of it. When I had got more than enough I shouted “Shut up”. They were a little more quiet for some minutes, but soon they started over again. I think the Maltese families are – anyway this mother is – beating their children.

I continued with my preparation for my trip, but now for New Zealand. I am also waiting for a message of my flight broker and for getting my new T-shirts (even they are not so important). I am wondering about my landlord, too, because he was not collecting the rent, yet – I have not got the bill either, even I emailed him as usual. He was not answering on my email. I am not sure if he is at home and if he is healthy. I think about to ask his son by email, but I will wait a day or two.

I had contact with hosts from New Zealand, there is a really nice one – I tried to change the dates for the visit at him’s and he was also giving me some advises, when he was replying.

It is hot on Malta now and I always take a shower before leaving for my work. I am really not happy in my job anymore, but I hope I can work until October this year, because I need the money.

7th July

I have got a call at 8:05am from the secretary of the surgeon for my thyroid surgery. It was really to early to wake me up! Anyway, she told me, that there is no emergency for my thyroid and the surgery will be done 14th August 2015. It felt good, because I think if they were sure, that it is cancer, they would not wait, they would have changed the date. Anyway I look forward to, to get rid of the problems with my muscles for swallowing.

I was continuing trying to get hosts for New Zealand. I also have got a request again.

8th July

This day I was awoke by my door bell. The post woman asked me for my letter box and told me than, that she will put the letter in the box for no. 20 – so we told them on the boxes.

Later on the maid, who cleans the staircase, pushed my bell. – She always pushes all of the bells upstairs. My landlord had not put out a bucket with water for her, though she knocked our door, too. Fortunately I saw by this, that my landlord is at home and seems to be healthy. So I just have to wait for the day, when he will try to get his rent.

I was working on my email-addresses, tried out making new email-addresses at other providers and find out, that @outlook.com (Hotmail) is the easiest way to get one, because they do not check the phone numbers and there is no security SMS or email just a CAPTCHA code. Even you can fill in whatever name and birthday you want. Now I understand why it is so easy for fraud on internet market places.

I updated my usual email-addresses and put in an “out of office” message, which I will activate, when starting travelling the world. I also made it possible to choose the email address I want for the reply. When I am leaving Malta, I will forward all mails from that address to my new one: dorotheeinternational@gmail.com. I chose that one for the rest of my life, though there is no longer a need for changing of my email address and it works well together with my blog.

9th July

I finally sent the letter of termination to my German bank and did that as a registered mail. The bank had no given me a good service since it changed ownership, therefore I am happy, that I have no debts on that account anymore and can ask for cancellation of my account. I also was to the supermarket for some shopping. I bought some more yogurt and bread, because I was awaiting couch surfers that night. I did not buy a lot of vegetables or salad for the bad quality. I decided to buy at a farmer’s.

At home again I started with the update of my blogs and also starting new once, just for I wish to have the same kind of names for all my travel blogs. There are six now:

Dorothee In Europe  –  dorotheeineurope.wordpress.com
Dorothee In Greater Oceania  –  dorotheeingreateroceania.wordpress.com
Dorothee In North America  –  dorotheeinnorthamerica.wordpress.com
Dorothee In South America  –  dorotheeinsouthamerica.wordpress.com
Dorothee In Asia  –  dorotheeinasia.wordpress.com
Dorothee In Africa  –  dorotheeinafrica.wordpress.com

I know, the one or other has to wait for being used for years, but maybe there are possibilities anyway to use them earlier, e.g. when I am going to Istanbul in October, because one part of Istanbul is in Asia. Furthermore I hope that I can visit Morocco and/or Tunisia soon.

I did work with the new blogs until late, while waiting for my couch surfers, but they cancelled and were not showing up. Actually I was very disappointed about that behavior. A cancellation should be done almost one day before the appointed time if it is not because illness or an accident. Couch surfers, who behave this way make a disservice and are acting against the good idea of couch surfing.

