1st June

I sent some important emails and checked my accounts, e.g. have I been in touch with DHL for my new backpack (I ordered for my trip to Spain, but was not coming in time). I also made my laundry. It was drying very fast this day because it was not only warm, but a little windy, too. Furthermore I was at the Pharmacy to order more of that expensive medicine about fungus. It will be the last 15 boxes I will buy now.

At work I spoke with two of my colleagues about the locker and one of them recommended me to contact the HR department. Though I dit by email during my rest.

2nd June

I have been at the DHL in Luqa and picked up my parcel with the backpack. At home I checked it immediately and I was happy about it. I think it is really great and I do not need more but my safety belt for my travel around the world. I am very disappointed, that I did not have this backpack for my last travel.

My HR-assistant and my manager met me at the entrance at my work place and apologized for the mess with the locker. They told me, that they have had contact with the responsible person and complained about it. They also told me that they have been told, that my name should not has been on the list for the locker, what all of us where wondering about, because I have had the locker for a whole year already.

I asked one of my colleagues if she will be so kind and follow me to the Mater Dei hospital on the 9th June, because I have an appointment with a notice, that I should have company. I will have a treatment for my thyroid. I do not know yet if they only will take a test or take a bit of or the whole away. Anyway it will be a kind of surgery and I think they will make a general anesthesia. Otherwise I would not need a person, who can care about me – if it is necessary – after the surgery and I also would be allowed to go to work afterwards, what I am not. She agreed and I am happy I found a person, I can trust.

3rd June

I tried to be in time for the Pharmacy in the morning, but time was running away and I have to postpone this to the upcoming day, because it is one of my days off and I also can pick the medicine up in the afternoon.

I got an answer for my mail to “airtreks” the day before (about the tickets for my travel to New Zealand – Australia – Canada and the USA). I have had contacts with others of these kinds of companies, but this one seems to me be the best of them. I will get a good offer. Fortunately the airfare specialist also wrote, that I do not have to state the number of my passport so far. I can do that close to my departure date. That is very important for me, because I have to ask for a new passport in Sweden in November this year.

Nothing special happens at my work place. When I went for my rest I have to force two streets, which were blocked by the police with motorcycles and lights. I think there were some repairs ongoing a bit more down the street. It was no problem for me to pass. When I went home, the streets where still blocked. By the way that made it much easier for me to cross the streets ;-).

4th June

I was really late this date. I wrote some emails directly after breakfast and updated this site. I also replied to the email of “airtreks”. I will get a quote for the flights from Stockholm to Auckland, NZ + from Christchurch, NZ to Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) + from Sydney, Australia to Toronto, ON, Canada in July. The flights from Canada to the USA and home to Sweden I have to book when I am in NZ or Australia, because it is not possible to book flights for more than one (1) year onward. – I spend most of the day on the Internet. I read on the site of “Nomadic Matt” http://www.nomadicmatt.com/ and made a packlist for the travel.

5th June

I made my laundry. went to my supermarket and got a home delivery as usual. Unfortunately I have got some problems with the WiFi. I am happy, that I can still use it with my tablet, even I cannot wathch movies. I knocked at my landlords door to start it over, but it did not help so much. On my laptop I do not have WiFi at all. I cannot explain why, because the tablet is working, even it is working badly. I was thinking about, that either my hardware or my software crashed and I hoped, that my son will find the mess, the day he will come and visit me on Malta. I was not falling asleep before 4am that night.

6th June

There are things to do even without Internet ;-). I made a back up of my photographs from my trip to the Iberian peninsula and I also put my files in order – having the same order and names on my laptop as well as on my back up. It makes it a little easier next time I will make a back up. It took all the day for me, because my camera has no WiFi and the 64GB-card I bought in Sweden is not working on Linux. Though I had to save the pictures on my tablet and with another card – with 32GB, which I bought in Valdepenas, Spain, by the way – I could use the card slot on my laptop and upload them. I was very unhappy, when I noticed, that I have had the wrong settings for my camera most of the time in Hungary as well as all the time on the Iberian peninsula. My photographs are therefore very small. There is a good thing with that, of course. When I send them by email or I upload them on my blog, they do not take a lot of space and take less time to download, but they are to bad for printing.

