1st May

I did some housekeeping before my neighbor Carol was coming to me. She had ask me before to show her how to use Internet for filling in a special form. She has no idea about how Internet is working because she is not using a computer. I explained her as good as I could make it and she was writing down the different steps. Anyway she has a little problem to understand how to scroll and similar functions. I hope she will get some more help when she needs.

After the lesson we went to a restaurant for a coffee each – she invited me! The weather was really nice this day, so we continued our walk to the Signe Point in Sliema and walked behind it, very close to the seaside. I did not know before, that it was possible to go there. It was a very nice walk. We were back around 8pm.

I prepared and ate a good meal. Afterwards I was working with my blog. I still had not finished to write about my travel to Hungary. By the way: The time is coming now again where the Maltese people make a lot of fireworks. They did yesterday evening and this, too. I was not on the roof because there will be a lot more the upcoming weeks and it is not longer so amazing as it was, when I only saw it once a year.


2nd May

I made my laundry and prepared for my next guest. Furthermore I tried to recall a little of my Spanish. I think some phrases I remember, but not enough yet. I was on the Internet, too, of course – but this time I was looking for a good backpack (one with wheels) I found one I like, even the price is a little high – but they all are expensive. The problem is to find a company delivering the item to Malta. In addition to that I am still trying to find the best flights for my trip overseas. I have got some answers, but like to find a cheaper possibility. I am also wondering about if it really is possible to be allowed to enter a country like New Zealand or Canada by an onward ticket.

A french CS Leon arrived that evening. I was meeting him at the airport and we were going by bus X2 to Msida. It was dark and the bus driver did not put the sign about the next stops on, though we were already leaving the bus at Mater Dei instead of Qroqq. He did not have to carry a lot and he had a nice walk with me crossing the area of the University. By this I also got to know that it is possible to walk trough the area late evenings. You can always go out of it as a pedestrian. We did not talk a lot, because he is difficult to understand. He swallow not only the “H” at the beginning of the words, which the most French people are doing, but all his words like to come out of his throat – like it seems for me. He is not speaking clear. It will only be for one night this time, but he will come back in a few days for another two nights.


3rd May

Leon left in the morning and I had to go to work again. I continued my research on the Internet for the famous backpack and also try to find hosts for the Iberian peninsula. By surfing the Internet I found the site “www.nomadicmatt.com”, where someone called Matt gives advises about long travels as backpackers or similar and also tries to sell his books. By the way, the weather exploded. We have summer now with temperatures as high as 28 degrees already, even the nights are still around 17 degrees.


4th May

I answered some emails and was going to work. This week I have to work five days because next week I will already be on tour on Wednesday. Though there is no need for a vacation leave for that Wednesday. It will anyway be 9 days of vacation leave I have to take. I am thinking about to go to Vienna in July, but I did not find really cheap flights, therefore I maybe will save all the rest of my vacation leave days for October and will interrupt my travel home to Sweden by staying in Vienna for a view days.


5th May

I tried to by some “Ideal Makaroner” at the Swedish Delight shop in St. Julian’s, but unfortunately they are closed and a woman told me, that they are not allowed to open by law. She did not tell me, why. Maybe they did not pay taxes. I was in need for the macaronies for making a “makaronilåda” (macaroni dish in the own) for our next team meeting. The weather was nice and I decided already when buying the bus ticket to walk home from St. Julians. So I did. I took the seaside even throughout the cities it has been much less distance to walk. I enjoyed the views and also was looking for sandals, when I came to Sliema. The shop assistants resp. the owner where very interested in to sell, but I did not buy any pair of shoes because I did not find a comfortable one. I even bought an ice cream this day. I was back in time for work.


6th May

I was going to Mosta in the morning for trying to find this famous backpack or a similar at the “Surplus & Adventure” shop. I did take the bus no. 45, but when we came to Naxxar I was not sure that this bus will go to Mosta, too. I left the bus and was waiting for around half an hour for a bus to Mosta. In Mosta I left the bus to early and had to walk for 5 minutes more, than expected. Finally I was at the shop in time before the siesta, but they did only have one backpack with wheels and that one was not good at all. Therefore I only bought a sleeping bag for summer – it also can be used as an innerbag for the thick sleeping bags because it is easily to wash, an inflatable pillow and a safety purse/-belt to wear under the clothes. I think I need it for Barcelona and it will be good anyway for my planned travels. I tried to buy a microfiber towel, too, but they did not have one I like. I have to look them up on the Internet, but try to find one on Malta, because it will be to expensive for the shipping for just one towel.