During my work with my blogs I also checked my emails from time to time. I have got an estimate for the flights but was horrified, because the sum was for around 2400 EUR. Even it included a travel insurance, it was much more, than I was expecting. I did not like the process offered, too, because we should have to make a phone call for confirming the flights and I should have to pay the whole sum as soon as I agreed the flights. There were no possibility to make a deposit of e.g. 10% of the total costs and pay the rest closer to the departure date. Therefore I had to tell her, that I have to wait for purchasing the tickets.

Not finished the customizing of my new blogs I was to bed around 1am, because I was very tired.

10th July

I awoke around 8 o’clock because of some high noises. I did not know if one would like to get in touch with med or if it was for another reason. I was still so tired, I could not determine either if it was a door bell, door knocking or my tablet. I was up, but the noise stopped. I took my medicine and was going to bed again, but I could not fall asleep again. After around half an hour I brew my coffee. While drinking it, I had the idea to check on the internet for cheaper flights. I checked some times before and knew, that I can get a flight for around 800 EUR from London to New Zealand. I used skyscanner, which I have used before. I like the site because you can search for the cheapest flights during a month and also search for flights to “everywhere”! I can highly recommend that website.

The flights I need for the first six month of my travel around the world I can get cheaper than by the broker. The sum will be almost 500 EUR less and I can buy a ticket or two every month. Even more I see the connections, that means how long and where I have to wait for the next connection. I prefer this instead of a phone call. By knowing that flights from London, UK are always cheaper than from Sweden, I checked the outward flight from that destination. For being sure if I really will have less to pay, I also checked the flight costs for Stockholm – London and there were offers for as less than 19 EUR, but by ryanair. I will have the backpack with me, which will not fit in the cabin luggage. Either I have to pay extra for the luggage at ryanair – which sometimes will be cheaper than taking another flight company – or find another cheap flight ticket. I found a cheap flight ticket at SAS (our Scandinavian airline). For only 45 EUR and I will arrive in London the day before I will go further by flight to Auckland, New Zealand. I need a couch for a night. I think, that will be possible to find in London. In some days I will get pension again in Sweden and I will purchase the ticket to New Zealand. Than I can plan much better, because the presumptive hosts also can plan and I can get to know if the “maybe”-answer will be a “yes” or “no”.

11th July

It is Saturday and I am on the Internet the whole day through again still planning my travel around the world. Moreover I made my laundry.

I also wrote to the Jasper National park in Canada asking for the possibility to volunteer even they neither provide accommodation nor food. I think it would be a good way to know more about the National Park without a need to pay for the information. There are some simple hostels in the surroundings and maybe it is possible to have a bed in one of them. There are camping grounds, too, but I am not keen in camping.

12th July

I am awaiting a new CS this day, a young girl from Leipzig. She will come here together with her friend, but need somewhere to stay for some nights, because her friend is attending a language school. Unfortunately she is coming while I am at work, but she is very open to wait for midnight to meet me and come with me. We made an appointment at the Msida Marina, a nice place to be and during the summer a good place for waiting.

I have got an email from my Hungarian friend, that she found the gift, I gave her, when I was visiting her in April – a butterfly in filigree silver. The butterfly disappeared already the first day at her home, but now she found it again between her bed-clothes. I am as happy as she is.

At work it was all as usual – that means, we still have problems with the new servers and parts of the new software. I is no pleasure anymore to go to work – almost less than usual, I mean. I am looking forward my fully retirement. If I would not need the money for my travel I would quit already now.

All went well, I met her at the Marina a quarter past 12 and we went to my place together. We had a chat around 2 hours before we finally were going to bed. She is a nice company.

Furthermore I have a lot of CS-request. I have to decline the most of them, because I am full. I can’t really understand why so many people try to be hosted of me while it is hard to find a host by myself. Maybe I am visiting the wrong countries ;-).

13th July

We awake both a little late, even I was earlier than her, because I had to go to the German embassy to get my life certificate signed – for the pension authority in Germany (DRV). When I was back I would have liked to give notice of my new bank account, but Internet was down because we did not have any electricity. The mess lasted for hours and also our local shops hade to close meanwhile.

When I came to work and was talking with my colleagues about the lack of electricity I understood, that only our area – a part of Msida – was affected. It was a very hot day and it was horrible without electricity at home. I could not even have the AC on for the short time of taking a shower and was as sweat as before directly after the shower again.