I even took time for designing some t-shirts for travel resp. as a memory of Portugal. Maybe people who will meet me on my travel will start talking about it with me. It is always great to get in touch with people.

7th June

I was awake around 6am and tried to fall asleep again, but without success. I have got an email of my son Daniel. He will come to Malta together with my daughter Maria – he will invite her. My son also told me, that he will call me the other day. I will be happy, when they well are here.

I tidied my flat and was working in the afternoon. I am counting the month until I can go on my travel around the world. There are still too many left ;-).

8th June

I was waiting for my son Samuel by skype, but there must have been a misunderstanding. Anyway my son Daniel was calling me from Sweden. We were taking about his and my daughters visit here – with which flight company they should go. I was surprised, that he also will pay a flight ticket for my daughter and he explained to me, that he had got a tax return.

Because the WiFi on my laptop is not working I took the time to write word.doc’s about the last days of my travel to Hungary. I have still not finished the report, because both my last travels where to close to each other for that. I am thinking about, how it will work, when I am traveling around the world, because I would like to blog during this, too. It is not very easy to use the tablet for that. I also started to write word.doc’s for my travel on the Iberian peninsula. I started with Barcelona, but did not come further, because I had to go to work again.

At work I had a “one to one meeting” with my team leader and our specialist. We have these meetings from time to time. I took the possibiltiy to tell them, that I have to go to the hospital the upcoming day and that I do not know if I can come to work, because in the appointment letter it is a notice, that I should not after the surgery. I do not really know either if the doctor only will make a biopsy or will take a part or the whole thyroid. I also checked with my colleague Petra, who was so kind to accompany me the next day. We agreed, that she will arrive an hour later than me, because there is no need she will be there during my surgery.

9th June

I hade to awake early, because I have to be at 9am at the hospital Mater Dei. I did neither eat nor drink this morning, because I did not know if I will get a general anesthetic. I had to take a walk, because there is no bus route close to my home, which would fit. It is faster to walk – and I am always walking throughout the site of the University of Malta. It is the best way. I arrived really early and it also was my turn some minutes to 9 o’clock. The doctor did not really explain, what he will do and also he started with the biopsy directly after I have got the local anesthetic. I always take a little longer for me before anesthetic works, but he did not ask for that, just started. It has hurt and I told him, but he only did tell me, that it will be done soon and that they usually take three or four samples, but he will only take two in my case. I have got a plaster and was allowed to sit of for some minutes before I left. Nobody was asking me, if I am accompanied. I sent a message to my colleague, that it is not necessary for her to come and that I hope, she is not on the way already. She wasn’t and we both were happy about that.

I also asked the doctor, if I am allowed to go to work and he approved it. I had pain in my neck until I fall asleep that night. On my way home I was at my work place and told my team leader, that I will come to work in the afternoon as usual. She was happy about that. For the pain I went to my local pharmacy and asked for pain killers, which are kind to my kidneys. He told me, there are none, which I can be without a receipt of a doctor and explained, that I should try without and could come back in the afternoon if I cannot stand the pain. That was the first time he did not sell anything to me! I also was at my convience shop for some bread and went home.

I checked my emails and also have got one of my Maltese bank. I was told, that I have to make a new saving scheme or 150 € will be on hold, because I have a debit card. When I opened the account, they only told me, that I need a saving scheme for one year, because the debit card and they do not know me. After that year I will get my money for my free disposal. I told the clerk how surprised I am and that they should have told earlier, because it had been possible to hold the 150 of my savings. I did not tell her, that I put this savings on my Swedish account. At the end I ask for an appointment for the termination of my account. She did offer me one the 11th June at 11 o’clock and I accepted. I also wrote an email to my HR department and asked for the payment of my salary by check. It was confirmed.

I worked as usual and when I came home tried to watch a movie, but the WiFi was so bad, that I could not.

10th June

I do not know why time is running so fast in the morning, the afternoons and evenings are much longer. I was occupied with the preparation for my travel again, even I most of the time did read a lot of good advices. I started to check my route for going home to Sweden in October, because I have to decide if I will already leave 8th of October or have to cancel that vacation leave and take it later. I was comparing prices – how to do best: With a flight ot Pisa or Milan and the rest by an Interrail ticket or maybe it would be cheaper just to pick the trains. While I was comparing, I found, that going to Pisa or Milan and afterwards using an Interrail ticket really would give the best price – and I made it up for the 8th October onwards. Now I only need to know how many days of vacation leave I have left and I have to count, how many days I would need to have vacation leave from 8th to 31st October. Maybe I decide to terminate my contact earlier. It is just the question how much my flight and travel insurance until May 2016 will cost and how much money I can save the lasting month on Malta.