From the shop for the travel gears I continued to the city center of Mosta and a shoe shop, I have bought my sandals last year. I hope I will find some there again and actually I did even they are black, but soft and they also have chock absorption, what is very important for my left foot.

I took the bus home but continued by it in the direction of Valletta because there is a shop called “Go camping” where I maybe could buy a towel. Unfortunately it looked like the shop was not open, therefore I continued to Valletta and tried to find a similar job there, but without success. Anyway I saw that the new “House of Parliament” in Valletta finally was finished. After all I went home, ate a sandwich went to work.


7th May

I had to go to the Gala supermarket to buy some macaronies for the meal at work this day. I found a kind of I could use even they were not really similar to the Swedish. I also was at the Pharmacy and bought my medicine for this month. I hade to pay close to 200 EUR, so I have to take money from my Swedish account for travelling the Iberian peninsula. I am not happy about that.

When I started to make the dish I saw that I had forgotten to buy milk, though I was down and to the convenient shop at the next corner. It became a little late for the dish, but anyway I fixed it and my colleagues were happy about it. They really liked it.

CS Leon were arriving again. He was coming during me rest and got a key. He will stay for two nights.


8th May

That was a day off again. After breakfast together with Leon I was on the Internet again, still looking for a possibility to get that famous backpack for my travel to the Iberian peninsula. I did find an outdoor company, which is shipping the purchases to Malta and other countries in Europe. I was very happy about it and ordered that great backpack. Now I hope it will arrive in time – that means at least at Wednesday morning. Fortunately I can follow the parcel by the Internet.

I also had some other things to do, though I went by bus to Valletta visiting the Boffa hospital for changing the appointment, they sent me just a day before. The appointment at the dermatology department should be on the 29th May, but I cannot come home for that. The assistant was very kind and gave me an other appointment – at the 12th June. I continued to the “Daniels mall” in Birkirkara, because there is a camping shop as well, but they did not have microfiber towels. I took the bus for Mater Dei, but was leaving at the Marina and the “Go Camping”. It was open and I found a big microfiber towel. They have sale just now and minus the 20% they gave it was for 26 EUR. I think that price was ok, but more important than the price was, that I have found such a towel in the size. It has a nice colour, too. Now I continued by bus again to the Mater Dei Hospital for changing the appointment for taking a sample of my thyroid, because I have got a letter three days ago with an appointment for the 13th May at noon. It will not be possible to catch me flight, I thought and tried to call them, but the line was busy all the time. I had to leave the letter for appointment at the hospital – they will sent a new letter with a new appointment. The assistant at the reception wrote down, that I will be abroad and the new appointment has to be in June.

Finally at home I was on the Internet again after have had a sandwich. I was waiting for my CS until 8pm, because I thought I can invite him for a dinner, but then I ate alone. He arrived around 9 or 10pm. It is not easy to have a conversation with him, also he gives some advises how to find cheap flights, but he is so demanding – or maybe just his voice make him sounds that. Anyway he is very sure, that he is right.


9th May

I had to wait for around 1pm for Leon leaving my flat. He was in the bathroom several times, though I was waiting for taking my shower all the time. I put the washing machine one, when he left.

I also got a call by skype from Barbara. I was meeting her at the bus stop “Msida” around 3 o’clock and we walked together the long way, that means all the time at the seaside, to Sliema and Tigne Point. There we ate a pizza each, but they were burnt. I will not go to that restaurant one more time. We took the bus home and were looking at my photographs from Hungary. She was really interested in them, because she has been in Hungary, when she was much younger and also in Kecskemét. Afterwards we went to bed because we will be up quite early next day for going to Marsaxlokk.