My CS were already sleeping. She had left a notice, that she was so tired because the heat. I understood her fully. I checked my emails, because the electricity was back and I have had Internet again. I have got a message, that a woman in my age would love to meet me that day, but I could only answer her now. In addition to that I have got a decline from a host in New Zealand. I was a little wondering about his answer, it was not clear, what he meant, but he used the function for “yes, maybe and declined”, therefore I was sure, he will not host me. I have to look for another host the following day. I thought it might be easier to find hosts in NZ, because they talk about themselves like open-minded and welcoming people. The only of this kind I know yet is Judy, who I met in Hamburg.

I was to bed, too, but watched movies before falling asleep.

14th July

Even I was to bed late, I was awake around 9 o’clock, my CS slept until 11am. I checked my emails – was happy about another host in Australia – I have more than I need there :-), but for Sydney, where I only will stay for a couple of days and will try to find a couch closer in time.

I also got more couch requests, but I had to deny again. I would like to go to the Pharmacy and the post office, but I was too late after writing my mail and emails for my new bank account no. My CS left to stay with her friend – they have got the allowance from the school to share the queen size bed in the room there. That was good for a guy from Netherlands, who send me a last-minute request, even I cannot host him all the days requested, because soon another CS will arrive. I think, I might have a little more time by my own, but it will be the last chance to take CS for years and I got more and more requests. It is interesting, that the countries, where the request comes from are different to those from the time I lived in Hamburg. I do not get so many request from Asia here, but a lot from Ukraine and Russia.

At work I told my team leader about my surgery in August and my plan to leave Malta at the end of October.

15th July

I awoke early, but I was still tired, because I did not fall asleep before 3 o’clock in the morning. Maybe I should not drink coffee at work around 11pm, but on the other hand I will fall asleep at work if I don’t.

I ate breakfast while my washing machine was running. I hung my laundry early that day, checked my emails and went to the pharmacy and post office before 11am. I also bought some food.

Furthermore I have got an answer from a possible host on New Zealand. He was writing that it is nearly half a year before Christmas and he cannot decide now. I was not thinking in that terms, but he is right, of course. Though I might be more lucky finding a host in a couple of month. I hope so, because I cannot book beds in hostels so late. I checked and saw, that there are destinations, where no other places, but the very expensive ones are vacant.

Work as usual, but my first rest were for 40 minutes, because I could not eat faster. I have to explain for my TL and maybe also for my manager.

16th July

Around 0:20am I picked my new couch surfer up at the Parish Church of Msida, we went home to me and was talking a lot before he was falling asleep on my couch. It is a Dutch guy this time and he is really nice – like the most of my couch surfers ;-).

I had a good conversation with one of the hosts of New Zealand, who was not very keen in hosting me, but it was most about, that he was afraid I could not handle young people and did not like partying at all.

We have had around 30 degrees Celsius and it became very hot inside. I was on the Internet all the day, but should left in the afternoon. When it was dark I went on the roof, because I could not stand the heat anymore in my apartment even I have had the fan on during the whole day. When my couch surfer where coming back I was on the roof and told him, coming up to me. Actually outside it was not at all so hot any longer. We had a good chat and have seen some fireworks. I could not find out, why the church is up-lighted and the fireworks were, but they have a big event in Valletta – about all kinds of arts. Before I was going to bed I had to switch on my AC for a while.

17th July

It was already very hot in my flat, when I awoke. I decided to put my AC on for the time I had my breakfast and were checking the Internet for the first time this day – just the answers from the hosts, I had been writing to the last two days. The Kiwis all decline, because my requests are coming to early. Though I have to try later – I hope the hosts will not be occupied, when I finally ask them again for hosting me.

I was thinking to go to Valletta because the art festival, but when it was not so hot anymore, I thought about, that the summer party of my employer will be that evening and I stayed at home until 7:15pm, because the bus from my employers place were leaving 7:30pm. On my way out my landlord ask me if someone my see the flat I rent, because he is looking for a new occupant from November this year. I first understood, if someone may sleep in my apartment ;-), but after a couple of minutes all was cleared out. I actually was in time to the bus anyway.