Also this day I had to go to work and I feel, that this month is very long. I have no lack of money, but the expensive medicine, I just feel, that I cannot wait until I will be on tour.

11th June

I was up around 8am for meeting my bank woman at 11am. I have to go to Naxxar, what is around 25 minutes travel and I have to catch a bus in time. I did. At the branch of my bank I explained to the woman behind the desk, that I will terminate my account. I told her: “When the bank do not trust me, I do not trust the bank” as well that “my Swedish bank at that time, when I was going to work on Ireland, gave me an overdraft, though I could take the opportunity – that I call trust”. The bank woman told me, that there are different policies and I only need to be 150 € frozen by the bank. I explained, I can save the money by my own, I do not need a bank for that and I will do so. I insisted to terminate my account. Finally she filled the form, I left my debet card and got my money I have had left on my account in cash. Bye, bye BANIF!

I think it will be good for me to save some more money that way – even I can use it if need is – when I see how the bundle of banknotes is growing ;-). I have a secret place for that money and I will not have it under my madrass! I have my Swedish account for the payments I have to transfer from an account. Even I should try to have two accounts until I am travelling the world – just for safety reasons. I will make a new one in EUR somewhere. I do not know yet, where. It depends on the conditions. I think I will try to get one in Germany, because my German pension.

At home I found the mess of the non-working WiFi on my laptop. It was just the switch. I might have come to close to it and switched it off, though I switched it on immediately and I am very happy to be able to use my laptop again, e.g. for writing my blog.

I was also very active in my kitchen. I made a Guacamole, Humus and a fruit sallad. I had some meatballs left and had a delicious meal. I also have left a lot of the Guacamole, Humus and the fruit sallad. A couch surfer arrived late afternoon – just for one night. We used the time as much as possible, were walking at the sea side from the Marina to St. Julians and throughout the cities Sliema and Gzira home again. The fruit sallad was very welcome now, even we did not eat all of it. There were still left for breakfast.

12th June

We had a quite early breakfast – even my guest did not take much of what I offered. I took some fruit sallad in my yogurt as well as my cereals I eat usually. He already told me the day before, that he will try to see as much as possible of the island and agreed that we will make Valletta this day. I felt a little stressed, because he was soon ready to go, but I still had to take my shower. He was so kind and made the dishes, while I was showering and I also packed somethings to take with me in a little bag, because I will go to Gozo to meet a friend in the afternoon and stay over with her for one night.

I showed my CS Valletta, the Upper Bakkarra Garden and the Waterfront before we decided to take the ferry to the “Three cities”. By the way infront of the Palace the guard was really nice dressed this day:

We walked around in Birgu (Vittoriosa) and continued to Bormla (Cospicua), but only a part of it. I asked my guest to see more, because we were at the junction to the other side of Bormla and the way to Isla (Senglea), but she was not interested in to see them, too. Though we took a bus on the other side of the gate to Bormla – by the way a very good point for going to or leaving from the Three Cities, because there are all the buses for this area going (1, 2, 3 und X2). Fortunately he did, so I could eat something in Valletta before continuing to the Boffa Hospital in Floriana, where I had an appointment at 2 o’clock.

My guest and I were taking farwell at the bus stop in Valletta. It was very nice to meet him, he is a great guy and had interesting stories to tell – also because his friend has already been to lots of destinations and even one of his relatives was going by the Transsiberian Railway (what I am interested in to do, too). I ate a ricotta cheese pie in one of the small restaurants close to the bridge. The pie was not even delicious, but also big. It was for only 3 EUR! That is a way to hold your travel costs down! I didn’t order something to drink and that was accepted, because my guest had bought me a bottle of water before and I still had half of it. I did not drink the water at the restaurant, of course, but was waiting as long as I was on the bridge again.