10th May

I already awoke at 7 o’clock and took my medicine. Than I was dressing, because I had in my mind to go to Marsaxlokk with Barbara early as possible. When I was ready Barbara awoke, too. Meanwhile I was preparing the breakfast she took a shower and we were ready to go around 9 o’clock. We went by feet to Kullegg, because I needed an ATM. From there we were going by bus. Unfortunately we arrived late in Marsaxlokk (around half past eleven), because the bus driver from the bus we catched had an issue with some travellers at the bus stop Paola. She also called the polis. She could not name the bad behaving travellers, but we come very late by this interruption.

In Marsaxlokk the bus stop on the most upper road from the church instead of the usual route, though we started from the middle of the market – first in one direction and later coming back in the direction to the main bus stop for the market. After a while I found some very nice, but very small table clothes I will have as presents for my hosts. I told the seller, that I will take ten of them, if he will give me a good price. One was for 4,50 EUR each, because they are handmade. He offered my ten of them for 38 EUR and I was happy about that. Barbara tried to still get it cheaper, but I told her, that I am fine with the price. I think, these people need some income, too.

While Barbara was looking for the one and another item, but there were no many which she liked, I also bought two necklaces with a Maltese cross, each. I will give them to my CS-friends Fernando and Lucas. They were quite cheap, but unfortunately there are no stamps on them. I hope, they will enjoy them anyway.

We went home by bus again around half past one and took good-bye in Valletta, because Barbara had to go to Gozo again and me to my home in Msida and afterwards to work. There was still time enough to eat a good meal. I was not so very tired that evening at work, as I thought I might become. It was a nice day and I started the count down for my vacation leave.


11th May

I slept a little longer that day even the sun was shining in my bedroom as usual. After my routines I hang my laundry – the bed-clothes Barbara had used and some towels. Afterwards I was writing my blog and preparing for the Iberian Peninsula. I was awaiting my new backpack, too. I called the carrier for asking if it will come in time but I was told that the parcel is still in Germany. Though I have to try to get all in my little backpack or have the little suitcase and my backpack. I think I will have the little suitcase and my backpack, because I will take my hiking shoes with me. In the evening I was at work as usual.


12th May

I was awake quite early, made the last laundry before the upcoming travel and was confirming with two hosts as well as I booked a bed in a hostel in Madrid, because the host for Madrid cancelled and the other two are living at the country side. When I confirmed, one of the hosts at the country side also cancelled, because they will travel somewhere. So I have to change my plans. I have got the messages so late, so I have to try to organize the following da. I also got a notice from the carrier for my parcel, that it will be delivered next day between 12 and 16:30. Unfortunately it does not help, if it will not be delivered at least at 1pm. There was also a notice that I have to pay an amount around 17 EUR for it and I do not know if that really is the parcel I am waiting for or not. I cannot understand, why I should pay for it, because there were free delivery announced of the company, which sold the backpack to me. I was at work as usual, but worked 30 min. less, because I had time to be off because the last meeting.


13th – 30th May

I awake very early this day – already around 7am. I used the early morning to book another night at the same hostel in Madrid, ask the host at the countryside of Madrid if I may come and leave one day earlier each and asked another host for staying with her. The last one is living south of Ciudad Real. I have to wait for their answers. I am really happy to know that I can be in Estepona with my cousin and her husband for a couple of days, because it is really hard to find hosts in Spain, too.

Please see here for 13th until 24th May: Spain

Please see here for 24th until 30th May: Portugal


30th May

The plan is landing on Malta Airport around 7pm. I had to wait for the bus X2 a while, but then it was good, because the driver had the line for the stops on and also I finally learned, how to do, that I won’t miss my stop “Qroqq“. On the way home from the bus stop I bought some food in the “All in One” convenience shop, though all went well.

I found a lot of letters under the door of my apartment, e.g. a new appointment for the Mater Dei hospital for my thyroid. Unfortunately it is on a Tuesday (the 9th June), but already at 9 o’clock in the morning. In the appointment letter it is written, that I may not work that day. I will see after the surgery how I feel. I also was taking care about my clothes and more from my luggage, before I went to bed.


31st May

Surprise! I went to work and tried to put my handbag in my locker, but could not open it with my key. The administration had changed the lock and assigned my locker to another person. That was of course strange to me, because I only have been on holidays for two and a half week. I have got another locker, but anyway, I think it is a no go to do so.


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