We had the party at Armier Bay (close to Mellieha). On the way there I saw a very beautiful sunset. The Bay is very beautiful, too. I tried to enjoy and danced after the reggae(?) music, drank lots of “Tonic Water” – without Gin – and enjoyed the catering. Waiters were serving entrance dishes by walking around with them. Unfortunately I had to ask every time a water was coming with a new dish, if it contains fish or seafood, because my allergy. There were a warm meal later on and on the table, were it was served, the names of the dishes and the main ingredients it contains was on a notice. That was much easier for me. At least there were desserts: Fruit-pins, ice-cream and a kind of chocolate cake – the Maltese can better than that chocolate cake! The ice-cream was pistachios and tasted very good, but half of it was not frozen anymore, when I recognized it.

It was a nice party, where I had the possibility to talk to some colleagues I like very much, even there were some drunk people in the chartered bus on the way home.

Coming home it was still very warm outside – it had been much better on the sea-side – and inside my flat it was worse. We have a heat wave. I had to put on the AC for a while and the fan in the combined room. My CS were coming a little later than me and we had a chat about the day has been, especially his experience of the jazz-restaurant. Furthermore he told me, that the Hagar Qim Templet was closed, because of an event.

18 July

For the heat wave, it was not easy to sleep. I fell asleep around 4am and awake already around 7am the first time, but could get some more sleep for around an hour. During my breakfast and the shower I had the AC on again, in my combined room I have had the fan on all the time.

I was shopping in the super market after have done my laundry and enjoyed their air condition. I only bought for 52 EUR this time, anyway enough for a home delivery. Mostly I bought bottled water, juice and almond drink, but also coffee and muesli – which helped to get the sum high enough.

I was on the Internet, because I was answering emails. So I thought, I should take a look if my Swedish pension had arrived – and it was already booked on my Swedish bank account. Therefore I could not wait anymore – afraid that the cheap flight to Auckland, NZ will be booked out, and checked, if that flight still is available. First I did not change from return flight to one way flight and I could not find a flight on that day I have planned and the ticket from Stockholm to London is fitting, but then I changed that and the flight, I was looking for, came up. I was happy and booked it! Now there is no return ;-). By this flight I have around 32 hours to spend in Shanghai, China and I will try to find a host who can show me around, too.

and awake already around 7am the first time, but could get some more sleep fAfterwards I just wrote my blog, took down my clothes from the roof and was than going by bus to Valletta for looking if I can find something interesting of the art festival. Walking the Triq Ir-Repubblika (Republic Street), I heard some musicians in restaurants and close to one I stayed for a little while, but the singer’s repertoire were only tear-jerker, though I continued to Triq Il-Merkanti (Merchant Street). Even there were som restaurants open, they did not have any music there. Therefore I continued to the jazz-restaurant “The Bridge”. I had heard jazz music, when I was in Merchant Street. There were no musicians here either, though I was going to the sea-side and there I found the jazz festival. I stayed there for a while, but even I like the music, it was a little boring. I compare with the songs I have on CD from the famous Satchmo (Louis Armstrong). I went back to the Republic Street and saw the most of an art installation – a kind of movie, which was casted on the ground, There were lots of figures in different colours, changing all the time. There were also the Maltese cross in one and another. It was nice, especially children loved it. There were some fireworks over Floriana and I moved towards them, to see them better, but they stopped again.

I catched a bus and was going back to Kullegg, because in Msida the Parish church celebrated “Saint Joseph”. They already did it for the third day, but this evening was more than usual. It was quite crowed and I never have seen so many push chairs on Malta at the same time. I did not know, that these were so usual here, because during daytime so far I have not seen a lot of push chairs. Even it was late, the whole families with all their children were here. I could see some fireworks from the surroundings and I have got the feeling, it was only me, watching it. People do not care about the fireworks anymore. I was waiting for the Msida fireworks, too, but they never started – but when I have been at home for a while (I think it was around midnight). There was a movable bar close to the sea-side and pointing against the sky. Some men where running up for it as long as they could and jumping into the water. Some were better in it, some worse. All were wearing red trunks – though I think that was a kind of competition. People were watching this.