I made it to my doctor in time. This time it was about a rash on my shoulder I have got last winter. I already told you about it and that a pharmacist recommended me to look for a doctor. I was happy, that a doctor was a woman, because I have problems with my skin on other parts of my body, too. She was still quite young and very kind. She could not explain, what it was, she ha never seen such rash before. Two more doctors were coming in (men) and looking at the rush on my shoulder. They were asking me some more questions. The female doctor was checking my “Lichen” in my mouth by a good light and the other were looking at that at the same time. I told them, that my last dentist told me, that it is “Lichen” and the one of the male doctors answered, certainly it is. I have got a new appointment (did not need for a call or letter as usual) of the female doctor for the upcoming Friday 19th. She will make a biopsy of the rush on my shoulder. I felt well treated.

I first decided to go directly from the doctor to Valletta for going by bus to Cirkewwa for catching a ferry to Gozo where a friend of mine will wait for me and I will stay over a night, but I remembered that I forgot my medicine and had to go back home. I just unpacked the little bag and packed my new daytrip backpack – just for trying, how comfortable it is for such a daytrip. It is perfect! It was easily to carry, too. I was going buy bus from Ta’Xbiex and changed the bus at Kullegg for the one, who goes to Cirkewwa. Unfortunately that bus was not in time to catch the ferry and I had to wait for the one, which arrives in Gozo 6:30pm. It was going well and I have been on the sundeck as usual.

In Gozo I didn’t see my friend and tried to call her after have been waiting outside for a while, but the network was down. First I thought it was something wrong with my tablet, though I was looking for a phone. I found one inside the ferry terminal, but could not use it, because I do not have a “telecard”, which was required. I went to the coffee shop and ask for buying a telecard, but he could not offer me one, neither could he offer me a “top-up” for my Melita-account. Even if I would have had a Vodafone-account it would not have been possible. He explained to me, that I have to go to the supermarket close by and the directions. So I did and met very unfriendly and unhelpful shop assistants and owner (I think, the man was). Anyway I bought a top-up and tried to do so, but it was not working and I have got the same message on my phone: “The Network is not avaiable for the moment, please try again later.” Though I asked the owner if I may a call on his phone, I assured him, that I will pay for the call. He denied! He will close now, he told me and anyway he will not allow me to use his phone. I told him, that I will remember him. I also took a picture of his place. Though, if you ever come by ferry to Gozo, do not go in there!

I went back to the Gozo Terminal and close to there I have got a message from my friend, that she is waiting for me there. I did not see her and tried to get in touch with her again by phone and “WhatsApp” as well as by email. I finally could connect by the free WiFi of the ferry company. When I have been in front of the terminal for around an hour I moved to a bench and sent a photography to my friend, though she could find me.

Sitting on the bench I send some messages about the second ferry arrived after mine and that I am unhappy that she do not show up. I have got on answer from someone telling me like that: Sorry, Barbara is not at the ferry anymore and I have no longer a connection to her. I did not really know if this was Barbara and whom “her” is, though I asked back and I have got the explanation, that it was someone Barbara asked for sending a message from the owners phone. I could not find out, who the phone owner was. I tired to wait and took the 8 o’clock ferry back, sending a message to my friend, that I will do so. I catched the ferry and they always had locked the gate, when my phone was ringing, but I was not in the mood to answer – too late! Barbara sent me later lots of messages and tried to explain the whole situation, but it was wired, because she wrote different times, when she has been there – depending on my answers and also told me different stories about, where she did sent the message from and more. I was really pissed off and had to sleep on it.

I spent the rest of the late evening as usual after I was coming home by bus from Cirkewwa.

13th June

I awake a little late, took my medicine and started the washing machine. Afterwards I wrote an email to Barbara with the subject “It went stupid”, pointing out, that we are very easy to hurt, if the systems are not working. I also wished her a good journey home, because I know she will soon go back to Bremen, Germany, where she is living.”

I took my breakfast and dressed as well as I put my laundry on the roof and started my washing machine for the second time. The sky was cloudy, but it was a little windy and the laundry was drying very fast. I also started a third washing machine this day. The rest of the day I used to update my blog. I finished my travel report from Hungary.