When my CS came home, he told me, that half his day was gone by waiting for the bus and that even the night bus from Valletta was full up. I was happy, that I catched the buses at the right time.

19th July

We still have the heat wave and I read it will come to Hungary, too. I am sitting in the kitchen, when I am not at work and have the fan going. I drink a lot, even I usually do not. I continue my planning and updating my blog.

My Dutch CS was leaving, but before he explained to me how to pronounce Dutch. He left a Dutch book to me, because he had finished reading it. I was washing the bed-clothes, he had used, because already the next day I am awaiting another CS.

20th July

Another hot day with too less sleep and trying to be awake during the work pass. I have to drink a lot of coffee during my rests for keeping awake.

In the evening I picked up my new CS at the Marina. He is Polish and a teacher for Math. We were talking a lot for getting to know each other. He is a nice guy and very easy-going.

21st July

I enjoyed breakfast together with my CS. He share my style of breakfast and I am happy about it and he is the first one appreciating my almond milk with dark chocolate. We have a nice chat during the breakfast, too and he is making my dishes afterwards.

While I was continuing with my plans for Canada, I found, that I cannot exactly take the route I planned, because I would have liked to visit the Wabakimi Provincial Park, but there is no road to the area. Going there you have to go by canoe for three days. That means that I need always 10 days for enjoying that park and I decided to try the road closer to the border of the USA.

I have got a request from a French family, which is travelling with three small kids. I cannot host them, because I have already CS and if they would stay over night on the roof, a cannot make it with one (1) bathroom and eight (8) people – this family, two CS who will be at my home and me. I cannot wait for hours using the toilet.

When talking about toilet. We did not have water for the toilets at work yesterday for hours. We were not allowed to use them for that, of course. I asked for the permission to go home for it and got it, because I told them, that I otherwise have to take sick leave. It is really not good for the kidneys waiting for using a toilet and for mine not at all. I could not understand, how others could make it without using the toilets for so many hours. It took a long time before a truck with water arrived and filled the container.

When coming home I had a talk again with my CS, asking him, what he had done and seen during the day.

22nd July

I was awake before 8 o’clock. In the neighborhood someone is refurbishing it’s home. Between 8 and 9 o’clock their are hammering and made high noices, I would have liked to sleep a little longer, but could not for the noise! It is hart to work until midnight, when you awake so early. I have to drink lots of coffee for not falling asleep in front of the computer. My CS and me enjoyed our breakfast together again. He did the dishes again even I told him, he should not, because he will see as much of Malta as possible. He did rent a bike this day – for three days. He was back in the evening fully alive and not hurt, even it is dangerous on Malta to be on the streets and roads with two wheels only. There is no space for these vehicles.

At work I looked at my left over vacation leave and asked for the rest of it in October. I decided to only work four days in October, when I leave for Milan I will leave this island forever. It is no idea to work some more time to make the month ful, because the money I would earn those extra days I would need for the flight. Though I have to ask the HR, how it works with my left over vacation leave and the day of termination.

23rd July

I actually was sleeping until 9:20 this day. My CS had already prepared the dishes for breakfast in the kitchen, when I came there. I just made the coffee and put the yogurt, cereals etc. on the table. After breakfast he left and I made the laundry after him – just the bed clothes, he has had own towels.

Afterwards I was continuing with my blog again and bought some bread. My new CS will come tomorrow, but I have not heard about them even I was writing to them yesterday evening for asking, when they will arrive. Though I sent an ultimatum to them, to answer until 6pm and I told them, if they will not answer until the named time, I will invite another CS.

They did not answer, though I invited a French CS, who will come together with his sister and they became very happy.

24th July

I made the usual things on the Internet – emails, blog and surfing around. I also was surfing on the helpx-site, because I am still working on my itinerary for Canada. I send a request, just for asking, if the host still is in need of helpers, because the site was not updated for a longer while. Furthermore I checked the Rocky Mountaineer,  a panoramic train throughout the Canadian Rocky Montains. Unfortunately I cannot afford their offers, which often are for several days in a row. I will see, when I am close to the Rockies, maybe I have enough of money left. In that case I will go by this train and enjoy the nature. I hope the views will be like the advertising promise.

I also detected, that I can go by train from Canada to the USA instead for taking a flight. I like that, because I will see more. Though my plans changed and I will put in a train travel in my itinerary from Vancouver (CA to Seattle (US).

Furthermore I checked the flights from Sydney to Toronto. I found some cheap ones, but they take longer, of course. Actually there two stops with changes in these cheap ones, where I will be able to use my legs. I have not decided yet, if I will have a day (23h between the flights) in Abu Dhabi or not. I cannot afford the flight yet – I have to wait for the end of the month and time enough to decide.

25th July

I was going to Valletta, visiting the State Rooms in the Palace, because I have never done it before, but have had it on my list since I have been at the Armory in the Palace. Before I was entering the Palace, I have got a good smile, because children were playing in the spring waters outside – on St. George’s Square

The rooms you are allowed to see are not many, in the one of them, where the parliament where hold, it was not allowed to take photographs, because there were very old Gobelins all over the walls. They were held in dark colours, but amazing to see. They are the only complete and intact set of the famous 18th century French Gobelins tapestries entitled, “Les Teintures des Indes”, in the world. More about the State Rooms you can read here: Palace State Rooms

It took much less time, than I had expected and I was going to the Upper Bakkarra Garden for recreation and a bench. After a while I went back to the centre of Valletta, because I became hungry. I entered Eddie’s Café – actually a restaurant. I have been there before with one of my Japanese CS (I wrote about it at that time). I ordered a small pizza. Yes, there you can order to sizes of pizza! I enjoyed to have a fan close to my table and the pizza was delicious. At this restaurant the also have nowadays uncommon holders for oil, vinegar, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

When I were close to finish my meal my new CS were calling me, because his plane has been late and he was waiting at the airport for his sister, coming by another plane, because they work abroad from home, but on different places.

We met at the bus terminal around 6pm, went home to me by bus, though they could put their luggage at my place and afterwards we took a walk at the sea-side to Sliema. They were hungry and they ordered a fish meal in a Maltese restaurant with original Maltese food and beverage. I only drank a water, but a big bottle (0,75 cl). Then it was time to go home, but we also took a round at the luna park on Manoel island.

After a short talk and preparing the couch for sleeping we all went to bed.

26th July

After a quite late morning, my CS left for Valletta. I also recommended them to go to the three cities. They got a map of me and chose some of my leaflets for sightseeing.

Myself only did my blog, because the heat wave is still going on and I am not eager to do anything. I was at work again in the afternoon and evening.

27th July

I could not fell asleep before the early morning hours, just after my CS came home from their tour around Malta. When I awake between 8 and 9 o’clock, they were still asleep and it was so hot in the combined kitchen/dining-, livingroom. It was really horrible.

My CS left around noon, but left their luggage here for a while, because they will rent a car and picked their suitcases up, when they had rent the car. They also brought me a six-pack of water and some coffee. I appreciated that, of course.

I wrote my letter of termination for Besedo and emailed it for printing to my HR-assistant. Now there is no way back ;-).

I was surprised when I have got an email by the printing company, where I first ordered my t-shirts for travelling. These finally are done and because all the mess, they will give me them for free. I already have been in contact with other printing companies and found one with a good price. Actually they wrote, that I have to pay 50% of the price before they will print them, but I have not got any bill yet. Though I think I can make the order undone.

28th July

During the early morning hours I dreamed about how to go on the last part in Canada. I hope I will remember it, when I have time to plan the final route throughout this country.

I lost 😉 all the rest of my money for this month at the super market by buying necessary items. I hope I will make it until friday, otherwise I have to take of the money I saved for my travel. 20 EUR more or less are not so important. of course.