14th June

Today the first Servas members will come and visit me, but first I will be on skype and talk with me youngest son and his family. It was wonderful to talk with them and see my grand children. Leon, the 2-year-old boy, is talking a lot now and is so cute. The quite newborn Vincent was quiet, but had a smile in his face and open eyes. Both boys have the beautiful eyes of their mother. They were all well, but it is raining in Sweden ;-). It has been bad weather all the year, but one day or another like yesterday. It was the first time it was 22 degree Celsius in Stockholm, my son told me.

The guest came around 2 o’clock, unfortunately I was a little late and had not finished my meal. I did not think about, to invite them for a meal at that time, because usually people eat earlier. We had a chat and I offered them bottled water as well as tea or coffee. They had a tea both of them. When I was going to work, actually I left a little earlier than usual for beeing kind to my guests, because they were asking me, where they could buy something for a simple lunch.

When I went home for my rest, I first was at the convenience shop and bought some bread for our breakfast together, but when I came home, I found a letter and my keys. In the letter they explained, that the couch is not big enough for them and it will not be quiet enough either, because the wife has problems with insomnia. I really was a little pissed of, because they did not tell me during my rest – just left a letter. I think that was cowardly! Anyway I may have the possibility to help another – and younger pair instead, who were asking for a couch before.

My son Daniel wrote to me that he and my daughter will come and visit me in August. I look forward to it!

I went back to work after my rest and after midnight I was coming home as usual, wrote the lines for this day, watched a movie and went to bed.

15th June

My son Daniel told me, that he and my daughter Maria will come from 20th to 27th August. I really look forward to it!

I also send a message to the Servas members: “Strange kind to say good bye!”, they did not answer me. Furthermore I communicated by email with the HSBC for checking if I might open an account at their branch.

Because the Servas members were running away from my flat I offered the couch on an emergency basis for a Russian couple and they were very thankful for it. They came with the sunshine to my flat :-).

16th June

I had breakfast with my Russian couch surfers and we took time together in the morning before they went out to explore Malta.

This day we hade our mounthy meeting of our department. The manager told us, that we are not longer allowed to take more than 30 minutes rest at one time. Though no more dinners at home for me, when I am working. I am not lucky about that decision, but I will follow it, of course. Because I had to come half an hour earlier to work, I was allowed to leave half an hour earlier and I did it, because I decided I will take out all my rights and not give them any present. Only the Friday refreshments from our employer I cannot take, because I am not there on Fridays. I try to take of the free fruits on Wednesdays – unfortunately I do not make it in time everytime, because I do not remember in time every Wednesday ;-).

Also I answered a request of a Servas member (a family) what one should know when coming for a longer vacation and renting a flat. First I wrote a word.doc and sent it to them by email. Afterwards I decided to make it known for all interested people, who will contact me about that – or one just will find it on the Internet – and uploaded it on my blog as a post on the first page.

17th June

It is Wednesday and I am happy, that I will be off the following days again. I do not enjoy my work anymore and it is getting worse all the time, because they stress us more and more by different reasons.

It was the last hours for my Russian couch surfers at my place, because they had booked a flight home – or was it somewhere else in Europe. Anyway they could not stay any longer. It was really good to know them, I learned something about Russia and Moscow of them and I will put these also on my travel plan, but not in the nearest future.

18th June

In the early afternoon I was to the monthly meeting of our team. It lasted for more than an hour and I will get time off for it, when I am working again.

Afterwards I met a Spanish guy in Valletta. He is living here for a while, but has plans to make a trip throughout Europe and also visit Germany and Sweden. He is young and was unemployed in Spain like a lot of people are there since 2008. He took the possibility to work in London, but wished to know more countries and moved to Malta a couple of month ago. He took contact by BeWelcome – actually he sent a general enqiry and I was the first and only who answered. We walked Valletta together. Fortunately I could show him some places, he has not been before.

19th June

I was at the Boffa Hospital again – this time for the biopsie of my rash. I had to wait longer, than expected, but half an hour after the appointed time I have got it done. It was a very little surgery, which a medicine student was allowed to do by supervising of my doctor. Actually they did not ask if I am OK with that. She did it well and I could leave the hospital soon again.

At home I was checking my Swedish account and also calculating one more time how much money I will save before my travel around the world and how long it maybe will last. I was very satisfied with the result and checked if it might be possible to visit Istanbul this summer. The prices was to high for my expections, but than I found a cheap flight at the 1st October. OK, the weather will not be the best anymore, but not really cold. Therefore I booked that flight and sent out a general request by the CS-plattform. Soon I became three answers and I am happy, that I will have hosts even it would be to find cheap hostels, too. I think in a city like Istanbul it is a very good thing to have a host. They can tell you all that you really need to know, when you are walking the streets.

I also made my laundry and went to the Supermarket for a home delivery.

20th June

Very early this morning – around 1am – I sent an order to my Swedish bank for paying the rest of my contract for my glasses I bought in Hamburg. There has been some complications the last month – they could hardly find my payments, but I had a standing order at my late bank BANIF. I finally had got an email with the lasting sum, which I asked for. On Monday the payment will be proceeded and I will nearly have no debts anymore. There is only – a not overdue – sum left for an online shop and I will pay that amount soon – also as an one time payment. It feels good to have no debts anymore!

I worked with my blog all the day and finished the sites for “Hungary” and “Barcelona”. I sent an email to my CS-friend Fernando, asking him for looking over if I remembered something wrong and he did tell me my mistake, but for the rest he was very delighted about my report.

I did the same with my Hungarian friend Anikó and she also told me, what she thought about it. She was surprised, how I am looking at some things, what I think is important and also explained to me, how it works for them with the lack of income they have.

21st June

In the morning I was on Google again and checked the “megabus”, who one can travel with for only 1 EUR between several destinations, e.g. Milan and Florence.  I also looked up other travel related transport possibilites. I tried to find a cheap flight to Vienna, because on my way home from Malta I will visit most of my friends and relativs. If I have enough of days of vacation leave left, I will go directly from my visit of Milan and the Toscana to Vienna. If I do not have so many days left, I will go from Malta to Vienna around 22nd October. I also checked if it is a good idea to buy an interrail ticket again, but found, that I can travel cheaper.

I only worked until a quarter to 11pm, because I took out my free time for the meeting the Thursday before.

22nd June

In the morning I took my rubbish out and made my laundry. In the afternoon I had to go to work and it was a mess at work, because we had got new servers with new software and new passworts, but there was software missing. Also the new surfers are not very fast and it is hard to come up to the goals we have.

23rd June

I awake a little later than usual – had to put the other rubbish out and was going to bed afterwards again. Furthermore I answered some emails and sent a request to the Swedish tax department for a verification of my income and paid tax. I also have got a couch surfing request of a member of the Hospitality Club. I think that is the first one by that platform.

During my rest at work one of our teamleaders took place at the same table, where I was eating and we came to talk about the development in the company as well as that more and more people leave, even some teamleaders and specialists. I told him, that I am pissed off, too and that I want work no longer than to the end of October, but that it is not official yet, because I need the remaining month to make my dream come true and travel the world. I asked him, too, how long he will stay at our employer’s, because I have heard he will leave soon, too. He answered, that he wanted, but will not do it yet.

24th June

– Only six month left for Christmas 😉 –

I have got the the verification from the DRV – the provider of my German pension – about my received sums the year before. I need that for the Maltese “Tax return”. I asked them for certificates in English, but they did sent it in German with a note, that it is not possible to send it in English. I can only show that for the Maltese Tax department.

I have not heard anything from the Swedish tax department yet, but got the receipt for my email.

I found the letter with an appointment for the upcoming Friday at Mater Dei under mig door. I was wondering about it, if there is something serious, they found, because it was a quick appointment after they have got the result of the biopsie.

25th June

Most of the day I was occuppied with my blog. Actually I did not leave my apartment.

26th June

In the morning I was at the Mater Dei and got the result of the biopsie I had to wait for more than half an hour more than my appointed time. The female doctor told me, that it seems to be cancer and that the thyroid gland has to be removed by a surgery. For the surgery the doctor will call me the upcoming Wednesday for talking through the procedure and making an appointment with me. If the doctor will not call me, I have to call him! I was already expecting this and I also have red a lot before about the thyroid and even thyroid cancer, though I was not scared, because cancer in the thyroid is the easiest to remove totally by removing the thyroid. Anyway it is a strange feeling, but I know I will travel the world ;-).

I had to remove the stitches from the biopsie of my skin and asked, if I could make it there. I have a papper from the doctor at the Boffa hospital for the Health centre, to get help with it, there, but I thought, it would not be necessary to walk all the way for both the Mater Dei and the Health Centre are not easy to reach from my home. Actually I had to go to the Health Centre as well, but I did not need to wait for a very long time, there to remove the one (1) stitch and I thought, I should have made it by my own!