29th July

I met my new CS in Valletta at 9:30am. I was going by bus and just in time. He was already there. I was not sure, that it was him, but he was coming to me. He is a journalist from Ukraine. Unfortunately they do not have a good salary anymore, therefore he was hitchhiking from the airport and we were walking back from Valletta to my home. It was hard in the sun, even I was wearing one of my sun-hats. The worst were the stairs, of course. When we were in my flat, the first thing I did was to offer my CS a glass of water and then taking one myself. He brought me a special coin from his country as well as a bank-note (1 hryvnia) with the Saint Waldemar. He told me, that this is the most beautiful bank-note of all Europe ;-). He explained for me, that he learned English by his own with the help of books only, therefore he is talking quite good, but I have to speak slowly and I have to use the simple words of the English language, though he can understand (where’s a will, is a way).

I provided him my touristic information leaflets and maps. He cooked some water for a kind of potato mash, ate it and told me about his plans for the following days. I may help him with some bus tickets, I think. We talked about to go to the Hagar Qim and Mnejdra temples, but he will first go to Rabat and Mdina.

When I came home from work he was already sleeping, though I do not know how his day has been.

30th July

I was awaking 7:30am of a noice, but was so tired, I fell asleep again. I awake at 9:30am next time and left my bed at 10am. I saw that my CS already had left. I was sorry, I could not provide him with breakfast. I thought, I will go to the Hagar Qim and Mnejdra templets by my own, but it took time before getting ready and because it became 1pm I decided not to go there this day either.

I tried to get an Internet banking at my new Maltese bank, but that was not so easy, therefore I wrote to their customer service and hope I will get an answer by email.

Furthermore I made a back up of my new photographs and some new documents instead as well as I afterwards started to make plans for travelling the West Coast of the USA. Also I was looking for the costs of flights from Los Angeles home to Sweden and found some really cheap offers, but I cannot book for the end of next year yet. In addition to that I was looking for hosts and found many more than I need. I saved some on my helpx-account.

When it got dark my CS was coming back and we had a chat. He also showed me some photographs from his home town and from the bad days when Russia tried to occupy the Ukraine. I also bought a pizza, which we shared, because one is always to much for me. He was grateful for the other half one. He was to bed around 11 o’clock because he had an appointment the upcoming day in Valletta around 9am and will walk there.

31th July

I awake quite early but with a headache. My CS was already dressed and eating breakfast when I was coming into the kitchen for my medicine. We said good bye soon. Afterwards, when I was taking care of the couch and the bed clothes I have seen,  that there were a big vet spot on the couch, where usual one have the pillow. I hope it is only water and will try soon.

Actualy other CS should arrive in the afternoon, but they could not make it, there vacation leaves were not accepted. Though I have this and maybe also the following days for my own, but one never knows, when the emergency requests are coming. The most request for couch surfing I get are not of emergency reasons, but during the dates I already have surfers or my children here and I have to decline.

After hanging my laundry I have got a call from my bank for the phone digit code to access to internet banking after that. They could not finish and asked me to call another number, so I did. I had almost three phone calls and in the last one they asked me for this digit number. I was so upset, I screemed at the call center agent that I don’t make it. Afterwards I was going to my next bank branch and I have got qualified and very kind help and now I have internet banking again.

On my way home from the bank I bought some few items in the super market including an ice cream.

I tried to pay the flight ticket for Sydney – Toronto by my VisaCard from the Maltes account, but it was not working, though I tried to transfer money to my Swedish account. At the end – I tried it lots of time and got all the time error messages – it was proceeded. I chose to pay it now, but they will check it first, if it is ok even I left money on my Maltese account. Anyway I booked the flight by my Swedish MasterCard, which was working, but now I have a big minus on my Swedish Account again – but only for a few days, I hope. By the way I did not book the cheapest flight, because I found one with only one change – in Abu Dhabi. I only have around three hours to wait on the airport, though I start one day later than I planned. I think I will enjoy Sydney one more day. It will be great.

I also checked my German bank account. It was still working and the money from it was not transfered. I asked for closing the account by the 31st July. Though I have to check on Monday again, because the banks are not working during the weekends.

The rest of the day I spent with continuing planning my route throughout the USA. I found, that my idea was excellent, because the distances are not so far that I am in need to take a flight. I also read all about the costs for the visa or permits and I found out, that there are no need for visas, but permits required for citizen from the EU. I do not need to provide a health check either, because I am only staying for 3 month in the countries but Canada, where I do not need a health check before the end of a six month period.

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