My tallinja-card arrived this day. It is such an electronical bus ticket, I am used to from Sweden since I moved to the district of Scania – that was in the 1990s. There are different ways to top up the card, the easiest way is by debit or credit card. Even I have my account in Sweden, I will do so.

I answered emails again and put pictures on my blog – but it was not time enough to finish almost Spain, even I was late for sleeping.

27th June

I started the morning as usual with breakfast and checking my emails. I also made the last adjustments for the pictures on my sites for Spain as well as I sent a message by twitter that I have finished the report about Spain. After got dressed, put my laundry on the roof, made my dishes and thought about some cleaning, but it was already 28 degress C and I will wait with the cleaning for the evening. I was at the convienence shop to buy some more bread and fruit as well as egg. Maybe she became used to English breakfasts. I filled my diary and continued with the pictures for Portugal. I just made Lisbon.

This day I was awaiting my first HC-couch surfer. She is Italian, but living in London for 26 years. She came by plan at 9pm and I met her at the airport. Actually the plan was twenty minutes early and I was afraid, that she already was looking for me, but to pick up the lagguage took time, though I had to wait for her. We took bus X2 and left at Qroqq – this time I found the stop even it was dark. We went home and had a nice chat before going to bed.

28th June

It was Sunday again and I had to go to work as usual, but we had a good chat before my guest Marisa was going by bus to Marsaxlokk. I wrote down the routes for her and also the departure time for those, who was not going frequent, because Marisa planned to go from Marsaxlokk to the temple in Hagar Qim. I gave her a key, that she come into my flat, when I am at work.

I hoped Chatrine would be at work, because she also has problems with the thyroid. I would have liked to ask her if she had got it removed and in that case, how it was. I also wrote an email to my next cousin, because she also already has got removed the thyroid gland. I would also have liked, when Petra had been working this day, but I know, that she always is off Saturdays and Sundays.

We still had technical problems at work, the new system also is very slow and it is no pleasure to go to work anymore.

29th June

I planned to go to the IRD (the Maltese Tax Authority), but it was public holiday this day and therefore not possible. Marisa and me had a nice breakfast and time together. She told me, how the day and evening has been and was happy, that she got the information, that there is a feast in Swieqi. She was so delighted about it. Also she has been at the temples, what she did appreciate, too. She even had enjoyed the market in Marsaxlokk, but was a little disappointed, that there were so few stalls with fish.

At job it was still the same mess, but Petra was working again and we were talking about me thyroid. It felt good, to have one to talk to.

30th June

Finally I made my way to the IRD – it was just in time, because the people, who do not leave their tax returns this day will be fined. I should have done it earlier, but I was waiting for an information letter about the Swedish taxes I have paid during 2014, that means last year, but I did not get that in time. Though I was going to the office, which was told me (Block 4) and tried to get help with filling in my form. I did neither know what I have to declare for my German and Swedish income nor if I am counting like a specialist because my language skills (they employed me for). Just when I reached the reception together with a woman with a child in a push chair, there were an employee of the place which pushed us forward, though I thought I was on the right place – I did not have any other information either (even in the leaflet, there were printed, that I have to go to Block 4. After have been waiting for a little more than three (3)! hours it was my turn and the assistant told me, that I was at the wrong place, that I have to go to Block 1 and that she does not know anything about expats and taxes for expats.

I found Block 1 after a while and I did not have any waiting time. I have got help with my tax return form and it was very easy to fill in, because I do not import my pension, I do not have to name it on the form – but that was written different in the leaflet I have got. The manager did fill in the form for me very quickly, I signed and some minutes later I was on my way home. I walked all the way home – I was in need for that after this horrible hours of lost time. Close to my home I also bought an ice cream. After eating a sandwich and preparing for my job I just wrote the blog for the last three days. I got tired during this, because I was up early and I have not had a good sleep that night before.

At my work i started with a coffee and I had to more during the evening to be awake. The new system is not working good and we loose time all the working hours through. I am pissed off – and not only me. If we would not be paid after how many queries we answer, it would not matter. In our case it matters a lot.

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